Comments - Buick is Kicking Ass Because of the Encore

Published: Aug 07, 2013
Description: It was only a few years ago when it seemed as if Buick was going to die. GM’s troubles were massive and Buick’s appeal only satisfied those whose average age was 65. It was a sad, sad situation for s...
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Kevin Carlin Jan 16, 2014
Buick has come a long way
will.nolan.336 Aug 08, 2013
correct me if I'm wrong does't this share the same frame as a fiat?
Ron Vinson Aug 07, 2013
I'm actually quite surprised this is a success. My favorites are still the regal GS and enclave.
Shaylen Patel Aug 07, 2013
Buick need to bring back the Grand national. In only a two door.
Carl Andrew Muniz Tirella Aug 07, 2013
Badge engineered Chevys was all Pontiac was, and it sports-centric theme wouldn't produce profits the way luxury buicks can
Carl Andrew Muniz Tirella Aug 07, 2013
...which is a way better marketing strategy. Pontiac could have done the same, but at the same time Pontiac was this awkward inbetween company in GMs lineup that 9 times out of 10 was just cannibalizing Chevy sales like G6vsMalibu or the G3vsAveo
Carl Andrew Muniz Tirella Aug 07, 2013
I think Opel would have a hard time starting up in the US bc no one knows who they are, there's no brand recognition. With reinventing buick, they created a situation where a classic brand with a horrible image was able to make itself cool again,...
austin.hageman Aug 07, 2013
I just hope this success rolls over to the new grand national/gnx. I can't wait to see how those turn out.
Chris Woller Aug 07, 2013
The Encore is one reason I dislike some small cars - big car styling that gets shrunk, and it doesn't look good on the small car.
Grace Greco Aug 07, 2013
So Buick got this (which is an Opel Mokka) and they want that Adam city car thing. Why not bring them both as opels and build a youth brand?
Chris Fraser Aug 07, 2013
It a very good idea to sell this car in America because its now global and not just exclusive to Europe. It's an excellent way for making money.
Chris Fraser Aug 07, 2013
The Saturn Vue was based on an Astra, a car EXCLUSIVE to Opel/Vauxhall. The Encore is based on the Corsa/Sonic. The Spark is based on either a shortened version of the Sonic platform or on the same platform as the Opel Agila so shut the fuck up!!
Matt Burgess Aug 07, 2013
The Buick rendezvous and the Pontiac Aztec are probably the two ugliest cars GM has ever produced
justin.brevik.75 Aug 07, 2013
I worked for Buick we couldn't keep them on the lot
Aug 07, 2013
is this Buick version of Chevy Trax? and it will be so good if Pontiac made new GTO and Firebird
Dylan Bruder Aug 07, 2013
The encore is way smaller than a vue
Carter Forbes Aug 07, 2013
The spark and sonic are not even comparable to the aveo they are leagues ahead
Zeus Mocha Aug 07, 2013
Did not expect the Encore to be a good seller. On the other hand the Regal and Enclave are great cars. Agreed Patrick. I want a regal GS so bad, just don't want an FWD right now.
Stephen Cobbs Aug 07, 2013
@10synderc Relax. The Saturn Vue was trash. Clearly the Encore is an all around greater car. Who cares if it's on the same platform.
10snyderc Aug 07, 2013
this is disgusting gm is trying to turn over a new leaf they are releasing new line ups but all they are are old outdated models that failed once already this was a Saturn vue before it still has the same green house profile and side mirrors minus the drive train and interior the chevy SS pontiac G8 spark sonic was chevy aveo gm should be held to higher standards and not allowed to relapse into th...
Vince DeMasi Aug 07, 2013
I agree Matt!
michael.evans.77964 Aug 07, 2013
Weird in pictures not in real life I love it
matt.piccolo.773 Aug 07, 2013
Honestly. Imo I'd love if they killed off Buick and brought back Pontiac. I know it wouldn't be the best move for them, but I can't say their is one appealing model in buick's lineup.
henrik.bergvall.5 Aug 07, 2013
opel mocca
Johnny Matias Aug 07, 2013
Those are all lower volume sellers, Buick has mostly high volume entry level luxury cars. Financially it was waaay smarter to keep Buick but I'll miss the GTO.
Patrick Schalk Aug 07, 2013
I have to agree and Buick being more appealing now. I keep trying to talk my wife into getting a Regal GS. Quick little cars and they are nice on the inside. Has anyone been in a new Enclave? They are super nice on the inside. Still kinda boring ext
William Downs Aug 07, 2013
@greg for starters we would probably have a sweet as trans am, probably have a version of the ss, who knows maybe even a model based on the Vette, highly unlikely that would have happened but one can dream
Matt Burgess Aug 07, 2013
The only three things that were nice from Pontiac was the GTO trans am and G8. The G6 was actually a solid car too though. But I think Buick is better.
Matt Burgess Aug 07, 2013
Good for Buick!
Keith Anderson Aug 07, 2013
Tiger Woods and Shaq are waiting for their thanks. Lol
Greg Kenerly Aug 07, 2013
What would Pontiac be making in 2013 that would still appeal?
Paul Dickey Aug 07, 2013
Agreed with Aaron.
Aaron Abely Aug 07, 2013
Shoulda kept Pontiac.
