Posted on: Jan 19, 2014
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GM Exec Wants America to Have a New Wagon

If so, let's hope it'll become a new Chevy Nomad.
Americans have lost their love for the good old wagon. After the arrival of minivans, SUVs, and now CUVs, the wagon market has all but sadly vanished. The Dodge Magnum is long gone and the previous-gen Cadillac CTS wagon is soon to follow, and wagon enthusiasts will be left with nothing. But perhaps that won’t last for long. GM’s new product chief and true car guy, Mark Reuss, was asked by Fox News at the Detroit Auto Show about what kind of car his company should be making but isn’t.

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With no hesitation, Reuss responded that "I still think no one’s offered a really good, affordable wagon in the United States. You know, mainstream, fun, good-looking, hot-looking, fun-to-drive wagon at a reasonable price point." Yes, Mercedes and BMW each offer premium wagons to Americans, but clearly that’s not the segment Reuss is talking about. "There’s a lot of wagons in the market, but they’re really expensive and there’s a lot of people that can’t afford that, and I think there’s an opportunity there." If a new wagon does come to fruition and it checks all of those boxes Reuss mentioned, then just call it (regardless of what it’s based on) the Chevy Nomad and everyone will be happy.



by Jay Traugott
GM Exec Wants America to Have a New Wagon

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