Comments - Porsche 911 Turbo Literally Smokes This GT-R

Published: Aug 08, 2013
Description: There is pretty much no way that a drag race between a 1,500-horsepower 911 Turbo and 1,500-horsepower GT-R could be boring, but the owner of this 911 probably would have preferred a bit less excitem...
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timothy.chen.5439 Aug 10, 2013
Ian you are a piece of **** copying me.
Mathew Cameron Hebb Aug 08, 2013
Well yeah, that's kind of the joke.
Scuttle Buttocks Aug 08, 2013
"Literally" opposed to figuratively.
aaron.samuels.184 Aug 08, 2013
loving the color of this Porsche!
Description: Firefighters arrive and put out the small fire in the engine bay, and although the Porsche is still running, it’s clearly pretty fried.
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Stephen Krane Aug 09, 2013
Not that I agree but the reason why some people think the gtr copied the 911 is that both are awd twin turbo 6's and have a fair amount of electronic aids
rvuch46 Aug 09, 2013
I can beat the gtr on my bicycle if you give me the same headstart the Porsche got
Byakka Miyamoto Aug 09, 2013
This is wat happens when u get low on spark plug fluid
Jay York Aug 09, 2013
I'd take either!!! Drool...
Greg Lewis Aug 09, 2013
Insane power is always awesome, however longevity is always an issue. I'll take a 400+ hp car that goes 100k miles over a 1500hp car that goes 1 mile...
Skylar Mangum Aug 08, 2013
@ Blake antil I was wondering the same thing haha it would have been funny if the times popped up
Corey Alan Kelley Aug 08, 2013
They sure did a good job copying the 911 considering they don't look the same and the engines are in different places... And the GTR doesn't catch on fire like the 911 did Nissan needs to go back to the drawing board huh
Brandon Carr Aug 08, 2013
Brandon Carr Aug 08, 2013
Spot the porshe fanboy...
Victor Ijustwannagofast Pitts Aug 08, 2013
Ian= Asshole.
camundahl Aug 08, 2013
Yeah take your Porsche and have your case spilt in half... What is the fastest 911 street car 1/4?
Hossein Emadian Aug 08, 2013
@Ian: what am IDIOT. The only thing a GT-R doesn't resemble is Porsche LOL
Blake Antil Aug 08, 2013
What did the fire truck do the mile in?
Rocco DePerno Aug 08, 2013
Hey Ian, that Porsche in your picture doesn't show any bias or anything... They're both great cars, deal with it.
Corey Alan Kelley Aug 08, 2013
Porsche 911 turbo diesel
John Edwards Aug 08, 2013
Oil leak
William Downs Aug 08, 2013
Justin it's kinda a no brainer he was joking and asking what it ran in the mile not why I went down the track
Ian Barger Aug 08, 2013
I would take the Porsche any day over that gay piece of crap Japanese copy of a 911.
Bobby Mounts Aug 08, 2013
Wow the gtr shoulda won the reaction time was a full second slower from the driver off the line or that would be a 9 second gtr
Marco Tomaselli Aug 08, 2013
I thought this Porsche was RWD?
Javier Gonzalez G Aug 08, 2013
Javier Gonzalez G Aug 08, 2013
The porsche didn't even reach 300kph i think that to much power is bad maybe a 900hp will be faster WAYY less wait and maybe it wont blow up...
Michael Page Aug 08, 2013
I'm a bit surprised two 1500hp awd cars got 10's in the quarter mile. That's fast, but I expected faster
francis.e.matos Aug 08, 2013
the fire truck would've beat the gtr in this race... Terrible launch/ driver lol
Justin Mancuso Aug 08, 2013
@Gary if a car is on fire, you need to put it out, right? Kind of a no brainer.
Gary Rayner Alaina Horton Aug 08, 2013
What did the fire engine run down the mile? Lol
John Austin Miller Aug 08, 2013
Complete crap, the GTR too off way after.
Roger Guilemany Mortimer Aug 08, 2013
The GT-R could perfectly won the 911, but he got a 1.5 seg reaction! What the hell! Even my grandma could star faster!
saif.irq Aug 08, 2013
I think this was a warmup or a test run. that GTR takes 23 secs to hit the mile and if you look at this video , well he hits 29.whatever
Michael Mayfield Aug 08, 2013
They always do starts like that of u guys never watch this channel
Lou Guerrero Aug 08, 2013
Those records shouldn't count if the car didn't hold up.
Adi Bulusu Aug 08, 2013
This was so bad. It would have been much better if only they had better starts.
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Aug 08, 2013
Gurjit, it doesn't matter when the car takes off. The timer starts after the car goes. He was probably just trying to make sure he got a good launch. Wich didn't happen cause this car should be able to run 9's all day
Jeric Lacuna Aug 08, 2013
Yeah 311 took off earlier??
Gurjit Singh Aug 08, 2013
whats the point of this?? Gtr took off atleast 2 seconds after porsche did
Lee Gardner Aug 08, 2013
I don't know whether they both had horrible starts or what but I wasn't that impressed honestly
Timothy Goss Aug 08, 2013
Marcos Collazo Aug 08, 2013
It's a turbo seal, my Evo did this when the seal on my OEM went bad. Not as much smoke but it was similar
Elad Smaharba Aug 08, 2013
I say oil seal in turbo, Maybe a leak in the drain/feed which would have started the fire. But more the seal on one of the turbos since its only smoking on one side
Adam Reisdorf Aug 08, 2013
I'd say oil seal in the turbo, or he most likely cracked a piston ring. That would definitely explain the massive amounts of smoke.
Tara Fitria Aug 08, 2013
Turbo oil lines is my guess
Lou Guerrero Aug 08, 2013
Smoke aside, this car looks great. I love those skirts.
Byakka Miyamoto Aug 09, 2013
Yep c Right there Spark plug fluid is wat hes checkin