Sean McGeeney Aug 07, 2013
Buick is ok
Mathew Cameron Hebb Aug 08, 2013
Kinda weird, but not bad.
Tyler Chess Aug 07, 2013
These are nice they need a hybrid version!
Jacob Burford Aug 07, 2013
Ugly, and too unpractical to have a point as a compact crossover.
Shaun Conroy Aug 07, 2013
I saw one on the road the other day. I thought it looked awful.
Carl Andrew Muniz Tirella Aug 07, 2013
I actually think it looks great
Chris Woller Aug 07, 2013
Not a very pretty car.
Description: Amazingly, that subcompact luxury crossover is red hot these days and Buick can’t build enough of them to satisfy demand. A new report is claiming that Buick sold a total of 12,252 Encores in the firs...
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Aaron Carpenter Aug 07, 2013
But . . . but . . It's ugly.
Dylan Bruder Aug 07, 2013
Yup Opel had a big part of the cruze too I might actually get one
Aug 07, 2013
Ian, I suppose you also want ford to close their european branch, gm to close opel and holden, and want the japanese to close their plants in america, right? also, with western wages no real good cheap small cars possible from the us. all small ones (fiesta, cruze) are imported. face it, car making is international nowadays and without a wide base gm could fold. the were years when their korean...
Aug 07, 2013
@dylan they're built on chevrolet korea, previously known as daewoo. they used to be under partial GM ownership, producing worthless POSs like the 90s pontiac le-mans. then GM purchased them completely and they're one of their most successful branches. Cruze is their doing too. The Vette Chick
brady.fereday Aug 07, 2013
hahaha ian dodge cars are built out side of the US the motors are built in Mexico and the body's are built in Canada and they are owned by italians hahahha
Dylan Bruder Aug 07, 2013
They also sell boat loads of Buicks in china I think that's why they are there
Ian Barger Aug 07, 2013
That's horrible an American car should be made here in the USA
saif.irq Aug 07, 2013
I always liked Buick, this is great news I am happy to see em thriving.
William Downs Aug 07, 2013
Use then allies
Sean McGeeney Aug 07, 2013
South Korea?
Joel Lancia Kanny Aug 30, 2013
7 is my lucky number and it is on my Arsenal jersey and this car! :O
Simon Trépanier Aug 08, 2013
Its not Corsa base, Its Sonic / Aveo base'
Joel Lancia Kanny Aug 08, 2013
It looks great! Whereas for the LeSabre, I'm only interested in the concept model!
Chris Mallinson Aug 08, 2013
We have these as the Vauxhall Mokka..! Corsa based cross overs
Reese Fenske Aug 07, 2013
Buick just needs to die already
Jacob Burford Aug 07, 2013
I kinda of like some of buick's products, but this is awful
Nick Schnee Aug 07, 2013
Interesting, because I hardly see any Mokkas and Germany is the only market for them Astra as I know.
Shaun Conroy Aug 07, 2013
It looks so over the top. I especially hate the black slits under the headlights. I've seen it on a few GM models, why???
Josef Tingbratt Aug 07, 2013
Opel Mokka. Launched in Europe in december 2012. Only rebadged as an Buick
Dylan Bruder Aug 07, 2013
They're alright in person the exterior is nothing special but the inside is pretty awesome on these
Larry Martino Aug 07, 2013
Honey i shrunk the enclave
Shelby Cassandra Aug 07, 2013
It's just so.... Ugly!
Darren Nardo Aug 11, 2013
People who really aren't into cars will by anything. Today's market is proof with some seriously horrific looking cars leading in sales. Thank god most manufacturers still have lines for people who want more than transportation .
Mathew Cameron Hebb Aug 08, 2013
So, a luxurious Chevrolet Trax then.
Jeremy Siebert Aug 07, 2013
This is about the size of a Juke, of course it looks stubby and small. From the Mopar catalogue, the same $ will buy you a new Cherokee, but the size will line up with the new Compass/Patriot replacement
Doug Deeks Aug 07, 2013
Looks stubby!!! Like a door stopper!! I'll stick with my Durango R/T...Mopar or No car!!
Bala Uncc Aug 07, 2013
Looks odd
Chris Woller Aug 07, 2013
Again, big car styling belongs in bigger cars.
Dylan Bruder Aug 07, 2013
It's pretty small in person I was kind of surprised when I saw it
William Downs Aug 07, 2013
I never noticed that till this picture
Adi Bulusu Aug 07, 2013
Aaron Abely Aug 07, 2013
Very oddly proportioned car.
Mathew Cameron Hebb Aug 08, 2013
Not a fan of the taillights... and the back bumper looks cheap and out of place.
Mathew Cameron Hebb Aug 08, 2013
For less than $25,000 this seems great!
Jacob Burford Aug 07, 2013
For the price it is quite nice inside
Mark Hammer Aug 07, 2013
My wife and I were looking at one of these for her. The interior is pretty nice, but they are stupidly underpowered. Getting a Jeep GC instead.
Aaron Crisp Aug 07, 2013
Surprisingly, it is.
Adi Bulusu Aug 07, 2013
Yeah, the interior is actually pretty nice!
Tim Preisinger Aug 07, 2013
Not bad at all
Rashid AlGhafli Aug 07, 2013
Looks like a great place to be