Comments - Watch This 1330HP Mustang Cobra Take on a Corvette ZR1

Published: Aug 23, 2013
Description: On the dyno, this tuned Ford Mustang Cobra makes a little over 1,330 horsepower. But for this little test drive, it’s been detuned to a more "modest" 740 hp for the street. Oh well, it’s still comple...
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Justin Routh Aug 24, 2013
@Will So you want a mustang that looks like the current one and you want cobra jet power.... Good news bud they sell that. You pretty much described the mustang gt.. The cj has 430 hp or theres a supercharged one. So GT or GT500 are available...
Zeus Mocha Aug 24, 2013
Great monsters. Also not "detuned". Just running on pump gas. Although spinning at 80 with DR's doesn't make sense at 700rwhp.
Will Will Aug 24, 2013
@elijah nope. What we want, or at least for me, is a mustang that looks either like the original one or the current one, with a good amt of hp. Something like the cobra jet. That is the definition of beastly. Whatever you described, that's pimping.
jt.collier.39 Aug 23, 2013
jesus guys, just show some respect for the car. arent we done with "vette is better"?
Elijah Chet Roseberry Aug 23, 2013
And that guys says "nothing beastly about it". What are you wanting? A crackerjack car with 150hp, some gay decals a wing and 90 degree cambered tires? Stfu
Elijah Chet Roseberry Aug 23, 2013
That's why he is spinning at 80mph+
Elijah Chet Roseberry Aug 23, 2013
First off he is running 1100 that night
Tim Preisinger Aug 23, 2013
Yes, it's still a mustang... But for those of us who enjoy racing, on the street or strip... This is one hell of a nice piece of work
Laura Anne Aug 23, 2013
It's still a mustang....
Aaron Abely Aug 23, 2013
Nothing beastly about it? You'd crap yourself in that car.
Justin Routh Aug 23, 2013
@Will naw he just knows a sick car when he sees one
ryan.chamberlain.3532 Aug 23, 2013
Oh the sound.. Heavenly..
abolishthepenny Aug 23, 2013
I agree with Will. This looks absolutely ordinary. Nothing beastly about it.
abolishthepenny Aug 23, 2013
Dat ass
Will Will Aug 23, 2013
@colby switched camps? Aug 23, 2013
Jetstream Blue Metallic. Love this color. Aug 23, 2013
Nice video, that's one sick Cobra.
Description: The two hight horsepower beasts go head to head at night on a nearly empty highway. Take a moment though to just listen to the sound coming from the Cobra. It’s totally out of this world.
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Nicholas Morissette Sep 03, 2013
@Zeke- Who would want an aftermarket stereo with that LOUD, raucous V8 soundtrack?
Rick McAlice Aug 26, 2013
Oren, Drag radials do stick well but are a compromise in anything but a straight line. My car, (615rwhp Z06), does almost as well with 555 RII's. But lighting the tires at 60 mph is just about as much fun as the "push" when it stays hooked up. :-)
Zeke Alanis Aug 24, 2013
Stock stereo xD but bad ass car tho
Justin Routh Aug 24, 2013
Good god that thing sounds like it wants to kill everything in its path
Bill Estep Jr Aug 24, 2013
The end is very funny
Dylan Bruder Aug 23, 2013
Good God that's insane and 30 lbs is quite alot that comment on brakes was funny too
Jason J Roberts Aug 23, 2013
Fast car is fast!!!
Tim Preisinger Aug 23, 2013
Good suspension set up and a nice set of drag radials can do pretty good even on the street
Oren Blumenstein Aug 23, 2013
Not true Rick Drag radials are completely street legal and hook just as we'll as slicks
Andy Sattler Aug 23, 2013
Damn! My 03 Cobra is putting 456 to the ground. I can only imagine 1300! That's anazing
Boyd Boudreaux Aug 23, 2013
There's a lot of money under that hood probably three times what car is worth and my point isss I really don't have one just awesomely insane!
Braxton Omgbased Booker Aug 23, 2013
@nicholas nah the cobras irs wasent to good
Alex Medvedev Aug 23, 2013
Bad ass
Victor Ijustwannagofast Pitts Aug 23, 2013
Good God. That mustang is disgusting and sounds like it will take your soul.
