Comments - Anderson Germany Tunes The Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG

Published: Aug 08, 2013
Description: Even when it is in AMG form, it’s sort of odd to think of the Mercedes-Benz CL-Class as a car for tuning. The big coupe offers up a lot of power, although it is still very heavy and the styling is fa...
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yztyger Aug 08, 2013
I really dont like the steering wheel, it looks cheap for some reason to me
yztyger Aug 08, 2013
looks to me like they took advice from koenigsegg on the interior
yztyger Aug 08, 2013
I agree, needs less wheel and more rubber
yztyger Aug 08, 2013
yeah, if I could have any Benz, it'd be a cl65 amg.... or an sl65 black but that's completely different
Carlton Salmon Aug 08, 2013
Agree with Stephen.
Andrei Alexandru Aug 08, 2013
Disagree. CLS is one of the sexiest cars ever made IMO.
Stephen Reed Warren II Aug 08, 2013
The CL is much classier than a CLS.
andrew.gombac Aug 08, 2013
Cool inrerior. I like the tiny details.
kuldip.singh.73 Aug 08, 2013
what a beast. needs some weight saving treatment though.
Justin Routh Aug 08, 2013
Love the cl and cls but id have the cls first
Luke Purdy Aug 08, 2013
Prefer the CL to the S and CLS
Jacob Burford Aug 08, 2013
Matte doesn't fit this car very well
Max Ignatyev Aug 08, 2013
I really don't like matte
Rocco DePerno Aug 08, 2013
I'm wrapping my durango this color with chrome red trim and rims
Braxton Omgbased Booker Aug 08, 2013
It looks good but i also agree that the wheels could be alil smaller
saif.irq Aug 08, 2013
Gorgeous, I love this color on this car.
joshua.robbins.5249 Aug 08, 2013
Damn this thing is sexy. And that interior is awesome. Well done and not over done.
Lee Gardner Aug 08, 2013
Wheels could be an inch or two too big
Description: The two-tone interior is a bit more extreme, but is still very well executed. Performance upgrades haven’t been too extensive, and amount to a new intake and exhaust, new pulleys and a reprogrammed EC...
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Hunter Nolte Aug 08, 2013
The dealer at the corner sells special grey stone.
Stephen Reed Warren II Aug 08, 2013
The stock CL 65 is "down around 4 seconds" so yeah I was expecting this to be like 3.8 sec
Scuttle Buttocks Aug 08, 2013
It doesn't put it's power down well. That's why the new e 63 is doing it in the low threes now, with AWD.
Sean Holcomb Aug 08, 2013
@eli it's a pretty heavy car
Eli Bonner Aug 08, 2013
I know that's still fast, but with that kind of power, shouldn't it be faster???
Jason Smith Aug 08, 2013
My choice for long Autobahn cruising..
Sean McGeeney Aug 08, 2013
That's damn good power.
Edward Galligan Aug 08, 2013
Wheels are too big
Adam Oliver Aug 09, 2013
Makes my caddie look like a chip wagon
Jacob Burford Aug 08, 2013
Beautiful interior
Shelby Cassandra Aug 08, 2013
Very nice interior!
Greg Kenerly Aug 08, 2013
Man I love the quilted pattern. This interior is spot on.
Edward Galligan Aug 08, 2013
Looks like a Bentley in there
Edward Galligan Aug 08, 2013
saif.irq Aug 08, 2013
what an interior, very well done.
Sean McGeeney Aug 08, 2013
That's nice!