Comments - Volkswagen to Build a Subaru Outback Fighter

Published: Aug 07, 2013
Description: Volkswagen is on a quest to dominate the global automotive market. The German automotive giant even stated a few years back that it wants to become the largest car maker in the world by 2018. By doin...
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Andrew Kurpita Aug 08, 2013
@hossein VW are really not that bad and have prob the best looks in their market of Jetta and passat and they are getting crazy sales
Hossein Emadian Aug 08, 2013
Vw is just GAY. Gtfo I hate looking at one let alone driving it
noah.brigdan Aug 08, 2013
haha Edwards you must be SERIOUSLY uninformed...
JB Kolod Aug 07, 2013
@ryan I don't think the brz really counts considering Subaru never would have made it without Toyota's management pushing it onto them
robert.bailey.98434 Aug 07, 2013
They don't need new models Sunaru has nice ass cars that sell well
Shaun Conroy Aug 07, 2013
The BRZ was a joint project between Subaru and Toyota. They both deserve the credit.
Victor Ijustwannagofast Pitts Aug 07, 2013
@ JB it's because Subaru doesn't need new models when you have a pretty kick ass line already. VW is the same too, they have decade old models still in the running.
Ryan Bertram Aug 07, 2013
@JB how old is the BRZ? That seems like a new model to me... But you're right, no new models EVER
JB Kolod Aug 07, 2013
I love how aggressive VW is, which is ironic considering how complacent Subaru has really become... No new models ever
Brandon Willis Aug 07, 2013
Give up. Not happening.
Dylan Bruder Aug 07, 2013
Even easier they already own Audi so just change their all road into one
Nick Rowe Aug 07, 2013
Cause that's a hard thing for VW to do.. Heighten and beef up its suspension and drop the price
Petro Maalouf Aug 17, 2013
Mathew Cameron Hebb Aug 08, 2013
Meh. Same front as all their other cars. Clean but boring. I know it's their brand look, but still...
Joel Lancia Kanny Aug 08, 2013
It better not look like a Passat!
Brian Howard Aug 07, 2013
Congrats casimir you'll love it I love my 2002 passat v6
Jacob Burford Aug 07, 2013
Looks good
Mike Conrad Aug 07, 2013
As long as you enjoy dealing with those German electronics, John.
John Edwards Aug 07, 2013
I would take any German engineering over POS Japanese
John Edwards Aug 07, 2013
It's the new Toureg
Sam McCracken Aug 07, 2013
They need to make ones got a W8 engine in this
Louai Sy Aug 07, 2013
Looks like mini q7 to me, its not bad tho it will come very handy
John Edwards Aug 07, 2013
Recently bought top of the line Tiguan SEL 4Motion for around $38,000. What was depressing is that car around this price does not have Homelink feature and no indication of lowbeam on/off? Even cheaper competitors include these features at this price
Mark Fei Ling Aug 07, 2013
Love it, must pair with diesel!
Bala Uncc Aug 07, 2013
Why is it looking like a minivan
Chris Woller Aug 07, 2013
Is that the new Chevy Traverse?
Casimir Le Grand Aug 07, 2013
I just bought a 04 passat v6 AWD yesterday. Super stocked on it
Adi Bulusu Aug 07, 2013
@Justin- Did you mean the xc70?
Justin Mancuso Aug 07, 2013
Good looking actually, kinda like the xc90
Description: Due to arrive in the US late next year, it will probably look quite similar to the Alltrack concept that was shown at the 2012 New York Auto Show.
VW has been selling an Outback rival in Australia ...
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Hossein Emadian Aug 08, 2013
Jap cars come first. Go home vw
William Downs Aug 08, 2013
.... Where is a vw cheaper then a Subaru?
John Edwards Aug 07, 2013
Japanese counterparts
John Edwards Aug 07, 2013
It's really not about reliability anymore. Most car manufacturers now all have decent reliability with adequate warranty. VW is winning this race around the world now because they are offering excellent quality and fuel friendly cars for cheaper than
Chris Marshall Ernst Aug 07, 2013
I think the biggest problem with this will be combating Subaru's reliability. I sure wish they'd sell it with a diesel here in the US.
Mathew Cameron Hebb Aug 08, 2013
Hossein Emadian Aug 08, 2013
Another vw that looks identical to the rest of the damn lineup
Brian Howard Aug 08, 2013
Looks good
Hossein Emadian Aug 08, 2013
Wissam Nasr Aug 08, 2013
Jacob Burford Aug 07, 2013
Simon Trépanier Aug 07, 2013
I dont like the front grill of the Outback... Ugly!