Comments - Ayrton Senna's Acura NSX is For Sale

Published: Aug 09, 2013
Description: He is possibly the greatest racing car driver of all time, and he sadly left this world far too soon. We’re talking about the one and only Ayrton Senna. To this day his name still draws endless prais...
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Andre Bigueur Aug 10, 2013
Made the Honda/McLaren team great. Amazing driver.
Lou Guerrero Aug 09, 2013
I wanna say you guys are over glorifying Senna but I can't. I respect the spirit of the man too much. This should be freely donate to a museum.
Carlos Dorantes Aug 09, 2013
This is One of the greatest collectible items in the history of Automobiles.
Zaire Wilkins Aug 09, 2013
@cort your lost dude
cort.grawehr.3 Aug 09, 2013
It was close to 75k in the states.
cort.grawehr.3 Aug 09, 2013
@zaire. He helped devolved the car and im pretty sure he got it for free from the McLaren/Honda partnership.
Zaire Wilkins Aug 09, 2013
I just read about a guy who won 446 million $ and the first thing he is buying is a 30K acura NSX
Victor Ijustwannagofast Pitts Aug 09, 2013
@ Jackson, thatd be the best co pilot ever! Lol, then he kicks you out of the drivers seat and drives! Dude, I need 74,000 now!
Christian Fick Aug 09, 2013
Senna was the best documentary I've ever seen, just such a cool guy
Jackson Michael Aug 09, 2013
I would by this in the hopes that its haunted. Imagine cruising around in an NSX with Senna as your copilot
Taylor Greenfield Aug 09, 2013
Guys its an Honda NSX, not an Acura
David Lender Aug 09, 2013
I article says Acura but steering wheel says Honda
Aug 09, 2013
It's in great condition
Rohil Chauhan Aug 09, 2013
Only 74 grand for a piece of automotive history? That is an absolute bargain, if only I had the money to buy it :( imagine telling people you have Ayrton Senna's NSX...
Fadi Najor Aug 09, 2013
I would never sell a piece of history. This is the test NSX someone could own! RIP Senna.
matt.piccolo.773 Aug 09, 2013
Damn. Beautiful car! Looks mint!
Oleg Odessit Aug 09, 2013
Sean McGeeney Aug 09, 2013
That's cheap considering its history.
Nick Rowe Aug 09, 2013
He is the greatest driver of all time and possibly the best role model F1 has ever had
John-Michael Cunliffe Aug 09, 2013
My money's on Leno buying it
Eli Bonner Aug 10, 2013
One of the best cars of all time for sure
Rakesh Senthivelan Aug 09, 2013
Uncle owns a '92, and it was amazing when I took a ride in it!
Jacob Burford Aug 09, 2013
Awesome car, and better looking than the new one IMO
Marty Rose Aug 09, 2013
Amazing car
Zaire Wilkins Aug 09, 2013
One of the best sports cars of all time
Jermaine Beason Aug 09, 2013
Omg steering is on the left side. This could easily be imported to the US
Logan Lauer Aug 09, 2013
Jdm-> Japanese domestic market.
Jason W. Evers Aug 09, 2013
I thought JDM meant steering wheel on wrong side
Adam Thomson Aug 09, 2013
Hail JDM!!
James Salaba Aug 09, 2013
One of my all time favourite!
Description: The other two NSXs he owned supposedly were a black one that he drove in his home country of Brazil, and a red one that was in Portugal. This third one was garaged near the Estoril racing circuit in P...
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Carlos Dorantes Aug 09, 2013
I would
Chris Garcia Aug 09, 2013
Same here. Im trying to save up so i can buy a wearable replica of his helmet.
Nick Rowe Aug 09, 2013
I'd pay top dollar for it. I love Senna he's still my idol
Sean McGeeney Aug 09, 2013
Seems in good shape.
Parker Birtell Aug 09, 2013
VVV ya it does but these didn't come in targas because it made the frame less rigid and saved weight
Edward Galligan Aug 09, 2013
The targa is better
Zaire Wilkins Aug 09, 2013
Cant belive they put these tailights on the accord coupe at one point
Alex Bouckley Aug 09, 2013
I think this is the only angle of the car I don't like, otherwise it's a great car
Geoff Novak Aug 09, 2013
I hate how they decided to let the accord have this design element. Idk for me, it seems like it takes away from the awe of this awesome back end. Cuz you see its language often o. The streets on the accord
David Jefferis Aug 09, 2013
Love the rear lights. If only Hondas looked this good nowadays. Really lost their design mojo somewhere along the line.
Marty Rose Aug 09, 2013
Dat gearbox
Logan Lauer Aug 09, 2013
Love the nsx, but damn, that's a dirty bay.. Clean that up!