• Ultra-light Lotus Elise Track Edition Up for Sale  (Jan 31, 2012) This conversion probably was done with parts and coordination with Sector111 in Temecula. They sell a Lotus Spyder, which is the same thing, for $90k. According to their blog, they got the weight down to 1665lb, but it still has its doors. This one is probably even lighter. CA code actually states that a road legal car must maintain windshield wipers which implies it needs an actual windshield still. Definitely a track only vehicle. Been meaning to check it out since it's not too far north of me
  • Who Wants Lotus?  (Jan 31, 2012) This is the current model Evora and probably Evora S in the background. Just wanted to clarify.
  • Who Wants Lotus?  (Jan 31, 2012) All these Scion iQ variants make baby Jesus cry.
  • Who Wants Lotus?  (Jan 31, 2012) This is out of Lotus hands. When a parent company is decided to be sold off, it could be for many reasons and of those could be because of something entirely unrelated to the cat industry. It's about diversifying investments. The point this article is making is the uncertainty that arises with a new owner. If the billionaire Russian playboy owner of TVR is any indicator, Lotus will be fine.
  • Ferrari Lands at Daytona  (Jan 08, 2012) Even a member of the pit crew can't help but check it out.
  • First Look: 2012 Toyota Prius V  (Jun 12, 2011) God that rear is ugly. Slapping on the regular Prius lights just shows the lack of creativity on Toyota's part.
  • Maserati Quattroporte Gets Boost From MR Car Design  (Jun 12, 2011) Keep on moving. Nothing to see here. Just some healthy domestic rivalry.
  • Gas Powered CR-Z in the Works  (Dec 09, 2010) Would it rwd though?