Posted on: May 19, 2014
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Seoul Launching Longer, Wider, Women-Only Parking

Complete with pink skirted icons and flowers.
The Seoul Metropolitan Government in South Korea has recently announced an ambitious plan to make the country’s capital more female-friendly. The $95 million “Women Friendly Seoul” initiative is filled with creative urban planning ideas that’ll allow the ladies to feel safer, more comfortable and more welcome in the busy metropolis. However, one part of the plan isn’t being met with much enthusiasm by many women in the city: “lady-friendly parking”.

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While designated to be better lit and closer to entrances and elevators, the thing about these spaces that’s really gotten women mad is the fact that they are based on some very old stereotypes. As the Korea Times states, “the spaces will be painted pink with emblems of women in the center. The special parking lots will be longer and wider than normal parking spaces”. Women who choose to forgo these special slots and walk instead will be treated to new, squishy and stiletto-friendly sidewalks along the city streets.