Comments - Which Mustang is Faster: Roush Stage 3 vs. Shelby GT500

Published: Aug 08, 2013
Description: It’s without a doubt one of the best horsepower bangs for your buck on the market today. In fact, the Ford Mustang has always been a bargain since it first premiered in mid-1964. But say if today’s s...
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Jake Dula Aug 10, 2013
I'll take the Roush, couldn't care less which is faster.
joshua.robbins.5249 Aug 09, 2013
Roush for me all day.
ryan.chamberlain.3532 Aug 08, 2013
Now bring in the saleen... Lol
Toni.Maura Aug 08, 2013
Ford, we want THIS Mustang in europe, not the new one witj tje ecoboosrt!
Description: Compared to any supercar with similar output from Italy, it’ll cost you well north of $100k. You can’t go wrong with either of these Mustangs, but as a speed nut, you still want to know which of the t...
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John M Weishahn Aug 09, 2013
I think there's a currency conversion issue afoot here.
Tim Preisinger Aug 09, 2013
400k?! Damn.... That sucks. As Aaron said, I like both of these cars... But I don't like them for 400k.
Aaron Abely Aug 09, 2013
V ouch. Um yeah as much as I like these cars. Not even gonna consider it for 400k. What's an aventador go for there nick? Cause that's close to the cost of one in the states.
Nick Rowe Aug 09, 2013
Well north of $400,000 here. You guys get a far better deal
Aaron Abely Aug 09, 2013
Damn 11s not bad.
Aaron Crisp Aug 09, 2013
Roush lost first race*
Bill Estep Jr Aug 09, 2013
Hey there in Indy at Lucas oil dragstrip
Jackson Michael Aug 09, 2013
Not a fan of mustangs, but a HUGE fan of roush
Aaron Crisp Aug 08, 2013
@Aaron Roush won 2/3 races pulling 11's vs Shelby's low 12's. Roush won first race because he had traction control off and couldn't hook.
Aaron Abely Aug 08, 2013
Can't watch the video... Which car won?
Arick Voigt Aug 08, 2013
Damn. That Roush is serious.
John Santana Aug 08, 2013
The guy driving the GT500 weighed more, thus giving the Roush the weight advantage. Lol Jk.
Chris Callahan Aug 08, 2013
The Rousch stage 3 wasn't necessarily designed for the drag strip. It was designed to be a mustang that you would use around the track since it can actually put its power down in a corner. The Shelby on the other hand is meant for the drag strip.
John M Weishahn Aug 08, 2013
Agreed, Michael Ruck. I have a Roush 428R, and it's incredible on the track. I've had it up at Watkins Glen a few times, and the grip is bottomless. The power astounds constantly.
Justin Routh Aug 08, 2013
@Tyler He has the roushes listed for $70k on his website
Justin Routh Aug 08, 2013
Dang i always knew this place was here in indy i didnt realize he was the largest Roush dealer in the nation im gonna have to check it out
Tyler Tarbox Aug 08, 2013
How much does the Roush cost?
saif.irq Aug 08, 2013
both are great cars, good looking as well. Its a hard choice for me, but if I have to choose, then I would go with the Roush just because it is slightly more unique and rare.
Braxton Omgbased Booker Aug 08, 2013
I also felt like a winner
Tim Preisinger Aug 08, 2013
Both are awesome and I would be happy with either... But I would take the Shelby
Preston Harris Aug 08, 2013
Both of those dip so much when shifting
Michael Luck Aug 08, 2013
As someone that prefers to turn on the track, I'd have the Roush over the Shelby, because the change the rear axle to a fully independent set up.
Bruce Tumblin Aug 08, 2013
You also can't go wrong with Steeda or Saleen Mustangs either!
Shelby Cassandra Aug 08, 2013
I have nothing but respect for Jack Roush, but I would personally go with a Shelby. Both are great, but with Shelby I'd have the option of a Super Snake and you just can't beat those as far as mustangs go.
Bruce Tumblin Aug 08, 2013
I'd take anyone of them, both are good!
Corey Alan Kelley Aug 08, 2013
I even felt like a winner when he said I was
Aaron Abely Aug 10, 2013
I'd buy one in a heart beat knowing that. Even of ford nails it with the design it'll be awhile before roush gets to the stage three on it. And even with this ones live axle it handles very nicely. Can't see a reason not to buy it.
John M Weishahn Aug 09, 2013
Besides, the drawings and teasers for the new Mustang look pretty weak.
John M Weishahn Aug 09, 2013
Yes, Tyree. My Roush is five years old. There have been two redesigns and one new engine introduced within that time, but I still have a lot of catching up to do before I can drive that car to its potential.
Tyree J Brown Aug 09, 2013
Here lays the conflict... This is a great car, but would you buy one knowing a completely redesigned one is on the way?
Scott Westphall Aug 08, 2013
The car has a nice clean look. I like this.
Nicholas Morissette Aug 08, 2013
The '99-'04 SVT Cobras have I.R.S. as well.
Nicholas Morissette Aug 08, 2013
I heard these Roush cars have I.R.S.
Dylan Bruder Aug 08, 2013
That's nice
Bruce Tumblin Aug 08, 2013
Looks good
Killian Wright Aug 08, 2013
Always loved roush mustangs. One of my neighbors had a stage 3 and it was amazing and very loud
John M Weishahn Aug 09, 2013
It's rice, but it's brown rice. Rich, and good for you :)
Justin Routh Aug 08, 2013
Plus they were inspired by the old fastbacks louvers, definitely rice..
Aaron Crisp Aug 08, 2013
How dare they make functional changes to an already capable car, bastards. It's rice!
Shelby Cassandra Aug 08, 2013
They're called louvers for future reference.
Ryan Bertram Aug 08, 2013
Those vents on the windows look dope, how did they rice it exactly?
Willie McGonagill Aug 08, 2013
v How?
Eli Bonner Aug 08, 2013
Eli Bonner Aug 08, 2013
They rices it
Evan Liebgott Aug 08, 2013
I hate those vents behind the door windows
saif.irq Aug 08, 2013
I love those tail lights.
Jacob Burford Aug 08, 2013
Give me this one
Braxton Omgbased Booker Aug 08, 2013
If i had to choose it would be this
Edward Galligan Aug 08, 2013
Don't like the rims
Bruce Tumblin Aug 08, 2013
I love the GT500 as well'
Carlos Galicia Aug 08, 2013
This rear end is much better IMO The spoiler doesn't wrap around as far and quad exhaust instead that trapezoid that roush has