Comments - The Ferrari 458 Can Cause Grown Men to Cry

Published: Aug 08, 2013
Description: It literally shook the supercar world upside down when it debuted in 2009. Everything about the Ferrari 458 Italia, from its styling, performance and engine note, is quite literally perfect. Powered ...
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Preston Harris Aug 10, 2013
Neema...that was damn good. I vote McLaren as well
Salami Jones Aug 09, 2013
Bunch of Ferrari haters... Anyways back to Ferrari's which the article is about. One of the nicest Ferrari's for the money for sure...
Joe Small Aug 09, 2013
Oh yes it's marvellous until it catches fire Aug 09, 2013
@Conrad Oh, if that's true, then why have every one of the brands you just mentioned lose to Corvette Racing for 8 years in a row? Soul is 60 years of continuous production and improvement on one car, not designing new ones from scratch every couple of years.
Neema Hassanzadeh Aug 09, 2013
205mph top speed nd 0-60 in 2.9seconds is figures for mclaren mp4-12c nd ferrari 458 is 0-60 in 3.4 seconds and top speed of 202mph
lenny.rumble Aug 09, 2013
this is without a doubt one of the sexiest cars ever. my 3rd fav ferrari. 1. F12 berlinetta 2. F40 3. 458 italia
conrad.kanjo Aug 09, 2013
Who cares about 0 to whatever MPH when the rest is rubbish?? As a matter of fact a Nissan does that better. U 'O458 Italia r an awesome machine! If people don't know McLaren had to dismantle u in an attempt to beat u..... They miserably failed.... Ferrari has a soul no other can create or match... Hail O'King of motoring enthusiasm!!
conrad.kanjo Aug 09, 2013
O'458 ltalia...O'458 Italia U r the dream machine... No other car has won more accolades than U! Only ur successor will win more. U r at the helm of what dream machines r made of.... Aaaah.. The Motoring Heaven...O'458 Italia!!!!
Justin Mancuso Aug 09, 2013
Dumb carbuzz, you must not re-read your articles before you post. It's more like 3.4 not 2.9.
Ben Knorr Aug 08, 2013
The thing that gets me is that I think most of the rich people buying these cars choose the dct simply because they can't be bothered to push a pedal and pull a lever, not because it will be of benefit to them at the racetrack.
Ben Knorr Aug 08, 2013
Aaron - I understand your frustration on the dct trend. Even though I do believe dct's are a huge benefit to today's supercars, I really really wish they would keep the manuals on the options list, even if they only sell 5% or so.
dan.codd.5 Aug 08, 2013
This car is not beautiful at all IMO. and it looks better in red or black. If I had a trillion dollars, I still would never buy a modern Ferrari, but if one was forced into my possession, I would insist that it be red.
Matt Sutton Aug 08, 2013
Personally, this car does nothing for me. At all.
Tin Nguyen Aug 08, 2013
2.9? Was this person thinking of the aventador while writing this?
Selim Husni Houssami Aug 08, 2013
2.9? I think its 3.4
Aaron Abely Aug 08, 2013
I may be the only one that ONLY likes its sound. Styling is nice too but nothing I couldn't live without. What gets me is, and this is all ferraris, is the lack of three pedals. I'd have a F430 over it any day.
Dylan Bruder Aug 08, 2013
Can't say I love this car I did the 430 but just something that doesn't click with me with the 458
Arick Voigt Aug 08, 2013
I've been in one, not driven though. But just riding shotgun was incredible. There is nothing I don't love about the 458.
Chris Garcia Aug 08, 2013
Looks are in the eye of the beholder. I personally think it looks sensual and beautiful while the mp4 looks hideous and computer generated. Both great cars performance wise but the Italia is impossible for me not to love.
Garrett Murrell Aug 08, 2013
2.9? I think not. More like 3.4
Paul Dickey Aug 08, 2013
Eh I like the rear but the front is ugly to me. I understand it's driving bliss but the mp4 is better. Styling of the Mclaren is gorgeous and the driving is such that only Mclaren can do. I sat in my first one the other day and I was I heaven.
Frankie Ferreira Aug 08, 2013
I've never heard one in person, but I don't particularly like its exhaust note
conrad.kanjo Aug 08, 2013
Tell them Mohd!!! Tell them!!! I may never touch let alone drive this dream but yes... It's the ultimate supercar!!!.....
mohd.almarzooqi Aug 08, 2013
people here really think it's all about performance and styling, what makes 458 perfect when you drive it, it's perfection, gearbox steering engine sound traction I feel everything is perfectly given to me, it's the best supercar I have ever driven
conrad.kanjo Aug 08, 2013
I'd have it yellow with black top. But hey....what I have is a sun beaten 2000 Toyota Corolla!!! Thu world is unfair!!!....
conrad.kanjo Aug 08, 2013
How am I going to kiss this car, let alone seeing it?? I will travel to South Africa just to visit a Ferrari dealership in order to see this dream.... then I'll be ready to die (I'm a Malawian & often travel to South Africa by bus[over 2500km] just to see Ferraris).
conrad.kanjo Aug 08, 2013
Say whatever u want to say, the experts will tell u what an awesome car the 458 Italia is. As far as car creation is concerned only Ferrari, Porche & BMW understand how to build cars with a soul, cars that leave u breathless, cars that take u to motoring heaven... The rest only try hard & miserably fall short. Ferrari.... Ooooh... Ferrari
Brett Cohen Aug 08, 2013
2.9?? Thats not right. Its 3.3 which still is insane.
Malachi Monteiro Aug 08, 2013
I cried when I was in a DBS VOLANTE floored under an overpass, made the best sound I ever heard.
