Comments - Fernando Alonso Behind The Wheel Of The LaFerrari

Published: Aug 08, 2013
Description: There isn’t anyone at Ferrari with more expertise for driving them fast than Fernando Alonso. The two-time F1 World Champion has a unique insight into how technology trickles down from top-tier racin...
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no.pistons.1 Aug 09, 2013
was an apple loyalist but after having the note2 for half a year it puts the iphone to horrible shame.
Christopher Sturgeon Aug 09, 2013
Colby, what kind of vette do you have?
Aaron Crisp Aug 09, 2013
Pat I like the Lumia's but Windows has a ways to go as far as continuing to develop and improve their platform. I love how user friendly my iPhone is but I am making the switch to the S4, especially being a Windows guy.
Patrick Lepage Aug 09, 2013
windows phone 8 is where its at boys;) loving my nokia lumia 920!:)
Imroz Ali Aug 08, 2013
@will will wait until you see iOS 7, it's amazing, even in development stage it's really good.
Will Will Aug 08, 2013
Android's OS seems more user-unfriendly compared to apple's. especially android's 'app store'. And android has less apps.But android's OS is a little more flexible and packs more features.After using android for a week I can't decide which is better.
xander.harper.3 Aug 08, 2013
my friend had an iPhone with an otterbox, and he kicked it across a parking lot and it was fine
cole.maniglia Aug 08, 2013
note 2 has such a large screen but never broke even after being dropped hundreds of times. quality
William Downs Aug 08, 2013
iPhone 5 has a screen similar to gorilla glass but proven stronger In drop test Aug 08, 2013
Not true Sean. Even after being in a few 8 second drag cars, I still get lots of enjoyment out of driving my Vette or any other fast car. Yes, you're right that they are no match for something like an F1 car, but even after experiencing the power of a race car, many people still have fun afterwards in road cars. Aug 08, 2013
Get a Galaxy S4. Gorilla glass 3 is very strong. Plus I love every aspect of the phone, moreso than my old iPhone. But back to the article, isn't this the same Laferrari that was in that article yesterday about a guy spotting them in Italy?
Gary Rayner Alaina Horton Aug 08, 2013
Lol that sucks!
Sean McGeeney Aug 08, 2013
It still works just can't see the screen well with the cracks :(
Sean McGeeney Aug 08, 2013
Damnit I accidentally just completely smashed my screen why does apple make it out of glass instead of plastic?
Imroz Ali Aug 08, 2013
Vv haha that last line cracked me up. These Italians don't think it through do they? Haha
Imroz Ali Aug 08, 2013
Yah maybe if he can get on pole and knock off stupid vettel.
Will Will Aug 08, 2013
Just test driving it? He should've been given one.
ahmed.hanif.547 Aug 08, 2013
this car is the most beautiful thing ive ever seen..
Description: Ferrari has put out a video of Alonso testing the car on the track, and it must be quite a machine, as even he seems to be concentrating pretty hard.
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Derrick McCarthy Aug 08, 2013
Cool vid, that thing sounds down right naaasstty.
Jacob Burford Aug 08, 2013
Looks like fun
Salami Jones Aug 08, 2013
Doesn't look fast??? Are you on crack???
Justin Mancuso Aug 08, 2013
LaFerrari, as a matter of fact he handed out LaFerrari hats at the car show where I sat in his Enzo. He's very down to earth which is what really amazes me, not so common in the rich world.
Justin Mancuso Aug 08, 2013
Yeah rich people will crash this, this is purely for people who love Ferrari and cars, also I'm proud to say my dad is an architect and his client knows somebody who has an Enzo which I sat in, an F50 and an MC12(his main cars). He plans to get a
Victor Ijustwannagofast Pitts Aug 08, 2013
Unfortunately F1 steering wheels aren't round. This square wheel is weird! Looks like a lot of car! Here's to the eradication of the wealthy idiot who didn't invest in driving school.
Ben Knorr Aug 08, 2013
@lou - I was thinking the same thing. Steering wheels should always be 100% round.
