Comments - Senner Gives the Audi A6 Avant Diesel Even More Power

Published: Aug 09, 2013
Description: We’ve long been fans of high-performance wagons although they’re relatively few in number. What’s worse is that they’re not strong sellers in the US. Wagons in general have been long replaced by the ...
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Aaron Abely Aug 12, 2013
Aaron Abely Aug 12, 2013
Torque, albeit somewhat lower than peak quickly.
Aaron Abely Aug 12, 2013
Make 170 lb/ft at 700 Rpm. That will produce around 227 hp. Now you can see where horsepower comes into play. The rotational speed of the crankshaft is above where the engine is producing top torque. But because its rpm is so high it's now producing
Aaron Abely Aug 12, 2013
But as far as horsepower accelerating a car. No. Easily verified with simple math. Engine makes 200lb/ft at 1000 rpm this equals to around 38 hp. Clearly that's not accelerating a 1 ton vehicle much. But given a flat torque that same engine might
Aaron Abely Aug 12, 2013
Of gas (exhaust) so they spool turbos well. You can easily increase the fuel amount in a diesel and acceleration goes up considerably. More fuel and air will mean more push on that crank. So more motivation.
Aaron Abely Aug 12, 2013
Diesels accurate slowly because 1. They're long stroke engines. Hence the low rpm range. Takes a long time to move the piston from the top to the bottom of its stroke. Which is why turbo charging has become so proliferated in diesels. They move a ton
Aaron Abely Aug 12, 2013
Again horsepower is simply a made up parameter. One designated around an observation of "a strong horse" doing work. Literally. You can not accelerate a vehicle with an engine such as a diesel or gas internal combustion piston engine without torque.
Aaron Abely Aug 12, 2013
Without it you don't have horsepower. What you said is fundamentally wrong. What I'm saying is that since horsepower is a product of torque it is clearly in the complete equation of acceleration. But torque is what matters.
camundahl Aug 12, 2013
"it [horsepower] technically is responsible in the acceleration of a vehicle." Thank you. :) There is a reason they use HP/lb for estimated 1/4 times, not torque/lb. Diesels are actually slow to accelerate for their displacement. I understand what you are saying. I'm tired of people saying torque is "more important" for racing, because that doesn't even make sense.
Aaron Abely Aug 11, 2013
God dang auto correct. ACCELERATION! Stop changing it back!
Aaron Abely Aug 10, 2013
Factors such as physical location, wheel/tire size, gearing and drivetrain loss all account for the true acceptation equation of a car.
Aaron Abely Aug 10, 2013
Basically as it is a product of the engines torque it is present in the acceleration. But considering as of right now we are talking engine numbers the simplified equation of acceptation doesn't totally apply.
Aaron Abely Aug 10, 2013
However this is not to say "horsepower is unrelated. As it simply is a product of the engines torque it technically is responsible in the acceleration of a vehicle. But it's not what accelerates a car.
Aaron Abely Aug 10, 2013
Completely unrelated to acceleration. That is completely UNDEBATEABLE. Acceleration= force/mass. Horsepower is not work.
Aaron Abely Aug 10, 2013
Wrong again. Horsepower is an equation of torque. Horsepower is not even a real measurement. Torque is what is measured in a dyno the horsepower number is a result of an equation. (Torque * RPM) / 5252= horsepower. And in all honesty horsepower is
camundahl Aug 10, 2013
You are wrong. Torque is static force. Try to accelerate something with 100ft-lbs and 0horsepower. Horsepower is work. They are both man made numbers. Horsepower accelerates. Horsepower needs any infinitely small amount of torque to start. Horsepower is the movement. Other wise you are still. Looks like you need the tech article.
leonard.chidamwoyo Aug 09, 2013
I agree with you Aaron sounds like an ecu upgrade
matt.piccolo.773 Aug 09, 2013
One of the best wagons out their! No doubt!
Edward Galligan Aug 09, 2013
I agree
Casimir Le Grand Aug 09, 2013
Not sure Bout the wheels but damn do i love audi and bmw wagons
Description: Starting off with the V6 oil burner that’s good for 313 horsepower and 480 lb-ft of torque in stock form, the Senner team went to work.They managed to increase output to 374 hp and 572 lb-ft thanks to...
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Aaron Abely Aug 10, 2013
See Car Buzz, this is exactly why we need that tech series I wrote y'all about.
Aaron Abely Aug 09, 2013
Wrong. Torque accelerates a car. Horse power is simply a man made parameter that is a product of torque. Torque is the actual work and force an engine produces. Diesels produce more because of their method of power production.
Kevin Yao Aug 09, 2013
I think I would get the rs4 avant
camundahl Aug 09, 2013
Horsepower is what accerates the car... it only has more torque than power because of low redline and the torque drops off near max RPM.
Aaron Abely Aug 09, 2013
It's a diesel, they all do. And this power gain is ridiculously small for a diesel with many engine modifications. That small a jump sounds like an ecu tune only. But kudos to them for tuning it. Diesels are awesome.
Boyd Boudreaux Aug 09, 2013
Love the fact that Audi makes more torque than hp make it where it counts
Claudio Komba Aug 10, 2013
Jacob Burford Aug 09, 2013
Not sure about the rims, but the rest is nice
Aaron Abely Aug 09, 2013
Looks sooo good. These really Are my favorite audis.