Comments - Nearly 100mph From An RC Car

Published: Aug 07, 2013
Description: If you ever doubted that 1/8 scale model RC cars were serious business, we present to you the following video as evidence that they indeed are. Appropriately, it is a model of a McLaren F1, and altho...
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drew.kleyweg Aug 09, 2013
I apologize, mine is 1/10. I have multiple different gearing set ups though. On YouTube, if you look up ECX Beast it should come up with a trailer of mine doing about 50
Benjamin Levin-O'Leary Aug 08, 2013
I've never found the need for an xo 1. I prefer e revos, or e maxxes. ( yes I'm an rc dude)
Neal Bechstein Aug 08, 2013
If you go to mcalister racing's site there's actually a picture of my car. It's the RC18LM corvette body painted up in the team colors. Also got featured in RC Driver mag's show offs column
Neal Bechstein Aug 08, 2013
@drew what scale? Gearing is pretty limited for 1/18 & really don't think it'd have much control if it went any faster. I actually dial it back to about 50-60% when I take it to the track.
drew.kleyweg Aug 08, 2013
Neal, reduce your spur gear size and increase the pinion. I have a 3500 Kv BL buggy that does 80
Neal Bechstein Aug 08, 2013
RC guy as well. Nothing this fast but have RC18LM set up with an 8900kv setup that will easily do 45-50 & a VTA car that's just fun.
Dan Marino Aug 08, 2013
He built this from a roller probably because the stock xo-1 comes with a larger motor than this; I believe a more or less a 1650kv one. This is 2200kv and not kW. Runs on 2 3-cell lithium polymer batteries. I'm an rc guy.
Neal Bechstein Aug 08, 2013
The stock xo-1 actually has a body that's to prevent it from going airborne like that. Floor pan that's to direct airflow from under car back over it & increase downforce. Like old ground effects on F1
aaron.samuels.184 Aug 08, 2013
that's ridiculously fast
johan.travon Aug 08, 2013
@Qian lol 2200 kW is about 2900 hp. So... no, I don't think it's kW.
Oleg Odessit Aug 08, 2013
Still rather run Rossi with a polished turbo spark))) then electric less rpms, but hell of a sound
drew.kleyweg Aug 07, 2013
Jason, that is why mine is nick named the ankle-breaker. It's almost magnetized towards people's legs.
drew.kleyweg Aug 07, 2013
@Qian, no it means Kv. it's the rpm the motor can turn per volt of power without any load. such as a 3,500Kv motor times a 10 volt battery is roughly 35,000 rpm under perfect conditions.
Qian Wang Aug 07, 2013
I guess u mean 2200kw, 2200kv will fry your RC and your ass
timothy.chen.5439 Aug 07, 2013
toyota supra shell please
Mitchell Cherry Aug 07, 2013
RC Planes are better
chris.penovatz.7 Aug 07, 2013
goldmember was here
Scott Walker Aug 07, 2013
Sorry you're right it is a 1:7 scale
drew.kleyweg Aug 07, 2013
the XO-1 actually retails now for $699 only goes 55out of the box, but with big Lipo batteries it goes 100+ and 0-60 in 2.3 0-100 in 4.9. this is my hobby;-)
David Parenti Aug 07, 2013
The car in the video is an XO-1 by traxxas. Don't think it's modified because it does 100mph stock. Just looks like a painted body. You too can own one for $1099.00
David Parenti Aug 07, 2013
Scott, if you're rendering to the XO-1, it's a 1/7 scale. Not 1:8
Bill L Aug 07, 2013
2200kv is 2,200,000 volts. More volts than lightning and the power grid. Impressive!
Scott Walker Aug 07, 2013
Traxxas makes a 1/8 scale car that goes over 100 mph
Description: Ultimately, aerodynamics prove to be a major problem, and the car does some flips. We’re guessing that these were never intended to go quite so fast, and the bodies might not be perfect copies of thei...
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Tyler Titus Aug 14, 2013
Imagine the speeding ticket in that thing!!
Byakka Miyamoto Aug 09, 2013
O shit!! I hope the drivers okay!!! Lmao
eclipsegtrider Aug 09, 2013
When did a McLaren Race car ever flip? I think you might be mistaking for the old Mercedes CLK racecar's...