Steven Eppler Aug 08, 2013
Pretty sure that he's not too happy about that steering wheel....Looks like he was having to do a little shuffling at times there.
Lou Guerrero Aug 08, 2013
Man, working that flat rimmed wheel looks awkward. Give me a 350mm round wheel please. Also, driving fast isn't easy but he was really working to keep it in line.
Ben Knorr Aug 08, 2013
Yes, I'm hoping they can give Vettel a run for his money in the 2nd half of the season. I know Vettels a great guy but I'd prefer anyone else to win the championship. It was tough to see Alonso miss out by 3 points last year.
Justin Mancuso Aug 08, 2013
@Ben very true! Especially massa who barely finishes in the points these days,its pretty sad actually because the FIA loves Ferrari over all the other teams.
Andreas Köhler Aug 08, 2013
Had a lot of understear and looked very "nervous" at some corners! Think they got som setup work to do before any customers can get the hold of one..
Miranda Pavelle Aug 08, 2013
Honestly, doesn't look that quick... I expected a bit more. Ok P1, 918, please impress me.
Dennis Choong Aug 08, 2013
Fernando mumbling: so there's where they spend their time on instead of developing my F1 car
Ben Knorr Aug 08, 2013
The way his F1 car has been performing lately he might even prefer LaFerrari!
Javier Gonzalez G Aug 08, 2013
I race cars and karts and even when you go from a faster car or kart to a slower one you still have the same adrenaline rush and want to push the hell out of every car.
Marco Tomaselli Aug 08, 2013
Those paddle shifters are HUGE. And there's good reason for why he doesn't look happy. Just recently Montezemolo publicly scolded Alonso and pretty much embarrassed him
Justin Mancuso Aug 08, 2013
Exactly this car sucks and is very boring compared to his F1 car.
Sean McGeeney Aug 08, 2013
The only problem about being an F1 driver driving one of these cars is that it can't be that exciting because its nothing to an F1 car.
Ben Knorr Aug 08, 2013
They may not be passionate about cars but guarantee you they are ALL passionate about racing.
Pete Hager Aug 08, 2013
Finally a good cockpit video of this car, I haven't seen anything like this.. I wish the car wouldn't have been camo'd up
Will Will Aug 08, 2013
You never really know whether F1 drivers are actually passionate about cars or whether they're in it just for the money right? Haha. Not suggesting anything here, just saying.
Mitchell Cook Aug 08, 2013
He doesn't look too happy about it! Hahaha
Tyler Wallace Aug 09, 2013
looks like a f1 car in sweat clothes (not the camo)
Michael Luck Aug 08, 2013
I want one that looks exactly like this.
Jacob Burford Aug 08, 2013
Does a somewhat good job of covering this cars horrible bird beak front end
Chris Bernard Aug 08, 2013
@Edward take a look at the next picture, and you'll see why they come out so far.
Brennon Aucoin Aug 08, 2013
How much of these are they gonna make again?
Bill Estep Jr Aug 08, 2013
Isn't this the same car wit camo as that guy filming it going down the road yesterday
Jimmy Janik Aug 08, 2013
The camo actually looks kinda cool
Edward Galligan Aug 08, 2013
The mirrors are ping out way too long makes it look like a Huayra
John Hyland Aug 08, 2013
Because the one that he's diving isn't a production version, it's just a prototype model
Tara Fitria Aug 08, 2013
Who knows, it does look good
Killian Wright Aug 08, 2013
Can someone explain to me why this still has camo on it? Because it already made it's debut. I don't get it
Gary Rayner Alaina Horton Aug 08, 2013
So sexy, really love this car!
Jacob Burford Aug 08, 2013
I like the rear, but its the front that kills it for me
keewey Aug 08, 2013
Not a big fan of look of the back
Bryce Damnjanovic Aug 08, 2013
@brittany....can't unsee now. Thanks
Brittany Sawyer Aug 08, 2013
Still not a fan of the tailights, they look like protruding eyes. I like the rest of the rear though