Comments - BMW 4 Series Convertible Spotted With Little Camo

Published: Aug 08, 2013
Description: Yes, you should get used to the fact that two-door and convertible variants of the BMW 3 Series are now called the 4 Series. Brand and model purists are not too pleased. Everyone else doesn’t really ...
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Nick Garcia Aug 08, 2013
4 series? Why bother? Refresh the 3 series with the car now called a 4 and call it a day. So much for product loyalty and branding. More models with the same look don't make for something "new."
Greg Kenerly Aug 08, 2013
I get it. If the Mustang was rebadged as the "Pony" it would seem like they threw away years of heritage. If anything BMW should've kept the hardtop a 3 and renamed the vert a 4.
aaron.samuels.184 Aug 08, 2013
awesome red on red combo
Aug 08, 2013
I want it to be a hardtop
Max Ignatyev Aug 11, 2013
Yeah seriously, the hell is that camo there for? Looks just like every other bmw, and covering the badge... Oh noes, I almost thought it was a kia.
Jacob Burford Aug 08, 2013
Love the looks of the 4, although I stick with coupe
Jeff DeJaegher Aug 08, 2013
Did they really need to camo the badge?
Jared Oteri Aug 08, 2013
Guys it's a base model 4 series of course it's going to be boring, that's like saying a base c coupe is boring. Too many captain obvi's over here
Dan Marino Aug 08, 2013
My uncle had a 3 series hard top convertible and it took like 20-25 seconds to go up or down and just looks really ugly. Plus he had problems with the motor that operates it. I love normal ragtops but that's just me.
James Patrick Delaney Aug 08, 2013
I understand there's a lot of quality in BMW, but every car except for the m6 is really boring to me.
John Edwards Aug 08, 2013
Dan, why is it a joke?
Jacob Bayliss Aug 08, 2013
I think the camo is just to get it attention, not to hide anything.
Matt Sutton Aug 08, 2013
I thought that same exact thing. Nothin new here. Movin on.
Taylor Garry Aug 08, 2013
They didn't need the camo because what a surprise it looks like every single other BMW on the road right now.
Adi Bulusu Aug 08, 2013
@Brian They do extend all the way. This is basically the 4 series coupe in convertible form.
Roger Guilemany Mortimer Aug 08, 2013
I don't like four seats convertibles, I just don't like them!
John Hyland Aug 08, 2013
What's the point of the camo? It's not like its really hiding anything
Dan Marino Aug 08, 2013
Please be a ragtop. The hardtop convertible is such a joke
Jad Chaar Aug 08, 2013
I think they do Brian.
Description: What’s more is that this particular pre-production model that’s painted Melbourne Red is equipped with the M Sport Package. Engine and transmission options will be identical to that of the coupe and s...
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Michael Nascimento Aug 08, 2013
*facepalm* -_-
Jason W. Evers Aug 08, 2013
Mitchell Cook Aug 08, 2013
Melbourne red? Melbourne? YEAH AUSTRALIA!
Michael Nascimento Aug 08, 2013
Black one might be an m3 sedan.
keewey Aug 08, 2013
I dnt even have good senses about this one but i'm still impatienr lol
Dan Marino Aug 08, 2013
That black one looks like an m5 to me
John Edwards Aug 08, 2013
Looks like my 19" Tiguan rims
Aaron Abely Aug 08, 2013
Except that black one... Looks like M wheels to me
Ryan Bertram Aug 08, 2013
I believe that is a coupe...
Eric Turman Aug 08, 2013
Is that the same thing In black in front? The wheels are different
Saeed Sid Aug 08, 2013
Looks that good!