Posted on: Sep 11, 2013
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It's Nighttime All Day Long in Rolls-Royce Celestial Phantom

"Oh my God-it's full of stars!" -Dave Bowman
At the stroke of midnight on 1 January 2003, the first Rolls-Royce Phantom wafted through the carmaker’s then-new Goodwood manufacturing plant. A decade later, the one-off Celestial Phantom celebrates that historic moment while showcasing the marque’s Bespoke program. To evoke the night sky, fine glass particles have been integrated into the paint scheme, while inside the Starlight Headliner features constellations exactly as they were at midnight all those years ago.

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The stunning night sky effect was created using over a thousand hand-woven fiber-optic lights, while a "Dusk" hue leather upholstery is said to evoke a cloudless night sky and the surface of the rear drinks compartment lid has been designed to reflect the stars in the hand-stitched headliner. Completing the outrageous embellishments is a rear clock sporting four diamonds, a bespoke hand-engraved picnic set with Nymphenburg porcelain plates, an uplit Spirit of Ecstasy figurine, and engraved wheel centers.

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by Adam Lynton
It's Nighttime All Day Long in Rolls-Royce Celestial Phantom
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