Comments - Why Are These Mercedes CLAs Whistling?

Published: Aug 08, 2013
Description: This one is just downright strange, but we’re there’s a logical explanation for what’s going on here. Just caught testing on the Nurburgring, a pair of Mercedes-Benz CLAs each happened to make the sa...
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Trent Griffin Aug 11, 2013
Whistle it
luis.alvarez.581525 Aug 09, 2013
Definitely a turbo. Turbos at high RPM's make a sound that is so distinct, that you can distinguish what power this car is making. simple mods to intake system and higher boost, including the turbo inlet, makes a jet engine sound, just like I heard now. High powered cars that are built as in the Supras, Evos, 240's, and among others do the exact same. I know this from experience.
Garrett Murrell Aug 09, 2013
No turbos and superchargers make lower and deeper sound. That is a shrill whistle, they sound more like winey machines' child.
Jack Heaslip Aug 08, 2013
maybe cause it's a CLA45 and that has a turbo?
Frederick Perez Aug 08, 2013
Description: Another explanation could be the exhaust or some other engine component(s). What also can’t be ruled out is the fact that this video was filmed from only one section of the track; are weather/wind con...
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Hunter Nolte Dec 20, 2013
I am from the future. This is the most powerful 4 cyl in the world. This whistling noise just so happens to be an enormous turbo
Trent Griffin Aug 11, 2013
Whistle tip...
Trent Griffin Aug 11, 2013
It's def in the exhaust....I vote for whistle pipe
cello92 Aug 09, 2013
also read this off of one of the comments on the video " It's a whistle pipe. Just a piece welded in to hide the engine revs and turb sound from snoops like BMW etc. Just by sound, they can tell max R's and shift points plus when turb spools in and out. I was scared Benz would one day do it and they finally did. Just audio disquise, no worries."
cello92 Aug 09, 2013
the porsche article right above this has the same whistling tune in the 26th second. so it must not be the car
Jon Dustin House Aug 09, 2013
Bubb Rubb Edition CLAs. You suppose to be up in the morning making breakfast anyway.
Garrett Murrell Aug 08, 2013
Not a supercharger. They have a deeper sound called a wine. This sounds like a exhaust or gearing issue.
Ben August Aug 08, 2013
Sounds like feedback.
Brock Bulbul Aug 08, 2013
There's a Nerf Whistler Football caught in the door.
Eddie Cook Aug 08, 2013
I know! An airplane passes over head every time the car goes passes the cameraman... thats the only reasonable explaination 😊 There you go carbuzz, I have done your job
Connor Scanlon Aug 08, 2013
Haha maybe whistle tips???
Wallyed Alekozai Aug 08, 2013
Could be an intake problem or an early stage hybrid powertrain.
Ryan Purdy Aug 08, 2013
That's the sound my car makes. For some reason my intake whistles in the high rpm's through 1st and 2nd gear, sometimes 3rd too.
Bobaloo Anderson Aug 08, 2013
Maybe it's Ronald McDonald
Elad Smaharba Aug 08, 2013
CarBuzz: "How much boost are you running?" Test Driver: "All of it." There you go, problem solved. Lol jk but all this reminds me of is that whistler tips video. Woo wooooo
Adi Bulusu Aug 08, 2013
@Ruben- Deer whistles cannot be heard because of their high frequency. Only deer can hear them. So that cannot be it.
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Aug 08, 2013
I can't believe that noise is coming from a 4 pot. It sounds incredible
Ruben Radilla Aug 08, 2013
It's deer whistles. In June a deer ran out in the track and got hit and if you've ever hit a deer, you know what happens to your car so I'm sure it's just a safety precaution while testing.
Nick Smith Aug 08, 2013
Seems like it stops when they hit the brakes...engine component of some kind?
Allan Paul Jimenez Aug 08, 2013
Kinda sounds like an airplane taking off and it only makes the sound when the cars pass
Owen Landwehr Aug 08, 2013
Bad muffler modifications
Braxton Omgbased Booker Aug 08, 2013
Deffs not because of forced induction
Hunter Nolte Aug 08, 2013
Superchargers whine. Not whistle
Scuttle Buttocks Aug 08, 2013
That is weird.
John Patten Aug 08, 2013
Sam Hirst Aug 08, 2013
No. Not a hybrid
Gurjit Singh Aug 08, 2013
Hybrids dont whistle like that
Dan Marino Aug 08, 2013
Maybe a hybrid. That could be an electric motor
Stanner Kj Aug 09, 2013
Yeah. That height is nice. I'm a fan of lowering.
Bren Bracken Aug 08, 2013
Damn Mercedes is now slamming their cars stock! Hahaha I wish
Garrett Murrell Aug 08, 2013
Tweet tweet!