Comments - This 1972 Lancia Stratos Stradale Was Found in a Barn

Published: Aug 07, 2013
Description: The Lancia Stratos is without a doubt one of the greatest cars of all time. It has everything an iconic car should have: racing pedigree, Italian styling, plenty of power and, above all, rarity. We j...
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jacob.beavers.12 Aug 08, 2013
It kind of looks like a toy in this picture. Awesome, though
andrew.gombac Aug 07, 2013
She's pretty.
Tino Domingue Aug 07, 2013
Y r barn finds so epically awesome!!!
david.vitan Aug 07, 2013
bull... This guy obviously put a ferrari badge on it himself. that badge was never placed there by lancia
Aug 07, 2013
Sweet little thing
David Guerrero Aug 07, 2013
WTF is this? Forza horizons?
Steven Eppler Aug 07, 2013
Love that the owner actually drove and enjoyed this thing...
ferrarienthusiast7 Aug 07, 2013
With a Ferrari badge
Shawn Sullivan Aug 07, 2013
I think this is great! Stick something away in a barn and 50 years from now bring it out and surprise the world!!
Michael Luck Aug 07, 2013
Johan, is Ferrari powered.
Justin Routh Aug 07, 2013
It stinks knowing this happens, but barn finds like this have unveiled some very cool, very rare, all original, low mileage cars
johan.travon Aug 07, 2013
johan.travon Aug 07, 2013
Scuderia Ferrari logo?
Sean McGeeney Aug 07, 2013
Why would anybody do this?'v
Nick Rowe Aug 07, 2013
Love barn finds! Who the hell hid this away?!
Nino Muradi Aug 08, 2013
Reminds me of a cheetah
Nino Muradi Aug 08, 2013
Muscular, fit and beautiful. Rem
Tyler Steiz Aug 08, 2013
A good wash is all it needs, leave a car like that in its original state if its been preserved that well
Darian Vorlick Aug 07, 2013
My favorite rally car.
Sam Shikora Aug 07, 2013
They didnt stop the car to take this picture, it broke down on its own
Jacob Burford Aug 07, 2013
So fricken gorgeous!
Tyrone Smith Aug 07, 2013
Rally king! It looks good with the dirt. Looks like it's back in its rallying prime.
Bobaloo Anderson Aug 07, 2013
Got damn this is sexy!!!
Peter Mark Gacek Aug 07, 2013
No leave it as it is.
Nicholas Morissette Aug 07, 2013
Just spray off the tires.
Aaron Choo Aug 07, 2013
Luv it
Sean McGeeney Aug 07, 2013
Looks in pretty good condition.
Description: Its owner kept it in California and New Mexico where the climate conditions helped to keep the car in fantastic shape. But the guy also drove it, going on road trips through the Mohave Desert, snowy m...
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Stephen Krane Aug 08, 2013
About the same
Jason Smith Aug 07, 2013
Wonder what it will fetch when restored..?
Jess McLean Aug 07, 2013
To each their own. I'm definitely glad of the great restored cars out there that allow people to appreciate them the way they were when they were new. But, as long as the car's in driveable condition, I find originality very appealing.
Ian Barger Aug 07, 2013
@jess a lot of people do that now from what I've seen on tv but I disagree. I think a car looks best when it is nice and clean and looks new.
Michael Luck Aug 07, 2013
I like that idea Jess.
Jess McLean Aug 07, 2013
I'd get it into mechanically flawless condition. But I wouldn't perform any cosmetic restoration. I think it looks awesome as is; the patina reminds you that this is a real car that's really been driven rather than just another over restored overly expensive (though admittedly beautiful) piece of sculpture.
Roger Guilemany Mortimer Aug 07, 2013
No, it's very cheap for a rare and awsome car like the stratos!
Sean McGeeney Aug 07, 2013
That's a lot.
Tyrone Smith Aug 07, 2013
Obviously I know that it's not a Ferrari. I'm saying if it was an actual car made by Ferrari, it would for right in at the time.
Jeremy Siebert Aug 07, 2013
Not if you know what old Ferraris look like, or what a Stratos looks like.
Tyrone Smith Aug 07, 2013
This could easily pass as an old Ferrari too.
Brandon Bairian Aug 07, 2013
What. A. Beut
Sam Oglesby Aug 07, 2013
Ferrari v6 engine in it
Lance Vincent Aug 07, 2013
Lancia Ferrari.
Luke Purdy Aug 07, 2013
Ferrari powered, that's why
Michael Hough Aug 07, 2013
Oddly enough I saw the same in a few old maseratis this weekend. I believe those were also Ferrari powered at one point.
joshua.robbins.5249 Aug 07, 2013
Ya I'm not sure why the Ferrari badge only thing I can say is it could have the badge because sometime in the early 70's they put a Ferrari Dino V6 in these things. And according to the article it said it had 190HP which those numbers came from the Dino V6 so maybe that's why the Ferrari badge . someone correct me if I'm mistaken.
Aaron Choo Aug 07, 2013
Ferrari badge
Sean McGeeney Aug 07, 2013
Tyrone Smith Aug 07, 2013
Agreed. Classic.
Garrett Thompson Aug 07, 2013
Great looking car
Tyrone Smith Aug 07, 2013
It really looks nice! I wish I could find something like this in a barn!
Braxton Omgbased Booker Aug 07, 2013
The vette chick strikes again !
Aug 07, 2013
i just came TVC
Joel Lancia Kanny Aug 30, 2013
7 is my lucky number and it is on my Arsenal jersey and this car! :O
Joel Lancia Kanny Aug 08, 2013
What a great barn find! Imagine if someone found a Fezza 250TR Barn Find like the one in Forza Horizon!
Samuel Reid Aug 07, 2013
Lou, I would.
Jeremy Siebert Aug 07, 2013
This is from the 70's! That looks great! Would you guys prefer it to come with a huge plastic cover that says, V6 on it? Goodness, a little surface rust on the air box isn't gonn kill anything...
Ben Foote Aug 07, 2013
Ferrari V6 engine the perfect mate for this car
Lou Guerrero Aug 07, 2013
Definitely wouldn't drop 250K on this.
Tyrone Smith Aug 07, 2013
Ooohh that sucks. Engine doesn't look that good. It's definitely gonna need work.
John Santana Aug 07, 2013
Yep, that's the Dino V6. It's going to need some work!
Adam Thomson Aug 07, 2013
Thats just fully Italian
Ricky Austin Bride Aug 07, 2013
Bit rugged but damn it's a stratos!
Joel Lancia Kanny Aug 08, 2013
Except for the dashboard & the cockpit! Only the seats are similar!
Joel Lancia Kanny Aug 08, 2013
THE INTERIOR LOOKS LIKE A PRESENT-DAY 3-SERIES!!!!!!!! :O Lancia really did it right! Rally skills plus luxury and comfort!
Tyrone Smith Aug 07, 2013
Shawn Sullivan Aug 07, 2013
Oh and just in case she reads this, that beauty of a chick would only be my wife of course!
Shawn Sullivan Aug 07, 2013
The only leg I would be bumping is the leg of a chick in the passenger seat. No dudes allowed!
joshua.robbins.5249 Aug 07, 2013
No homo but I'm gonna be rubbing your leg alot on this drive. But I still love it. The body lines are so gorgeous and they sound great. 250k for this, in the shape it's in. Wow what a deal for the owner.
eric.henning.71 Aug 07, 2013
I'm going to shift now, this will require man-touching