Comments - Lamborghini Reventon Spotted In, Where Else, Monaco

Published: Aug 08, 2013
Description: We recently ran a video of a Lamborghini parade at Silverstone race track in the UK, a celebration of the company’s 50th anniversary. It showed all kinds of models, but no Reventon. Just 20 of the co...
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Casimir Le Grand Aug 09, 2013
I thought they were gonna say siberia and it had a dash cam video :(
Aug 09, 2013
This is astonishing
Cameron Vandygriff Aug 09, 2013
Actually 21 of the coupes were made only 20 were sold
Sam Shikora Aug 08, 2013
I think I saw one in India
Stephen Reed Warren II Aug 08, 2013
I actually thought Monaco. My next guesses were Paris or London
Kieran Ward Aug 08, 2013
I was thinking abu dabi
Malachi Monteiro Aug 08, 2013
I was thinking Hong Kong
Robi Dunay Aug 08, 2013
As i read the title, I thought it was ganna be Dubai
joshua.robbins.5249 Aug 08, 2013
Absolutely agree with you. I love these Reventons probably my favorite of any Lamborghini ever made. The only thing that comes close in my mind is the Miura.
Description: Evidence of just how cool and how unique the car is, we can see that the Reventon even drew a crowd in a country where people see supercars all day long.
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Juventas Telsinskas Aug 09, 2013
Thats a huge front wheel gap!
Tyler Tarbox Aug 09, 2013
Wow just in that video I also saw two 458s, SLS AMG, Aventador, Ferrari 360, and a Panamera Turbo. Almost makes it not exciting to see a supercar.
Tyler Wallace Aug 09, 2013
what do these ppl do for a living
Bill Estep Jr Aug 09, 2013
OMG Monaco is heaven so many super cars driven like everyday vehicles unlike here in Indy when it's a rare sight n a treat
Jacob Burges Aug 08, 2013
You can see where the Aventador gets its styling, they look really similar.
Arben Imeri Aug 08, 2013
I saw two out in Zurich Switzerland. Really are a beautiful beast.
Rohil Chauhan Aug 08, 2013
Lol s/he almost forgot to put the lights on
Tyler Tarbox Aug 09, 2013
This is definitely my dream car without a doubt. But it's an unattainable goal. Anything over $1 million for a car is
Alex Bouckley Aug 09, 2013
Cameron he's talking about how the styling inspired the Aventador
Cameron Vandygriff Aug 09, 2013
@ Jacob it's not a mix of aventador an Murcielago because the aventador hadn't been made yet
Aaron Crisp Aug 08, 2013
Love <3
Jacob Burford Aug 08, 2013
Perfect mix of Aventador and Murcielago!
Anders Schrøder Aug 08, 2013
Beauty. Love it.
Mathew Cameron Hebb Aug 08, 2013
My favourite Lambo ever.
Eli Bonner Aug 08, 2013
I like the Aventador better but this is still amazing
Paul Dickey Aug 08, 2013
I love everything about these.
Tyrone Smith Aug 08, 2013
I'd take this over an Aventador.
Ada Onwukaike Aug 08, 2013
With Reventon you pick any girl in the world. Just saying.
Buster Himen Aug 08, 2013
Whoa look at that RR
Mathew Cameron Hebb Aug 08, 2013
Ugh, I just love these!
Eli Bonner Aug 08, 2013
vv Lol right. You'd be whipping out your phone to take a picture just like the rest of us
Hektor Yberg Aug 08, 2013
Me to. I kind of think that the aventador looks boring
Tyrone Smith Aug 08, 2013
I think this looks nicer than the Aventador, actually.