Comments - Ford's Official Euro Tuner is Coming to the US

Published: Aug 09, 2013
Description: For years many US enthusiasts complained – and rightly so – that automaker and/or their official tuning partners were focusing all of their attention in the Euro market. In addition, many of the best...
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timothy.chen.5439 Aug 10, 2013
Oren Blumenstein Aug 09, 2013
As long as we can get another cosworth I'll be happy
Victor Ijustwannagofast Pitts Aug 09, 2013
Just bring us Cosworth.
Chris Mallinson Aug 09, 2013
You will be getting the next gem RS stateside
rvuch46 Aug 09, 2013
it is still the case!!! Why dont we get the focus rs?
Sean McGeeney Aug 09, 2013
Good news
Jacob Burford Aug 09, 2013
They look great
Sean McGeeney Aug 09, 2013
These are amazing
Description: Mountune calls itself Ford’s "official tuning partner", and two great examples of its latest work are performance upgrade kits for the Focus ST and Fiesta ST. Each hot hatch received a significant hor...
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Braxton Omgbased Booker Aug 09, 2013
@brian funny you mentioned the fwing then car buzz shows it in a movie trailer haha
Sean McGeeney Aug 09, 2013
That is a lot I power for a focus
Hunter Nolte Aug 09, 2013
Racing Fiestas and The Peugeot T16 are my absolute favorite cars ever
Oren Blumenstein Aug 09, 2013
The duratec are bulletproof By time someone slapped a turbo on it
Justin Tucker Aug 09, 2013
I love it when Carbuzz shows up engine bay shots. We want more on different future articles please!