Comments - SpeedART's Porsche 911 Turbo BTR-II 600 Evo

Published: Aug 07, 2013
Description: Perhaps its styling is a bit much for some, others will find this tuned Porsche 911 Turbo Cabrio by SpeedART to be quite the styling exercise. The SpeedART BTR-II 600 EVO Ultra Edition is a somewhat ...
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William Downs Aug 08, 2013
Mason where is te world are u getting your facts, put your crack pipe down an go to rehab
noah.brigdan Aug 08, 2013
Take away the rear diffuser, lambo doors and red wheel bolts and this is an amazing looking car, totally badass, yet not an attention whore, (fairly) tastefully.done interior too, and much love for the MT!
Dan Rather Aug 08, 2013
@Mason I know the Porsche 911 turbo is faster than the Maserati around the track and although the slc isn't out yet to compare it to since 911 turbo is faster than the sls I'm sure slc wouldn't be a problem either. Aug 07, 2013
Not too bad.
Jacob Keith Miller Aug 07, 2013
Wow.. Seems like nobody does vertical doors anymore. They look good on this
andrew.gombac Aug 07, 2013
Discrete. I like the rims
Lou Guerrero Aug 07, 2013
That name...too Ruf-ish. Stands for group b/big turbo Ruf on the Ruf BTR.
Shelby Cassandra Aug 07, 2013
They probably cranked up the boost to reach that much power. Exhaust would probably be 20 horses MAX.
David Altenburg Aug 07, 2013
Exhaust HELPS to increase power
Paul Pickard Aug 07, 2013
130hp from an exhaust is pretty impressive.
Sean McGeeney Aug 07, 2013
Sounds good.
justin.brown.39794 Aug 07, 2013
Mmm. Black with plenty of red highlights....My type of interior.
justin.brown.39794 Aug 07, 2013
Looks bland up front with the scissor doors. Definitely more exotic looking and deserving of the doors from the side and rear angles.
Noah Serfozo Aug 07, 2013
tasakidog Aug 07, 2013
lambo doors on a porshe? fail
Peter Mark Gacek Aug 07, 2013
Yea the 997.2 did, the 997.1 had 480
Eli Bonner Aug 07, 2013
I thought these started at 500 hp
Thibault Leroy Aug 09, 2013
I actualy like this, its different, not like every other porsche out there
Nino Muradi Aug 08, 2013
Love it! Not the doors though..
Earick Smith Aug 08, 2013
Leave the regular doors on it though and it'd be a nice!
Earick Smith Aug 08, 2013
Lamborghini doors don't belong on other doors, they r terrible because these doors were never designed to go up, they still have to open out some before they swing up, that's just lame
Jacob Burford Aug 07, 2013
Take them away and it would look great
Jacob Burford Aug 07, 2013
Those doors don't belong on a Porsche at all
John Edwards Aug 07, 2013
Sean McGeeney Aug 07, 2013
No take the doors down
Jack Connors Aug 07, 2013
Gotta get our 911 to look like that
Adi Bulusu Aug 07, 2013
I agree with Michael.
Michael Weber Aug 07, 2013
Those doors don't belong on that car.
Andrzej Rydlewski Aug 07, 2013
This car looks so much better compared to the original. Lol, just kidding, it's horrible. Who buys this stuff?
Description: Also new is an adjustable sports suspension that has an air lift feature to give the car additional ground clearance. But perhaps the most dramatic change to the car are those scissor doors. Love them...
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Sean McGeeney Aug 07, 2013
I wonder how much faster on track it is.
Jorge Oreggia Aug 07, 2013
Pretty cool
John Edwards Aug 07, 2013
Looks better without the scissor doors
Oleg Odessit Aug 07, 2013
Doors must go
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Aug 07, 2013
I think the doors fit this. Id love to have one
Ryan Spencer Aug 07, 2013
Goes to show just how rigid cabrio chassis have to be.
Ellis Yi Aug 07, 2013
For once I'm down with those scissor doors on a car that's not a lambo
Matt Burgess Aug 07, 2013
One of the best looking new ones I've seen
Sean McGeeney Aug 07, 2013
Nice car but I don't know about the doors.
Jason Smith Aug 07, 2013
Absolutely nothing wrong with this..
Rohil Chauhan Aug 07, 2013
And the scissor doors give the car a bit of panache that the stock version is missing
Rohil Chauhan Aug 07, 2013
If I had a turbo I would go for this kit; it has the perfect amount of power for the chassis and the body kit looks great. Nice job
saif.irq Aug 07, 2013
the new 911 looks amazing from every angle, this is a good thing because it makes it hard for a tuner to ruin it. I like this one here too, not to overdone (minus the lambo doors).the doors look good from this angle but not from the front.
Andrei Alexandru Aug 07, 2013
I love this actually!
Jason Ofhorrormoviefame Aug 07, 2013
It looks like I could snap it in the middle
Braxton Omgbased Booker Aug 07, 2013
The chassis look so un-ridged just sitting there
Rocco DePerno Aug 07, 2013
It looks so weird. But every time I saw these doors as a 5 year old I was so excited so I'd definitely buy a kit one day
Tyler Hutchens Aug 07, 2013
Sean McGeeney Aug 07, 2013
Kieran Ward Aug 07, 2013
@Ryan I completely agree with you
Scuttle Buttocks Aug 07, 2013
Looks good.
Ryan Bertram Aug 07, 2013
I am a huge fan if concave wheels and those back wheels are seeeexxyyy!
Sean McGeeney Aug 07, 2013
I love the interior.
Joe Hero Aug 07, 2013
A bit much, but the doors look way better on this than my neighbors '93 Civic - I'll take it :D
Harry Watel Sep 09, 2013
Three piston calipers for 600hp? I don't think so. And this guy could use some tire shine...
Sean McGeeney Aug 07, 2013
Decent rims
Eric Martinez Aug 07, 2013
Love it!!!
Sean McGeeney Aug 07, 2013
LEDs always break on cars.
Scuttle Buttocks Aug 07, 2013
I'd that Kevlar?
Sean McGeeney Aug 07, 2013
Nice intake
Harry Watel Sep 09, 2013
Thank god, a PDK can't handle 600 horses
Brittany Sawyer Aug 07, 2013
Fix the logo on the wheel
Stephen Krane Aug 07, 2013
Love the wheel
Sean McGeeney Aug 07, 2013
Thank god it's a manual.
Noah Gavurin Aug 07, 2013
no paddle shifters? i'll take it
cardude2 Aug 08, 2013
Scuttle Buttocks Aug 07, 2013
Taylor Garry Aug 07, 2013
Red stitching
Sean McGeeney Aug 07, 2013