Posted on: Jan 27, 2014
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Alpha Performance Creates 1,600HP Nissan GT-R

1,800 horsepower is not out of the question with this beast.
When a fella named Mike contacted Alpha Performance his request was simple: to build a car that would keep up with the fastest cars in the world. Living in Texas, with cars like a 1,100-hp Porsche, GT3 Cup cars and Ferraris in his stable, the aim was to add a high horsepower Nissan GT-R to the collection that would do him justice at the Texas Mile, TX2K and Texas Invitational. So the tuner got to work developing the Alpha 16 kit.

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Using its Omega kit as a base, Alpha Performance took the GT-R 4.0-liter big-bore race engine and fitted a new fuel system, sheet-metal intake manifold, a pair of 1300CC injectors, larger cold air intake system, and race front mount intercooler. To help transfer 1,600hp to the tarmac, the GT-R was then strengthened with Driveshaft shop axles, T1 braces, Alpha drag coilovers, Advan alloys, a Titan roll bar and 102MM exhaust. We look forward to seeing this bad boy in action.


by Adam Lynton
Alpha Performance Creates 1,600HP Nissan GT-R
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