Nick Rowe Aug 08, 2013
Makes grown men cry? Not likely..
Miranda Pavelle Aug 08, 2013
WRONG. I don't like this car. Call me a fool, but I prefer the 12c.
Jacob Burford Aug 08, 2013
2.9 seconds? Maybe in perfect conditions with a perfect driver, but the average driver will probably get close to 3.5 seconds on average.
Christopher LikeaBoss Reber Aug 08, 2013
It's not impossible. I don't love this car. I'd prefer a Scud over this any day
Robi Dunay Aug 08, 2013
Haha 2.9. Right
Mathew Cameron Hebb Aug 08, 2013
And where'd they had that 0-60 time from? Even on their own page for the 458 it says it does it in 3.3 seconds, not 2.9.
Rakesh Senthivelan Aug 08, 2013
No, quickest recorded time was 2.9, but average is around 3.3 seconds. Highest recorded top speed was 205 mph, but the numbers released by Ferrari say 202
Mathew Cameron Hebb Aug 08, 2013
I believe that they quite literally used quite literally excessively and incorrectly.
Daniel Anglevik Aug 08, 2013
2.9sec???? Eeeeeh NO. And its ugly inside out
William Downs Aug 08, 2013
Ain't gonna make me cry, think that's cars front end is ugly as hell, mp4 FTMFW!!!
Andy Clouthier Aug 08, 2013
They quite literally said quite literally twice on this page.
KyHoBro951 Aug 08, 2013
I like it but I like the McLaren mp4 more lol
Justin Tang Aug 08, 2013
Pretty sure the 458 can only do 202mph
Benjamin Tyler Anson Aug 08, 2013
Yeah 0-60 on a 458 is around 3.5
Eli Bonner Aug 08, 2013
I think that 0-60 is a bit exaggerated but who even cares
Description: The 458 Italia is perhaps the very definition of what an Italian supercar should be: beautiful, fast, and above all, emotional. The guys over at XCAR couldn’t agree more as they’ve created their own v...
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Adi Bulusu Aug 10, 2013
Absolutely amazing!
Danyaal Farooq Aug 10, 2013
Same here. Chris said it nicely, I never like any ferrari in blue. But this 458 pulls it off so well!
Tyler Tarbox Aug 09, 2013
One day I hope I have to decide between this and the MP4-12C
James Salaba Aug 09, 2013
Absolute beauty!
Chris Garcia Aug 08, 2013
Never thought a Ferrari in blue could look so good but the 458 pulls it off without a problem. God i love this car.
Carlton Green Aug 08, 2013
Michael J Solimene Aug 08, 2013
Mathew Cameron Hebb Aug 08, 2013
Luscious? Now we're getting creepy ;)
Eli Bonner Aug 08, 2013
My favorite car ever
Clay Griep Aug 10, 2013
i love the way the sits.
Salami Jones Aug 09, 2013
I love how someone contradicts themself on the same article... hahaha... anyways I haven't seen this blue on the 458... looks sick!
saif.irq Aug 09, 2013
So beautiful, this color makes me doubt if I like Ferrari styling more than lambo's. This would be my color of choice for the 458 if I ever get the chance to own one.
Rob Clark Aug 09, 2013
Only real beef with this car is the front grill. The F430 looked way more aggressive with its huge front air-intakes.
Taylor Rosello Aug 08, 2013
Sweet color on a sweet-ass car
Fabián Ruiz Madriz Aug 08, 2013
The 550 Maranello looks awesome in this color
Dylan Bruder Aug 08, 2013
That blue is gorgeous
Steven Eppler Aug 08, 2013
Sweet paint job!
Jacob Burford Aug 08, 2013
Beautiful, an the color is great!
Bravo Italiano Aug 08, 2013
I believe that's the Mediterranean blue, it's bad a**
Earick Smith Aug 08, 2013
Love it, dark blue is my favorite color, looks great on the 458!
Miranda Pavelle Aug 08, 2013
I admit, THIS is gorgeous.
Edward Galligan Aug 08, 2013
Most beautiful 458 colour ever
Rodrigo Ortiz Aug 08, 2013
That's my color for sure man beautiful
Mathew Cameron Hebb Aug 08, 2013
Ya that's a nice colour for sure.
Tim Preisinger Aug 08, 2013
Beautiful! Love the color
Brandon Broussard Aug 08, 2013
Soooo cool 0_0
Jorge Oreggia Aug 08, 2013
Nice colour
Julian Pilinci Aug 08, 2013
Not the typical one for a Ferrari, but I couldn't agree more on the color.
Andrei Alexandru Aug 08, 2013
Wow, that color is incredible!!
Rahul Patel Aug 08, 2013
At it's best!! :*
Steven Eppler Aug 08, 2013
Does it get any better? I think not...
Max Ignatyev Aug 08, 2013
I just love this car.
Julian Pilinci Aug 08, 2013
The best shot!
Bill Estep Jr Aug 09, 2013
Just wondering why r they all different sizes looks like right is big left is medium n middle is small
Jacob Burford Aug 08, 2013
Love the exhausts
Vinny Coppola Aug 08, 2013
I know this car I see it when I drive by the dealership
Ryan Bertram Aug 08, 2013
I really like that exhaust!
Salami Jones Aug 09, 2013
I love the blue carpet and whites seats but I wish the dash was a different color... maybe white.
saif.irq Aug 09, 2013
Most amazing 458 interior I have ever seen, it looks orgasmic.
Jacob Burford Aug 08, 2013
I know Ferrari interiors are very high quality, but they never seem very attractive IMO
Jacob Burges Aug 08, 2013
You can see where the Aventador gets its styling, they look really similar.
Justin Mancuso Aug 08, 2013
Oh yes