Comments - This Guy Spotted Three LaFerraris While in Italy

Published: Aug 07, 2013
Description: Just to be clear, this guy is one lucky bastard. He was at the right places at the right times. Well, one of those locales just happened to be the Ferrari factory in Maranello. You’re very likely to ...
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Elad Smaharba Aug 08, 2013
The LaFerarri easily wins the beauty contest of the new hypercars, but I'm still gonna go with the P1. No hate on the Ferarri
chris.penovatz.7 Aug 07, 2013
the front beak and general layout of frontal features is bad.the back is outomotive porno
Jarrett Sheppard Aug 07, 2013
You just saw a unicorn! I'm 31 years old and I only saw an Enzo on the street once.
Joey McClary Aug 07, 2013
This guy only saw them. How is he luckier than the guys driving them?
Aaron Crisp Aug 07, 2013
Hey Victor, your tits.. Calm them.
Victor Ijustwannagofast Pitts Aug 07, 2013
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Kyle Malcomson Aug 07, 2013
The exterior of the enzo might look boring to you but it was designed to be functional to make it quicker that is for the owner to have more pleasure driving fast. It wasn't designed for laps of london
Michael Luck Aug 07, 2013
The Enzo has been boring looking from day one.
Nick Rowe Aug 07, 2013
Enzo's not boring. It's been shoved aside by this spaceship but then again the Enzo's no corolla
Alex Desidoro Aug 07, 2013
It's not camo, it's just there to protect the paint
mohd.almarzooqi Aug 07, 2013
they put camo so the people who ordered the car won't complain about it's already arrived
Michael Luck Aug 07, 2013
A spectacular car with bonkers styling! If only the Enzo wasn't so boring.
Sean McGeeney Aug 07, 2013
Shit a lucky guy!
Description: We’re honestly not sure why there’s even camo there to begin with considering the supercar has already been fully revealed. Whatever the case, our video friend here also stood outside the Maranello ga...
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Brandon Broussard Aug 08, 2013
Lol @ 1:52 "Noooo it's gonna eat meh!!!"
Tyler Steiz Aug 08, 2013
The name is ridiculous but the car is nice, the front isn't as bad as everyone's making it out to be
Rob Clark Aug 08, 2013
That's one insanely cool car with one insanely stupid name.
Jonathan Romero Aug 08, 2013
It may have a stupid name but this car is just so dam sexy, I can't why people are making a big fuss about the car's front end, it's Enzo inspired, if you like the Enzo then how can a person not love this....IMO a win for Ferrari B)
Salami Jones Aug 08, 2013
I don't see why the name is soo bad... but letters and numbers are soo cool...
Jacob Burford Aug 07, 2013
I really wanted to like this car, but that front end just kills it for me.
Ilya Kravchik Aug 07, 2013
If you buy this car nobody will ever leave you alone
Ilya Kravchik Aug 07, 2013
Ferrari stalker I felt bad for the Ferrari test driver
Bhavin Amin Aug 07, 2013
Why can't Ferrari use better looking rims rather than the standard 5 spoke on every car?
Imroz Ali Aug 07, 2013
@taylor I know right, they know when to get out of the way, that should be known universally.
Zeus Mocha Aug 07, 2013
It's still Ferrari's LaFerrari, you can't get away from that. Great looking car though.
Taylor Robbîñs Aug 07, 2013
Notice how the slower drivers move out of the way for the faster drivers. Why can't we do that here????
Andrei Alexandru Aug 07, 2013
It's called LaFerrari, not Ferrari LaFerrari so it's just The Ferrari.
Pijus Bulvinas Aug 07, 2013
Ferrari the Ferrari!
Michael Luck Aug 07, 2013
Probably isn't that hard to spell.
Dave Stewart Aug 07, 2013
Prolly to protect the paint from chips n such
Jake Beauchene Aug 07, 2013
Has anybody else ever thought that Ferrari employees kind of look like elfs with there full red work outfits and the head guy at Ferrari is like Santa clause!
William Downs Aug 07, 2013
The front of this car, man what was Ferrari thinking... Like a insect got busy with a car and this is the end result
Dylan Bruder Aug 07, 2013
Still can't get Into the front of this thing yet
Zeus Mocha Aug 07, 2013
Na sometimes they leave it on even after they are revealed. There are definitely many reasons.
James Campbell Aug 07, 2013
No it's probably camo. Don't worry because the Italians have always been bad at it.
Garrett Murrell Aug 07, 2013
Or maybe it was there to protect the paint from road debris.
Shawn Sullivan Aug 07, 2013
Not digging the name all to much but the car sounds great
Sean McGeeney Aug 07, 2013
They probably didn't want people to know what it is.
Ben Knorr Aug 07, 2013
v agreed!
Tyrone Smith Aug 07, 2013
Me too. I don't understand why it gets so much flak for its looks. It's only because the P1 looks so good. This actually a very nice looking car.
Sean McGeeney Aug 07, 2013
I love this car!
Ben Knorr Aug 07, 2013
very nice
Andrei Alexandru Aug 07, 2013
I don't think it's camo. It's to protect the paint.
Chris Huff Aug 07, 2013
The F1 has that compartment next to the doors
Derrick McCarthy Aug 07, 2013
Lol harlequin Ferrari!
Sean McGeeney Aug 07, 2013
Being sarcastic it's hard to show that online.
Nick Rowe Aug 07, 2013
It's got a taped nose and a red ass.. It's bad camo
Sean McGeeney Aug 07, 2013
Camo isn't that bad.
Jacob Burford Aug 07, 2013
Love the rear end, but the front doesn't work
Killian Wright Aug 07, 2013
Wow what a sight. Very lucky guy to see that
Dylan Bruder Aug 07, 2013
Love the back view
Sean McGeeney Aug 07, 2013