Greyson Oliver
Greyson Oliver


  • BMW F10 M5 Driver Loses Control, Flips the Car  (Jul 29, 2014) This is the problem I have with the Hellcat Challenger. Too much power for too little money means too many inexperienced drivers. Lives will be lost with that car.
  • Man Says Buddhist Amulet Saved Him From Horror Lambo Crash  (Jun 25, 2014) In some Southeat Asian countries the taxes can be up to 400%+. Crazy, right?!
  • Dodge Needs to Get Its Act Together - Fast  (Jan 26, 2014) Is this article relevant to anything? No.
  • 5 Cars We're Looking Forward to Most in 2014  (Oct 15, 2013) @nicholas if some paid the $100K for the GTR and then took the $80K+ extra that the Porsche costs and rolled that money into the GTR, then you would have a 1000+whp car. Hmmm...which one is the better buy? Dumb question.
  • 5 Cars We're Looking Forward to Most in 2014  (Oct 15, 2013) It is truly amazing how opinionated and uneducated most of the comments are. The current GTR does 0-60 in 2.7 sec. The 3.8 motor and tranny can safely run ~650whp. Anything above that requires building the motor and tranny. My car has 640whp and hits 60 in 1.97 seconds on a prepped track with R888 tires. Those who knock the GTR have never driven one. Period.
  • MT Pits GT-R Against R8 V10  (May 25, 2013) Put $15K into the GTR and it has almost 800 crank hp. Put $15K into the R8 and it has maybe another 100 hp...maybe. For the money, nothing can touch to GTR.
  • MT Pits GT-R Against R8 V10  (May 25, 2013) I've owned both cars. The GTR, then the R8 V10. After the Audi I went back to the GTR. couldn't disagree more with the last summary o the video. Yes the R8 is softer, but this kind of car isn't supposed to be soft, it's supposed to perform.
  • McLaren 12C Destroys 458 on the Strip  (Apr 15, 2013) The 458 had a full second or more slower reaction time. Not an accurate race.
  • Nissan GT-R by SR Auto Group  (Feb 23, 2013) Why does CarBuzz feature cars that are pretty much stock? Do these companies pay them to get business? My GT-R looks 10x better than this. Can it be featured here? Losing respect for CB every time I open this app.
  • Chevy Camaro ZL1 by Superior  (Feb 20, 2013) How does this car get featured? It's basically stock. Another CarBuzz fail.
  • 5 Upcoming Geneva Motor Show Stars  (Feb 10, 2013) I like reading on this app, but man you guys make a lot of statistical mistakes. The current Grand Sport makes 450 hp, not the Z06 (505 hp). You would think that a basic search would be made before stating stats on cars would be made. Smh