Comments - Fake Lamborghini Aventador Pisses Off Chinese Cops

Published: Sep 23, 2013
Description: A replica Lamborghini is nothing new, but when one is based off an old Hyundai then it’s something to laugh about. Not everyone thinks doing something like this is funny, however. That everyone, woul...
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Buster Himen Sep 24, 2013
No I wouldn't, Eric
mohammad.gaffori Sep 24, 2013
@ryan you still can tell its fake, it wont have a lamborghini sound
Lance Vincent Sep 24, 2013
Fucking replicators like Super Replicas and everyone who builds disgusting replicas.
braydin.rath Sep 23, 2013
other than the too small of brakes it's pretty legit...too legit too quit
Rando Sep 23, 2013
Is the number in the front window the price or phone number? Lol!
Evan Elisio Sep 23, 2013
All replicas piss me off
Eric Mathew Sep 23, 2013
You guys keep saying its terrible and everything but honestly you guys would take it if you had the chance lol
joshua.robbins.5249 Sep 23, 2013
Terrible replica. Oh wow.
Kwesi Desmond Prempeh Sep 23, 2013
@saif.irf.sorry I should of been more specific. The Metro Newspaper website shows cctv footage from two vantage points and shows the Aventador being side swiped.
Kwesi Desmond Prempeh Sep 23, 2013
@saif.irf thanx
Kyle Malcomson Sep 23, 2013
As d says lambos should have sunroofs
Josh Thomas Moothart Sep 23, 2013
Haha I think this is from a hyundai tiburon. I have one
darryle.moody Sep 23, 2013
So sad. The sunroof is hilarious.
Buster Himen Sep 23, 2013
v There was an article on it yesterday
saif.irq Sep 23, 2013
@kwesi.. they already did, its a couple of pages down
Kwesi Desmond Prempeh Sep 23, 2013
... recklessness.
Kwesi Desmond Prempeh Sep 23, 2013
CB administrators please upload Aventador crash where it splits in half. It was reported on the Metro newspapers website here in the UK. I can't judge how fast the Lamborghini is travelling however he seems to be exonnerated by the other drivers...
Jimmy Case Sep 23, 2013
I think you made a mistake a lot of import owners make, cosmetic modifications is not "tuning".
yfreilich Sep 23, 2013
The owner should open a tuning garage, a lot of disrespectful people would like to turn their Accents into Aventadors.
johnlbattersby Sep 23, 2013
Looks like it actually does have a tag...
Aaron Choo Sep 23, 2013
Well said
Sergio Montelongo Sep 23, 2013
Why doesn't this surprise me china always making copies of things
Thai-Chau Ha Sep 27, 2013
If you paint it all black with batman sticker on it, may work
Cindy Ngo Sep 26, 2013
Hey u need to glue the lights
Rodrigo Ortiz Sep 24, 2013
That's bad
Alex Medvedev Sep 24, 2013
Worst replica ever
Jacob Burford Sep 23, 2013
Seems legit
Brittany Sawyer Sep 23, 2013
So this is what a front engined Aventador looks like
Garrett Murrell Sep 23, 2013
Seems legit
Buster Himen Sep 23, 2013
The only thing it's missing is the badge
Paul McGuire Sep 23, 2013
Looks legit to me.
Joshua Rutkowski Sep 23, 2013
If you squint hard enough… it STILL doesn't look like the real thing.
Nick Schnee Sep 23, 2013
This is fake? no wai lel
Jimmy Case Sep 23, 2013
Dat hood gap.
Description: Whatever his motivations may have been, the Chinese police soon came by not to put in an offer, but to confiscate the car because it didn’t have license plates. The police didn't know whether it was a...
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Thai-Chau Ha Sep 27, 2013
That phone number on windshield. I am calling them.
Cindy Ngo Sep 26, 2013
Hahaha the parts are not added propoley
Bill Estep Jr Sep 24, 2013
Someone find someone to speak Chinese n see if it's sold lol
Puneet Dass Sep 23, 2013
He forgot to super glue the lights properly
Buster Himen Sep 23, 2013
The first with a sunroof. This going to go for top dollar
logan.neet Sep 23, 2013
Fit and finish is superb
Edward Galligan Sep 23, 2013
How big are those headlights???
Peter Kim Sep 23, 2013
\/ You mean headlight since it only seems to have one haha.
Nick Mills Sep 23, 2013
I think the headlights make me laugh the most
Colin Carlo Sep 23, 2013
Gots a sunroof k that's fake
Lior Markovich Sep 23, 2013
Wow good job, looks really real
Lance Vincent Sep 29, 2013
Scrap Chinese face.
Lance Vincent Sep 29, 2013
Shit Chinese imitators. Die
Lance Vincent Sep 29, 2013
Die you fucking replicators.
Thai-Chau Ha Sep 27, 2013
A lot of admirers. Imagine if it is real. Everyone in the village be coming, 10000000 villagers.
Your Mom Sep 24, 2013
Wait this is a fake never would have known...
Rocco DePerno Sep 23, 2013
The ability to sense sarcasm on this app is appalling
Kevin Yao Sep 23, 2013
Looks good to me
Tara Landry Boudreaux Sep 23, 2013
If there were no such as an aventador the looks are not that bad
Tyler Tarbox Sep 23, 2013
@Colin. You might be right
Ryan Sansossio Sep 23, 2013
@taylor please tell me you're kidding, this looks extremely fake, not concincing at all. Maybe if you were driving by at 40mph MAYBE
Colin Carlo Sep 23, 2013
@ Tyler I think they're waiting for the bus?
Tyler Tarbox Sep 23, 2013
On the bright side, it's drawing just as much attention as an Aventador
Riley Miller Sep 23, 2013
Seriously one of the worst replicas I've ever seen
Ray Thomas Sep 23, 2013
Hyundai Tiburon?
Joshua Rutkowski Sep 23, 2013
It looks like a cardboard cut-out. That matte gives it no depth or texture. Especially on a car thats nothing but depth and textures.
Victor Ijustwannagofast Pitts Sep 23, 2013
How many people thought this was real there in china? Lol
Colin Carlo Sep 23, 2013
Lol ugly
Taylor Garry Sep 23, 2013
Other than the wheels this is spot on. It would fool me
Joshua Rutkowski Sep 23, 2013
It's so tiny.
Jason Smith Sep 24, 2013
Looks like another crime solved by the taste police....
Laura Anne Sep 23, 2013
Cindy Ngo Sep 26, 2013
O my lanta the lights are not real
Zain Christison Sep 23, 2013
It looks terrible. My eyes are bleeding
Max Delena Sep 23, 2013
It looks like its melting.
Christian Young Sep 23, 2013
It's got a license plate.
Buster Himen Sep 23, 2013
Be careful with that thing. It's not cheap
Rob Morrison Sep 23, 2013
I hope they kill it with fire
Brian Howard Sep 23, 2013
Hahaha nothing like it looks like a focus sedan rear end
Sam Shikora Sep 23, 2013
That's not an adventador?