Taylor J. Blake Aug 08, 2013
My buddy has 2 cars that'll do over 100. One that'll too out at about 120mph
Mahalley McClellan Aug 08, 2013
Kind of ironic that it flipped over backward like the real maclaren f1 race car a few years back! Aerodynamics can be amazing, seeing a car lift like that makes the idea of an F1 car going through a loop seem like a fun possibility! :)
Tony Kalb Aug 08, 2013
I hate when people do scale speed to 800 mph is fast and that car look smaller than 1/8
Mathew Cameron Hebb Aug 08, 2013
Mother of gaawd that's fast.
Bill Estep Jr Aug 08, 2013
Now all u need is a huge hot wheels track n it'll be all good
Jed Hamilton Aug 07, 2013
Will it still go at least 20 if I ride it
Adi Bulusu Aug 07, 2013
@Reece- At the beginning of the video, it said it was a modified XO-1
logan.neet Aug 07, 2013
I have a nitro one that does 80 with a 2speed, they're fun
Reece Andrew Loughmiller Aug 07, 2013
Traxxas xo1 will make 100 out of the box
Kyle Malcomson Aug 07, 2013
Need super smooth Tarmac for these yokes
Oleg Odessit Aug 07, 2013
In nitro you will need three gear box, to go over 100mph
Jason Smith Aug 07, 2013
Imagine that hitting you in the ankle.....
Brandon Broussard Aug 07, 2013
Lol @ the ambulance ;)
Omar Aboul-Houda Aug 07, 2013
Electric? My uncle has a two gear nitro rc car.
Aaron Crisp Aug 07, 2013
Hahaha Guo wins CB.
Guo-Sheng Huang Aug 07, 2013
So it's like going 800mph on the real thing.
Austin Joseph Gillentine Aug 07, 2013
Their are other rc cars that go over 100 MPH this is nothing special
Sean McGeeney Aug 07, 2013
It has better 0-60 than the real F1 judging from this.
Neal Bechstein Aug 08, 2013
@jorge. Check tower hobbies. $695
Jorge Gonzalez Aug 08, 2013
I thought it was 1G, where do you get it for 700?
Adi Bulusu Aug 07, 2013
@Earick- It is nearly $700! Lol.
Earick Smith Aug 07, 2013
Sick I want one, idk where I'd ever get to run it close to 100mph though lol!
John Santana Aug 07, 2013
Look at those massive disk brakes!
Oleg Odessit Aug 07, 2013
Lol, no. Foam, this ones are clue on
Shelby Cassandra Aug 07, 2013
It should have spinners.
Oleg Odessit Aug 07, 2013
And those are not the best tires to use either
Benjamin Levin-O'Leary Aug 08, 2013
Carlton. What type?
Neal Bechstein Aug 08, 2013
I have a 1/18 scale with a 8900kv motor in it that will do 50 pretty easily. Crazy seeing something so small keeping up with traffic.
Demian Koster Aug 08, 2013
Mine did 65 but after it met a fence it didnt wanna race anymore
Anthony Perugini Aug 07, 2013
I smashed mine into a telephone pole lmao
Adi Bulusu Aug 07, 2013
Mine went 70 mph but my friend slammed it into a car and it smashed into many pieces.
Saajan Patel Aug 07, 2013
I dont hav an rc car
Anthony Perugini Aug 07, 2013
Mine went 60 and it was gas
Jommel Marcella Aug 07, 2013
The highest top speed of mine was only 22mph.
Aaron Crisp Aug 07, 2013
I got one that says it goes 15 but goes like 8.
Carlton Green Aug 07, 2013
I got a traxxas that does 80mph
Lizmary Mendoza Aug 07, 2013
Very impressive. My rc hits 89mph
Adam Thomson Aug 08, 2013
True legend
Craig Smith Aug 08, 2013
@William read my first comment.
William Downs Aug 08, 2013
And this doesn't need batteries, it needs 1 12v battery like a normal car
William Downs Aug 08, 2013
Craig there the luggage compartments,
Craig Smith Aug 08, 2013
@Oleg, it's where you put the batteries…
Garrett Murrell Aug 07, 2013
@oleg me neither. That is bad ass though.
Will Killoran Aug 07, 2013
Such a good looking car
Oleg Odessit Aug 07, 2013
I did not know, that its side can open up like that :(
Sean McGeeney Aug 07, 2013
I see what you did there!
Craig Smith Aug 07, 2013
Pretty accurate model if you ask me…
Adam Thomson Aug 08, 2013
Its the original carVVV
saif.irq Aug 07, 2013
amazing attention to details.