Rick McAlice Aug 23, 2013
Though it's ALL insanely fun, the reality is: +600rwhp traction on any "reasonable" street tire becomes an issue +700rwhp serious drivetrain issues usually show up +800rwhp damn things have "something" broken half the time BUT the giggle factor :-)
Matt Greenlee Aug 23, 2013
Good God I want that mustang.
Eric Hernandez Aug 23, 2013
If he was having traction problems like that on 740rwhp then imagine at 1337. Crazy good exhaust note
Michael J Solimene Aug 23, 2013
I n s a n e
Tom Mcleod Aug 23, 2013
Much respect to how these guys carry themselves.. We are all car guys.. (And girls) there's nothing wrong with giving props and admiring a nice machine, no matter the make.
Nicholas Morissette Aug 23, 2013
Cobras have IRS, too. Much-improved handling.
Bruce Tumblin Aug 23, 2013
Craig do you actually read these articles, or do you just look at the pics & watch the videos? SMH (Just read my first statement)
Carlos Galicia Aug 23, 2013
Can you read Craig? It had 740 at the time of the race
Craig Lafey Aug 23, 2013
Nice. Mustang has double the horsepower that the vette has but being stock it kept up nicely. Still rather the vette
Timothy Goss Aug 23, 2013
Hahaha! That noise
Casimir Le Grand Aug 23, 2013
Colby needs to change pants
Daniel Finstad Aug 23, 2013
Those Cobras sound amazing stock, I cant even imagine it tuned like that!
Jordan Jackson Aug 23, 2013
Omfg, dat sound... :)
Keith Anderson Aug 23, 2013
Ford and Chevy respect. Take note [some] Carbuzz readers, this is how your suppose to be.
Bruce Tumblin Aug 23, 2013
That Stang is fast!
Bruce Tumblin Aug 23, 2013
Before y'all fly off the handle the Stang has been "detuned" to 740 & it's heavier then the Vette so it should be a close race
Jason Bartlett Aug 25, 2013
Terminator stangs are bad ass!!
Fabián Ruiz Madriz Aug 24, 2013
Braxton Omgbased Booker Aug 23, 2013
@stephen the stock cobra irs was crap but saying with that much power it would just be hard to get the most out of the cobra in the corners, so stock zr1 vs modded cobra the zr1 could get it any day of the week
Tim Preisinger Aug 23, 2013
I would take THAT cobra over the ZR1.. But stock for stock... Vette any day
Justin Mancuso Aug 23, 2013
I like the mustang more but I'd just have the vette because its worth more.
Stephen Krane Aug 23, 2013
@braxton cobras can corner really well
Andrew Suliteanu Aug 23, 2013
The sound of that turbo would get so annoying if he's street driving that regularly...
Eli Bonner Aug 23, 2013
If it was that exact Cobra then I'd take it over the Vette but I doubt the owner would relinquish that masterpiece
Daniel Kenneth Babler Aug 23, 2013
Yeah I'd go with the Vette alos
Braxton Omgbased Booker Aug 23, 2013
Hmmm tough choice but being that i want to take a corner the zr1 will do
Tyler Tarbox Aug 23, 2013
The Cobra is great but the ZR1 is just on another level
Lizmary Mendoza Aug 23, 2013
Best looking mustangs right there!!!
Craig Lafey Aug 23, 2013
Corvette here. Love the ZR1
Sergio Cornejo Aug 23, 2013
i'll take the cobra, i've always loved them
August Burrichter Aug 23, 2013
Still think I'd take the zr1
Gary Smith Aug 25, 2013
I miss my 04 was a beast! When my daughter was born I had to sell...
Tom Brewer Aug 24, 2013
Ahh the terminator! Interesting fact. The guys who built the 03 04 cobras wanted to have the name terminator on it. Ford said no. But if you were to take off the fake plastic strip on the side intake you will see it says terminator on it.
Gary Rayner Alaina Horton Aug 23, 2013
This is one of the best mustangs gens in my opinion, looks very nice.
Andy Sattler Aug 23, 2013
Everyone has one? They only built these in 03 and 04. In 03 they only built around 8,000 of them and in 04 around 16,000. That's not a lot.
Aiden Bass Aug 23, 2013
"Everyone has one" uhhhh yeah cobras are everywhere. I really haven't seen many around. And this is far from "boring" in my opinion
Bimmer Mdu Aug 23, 2013
These are bad ass
Laura Anne Aug 23, 2013
Boring... Everyone has one.
Eli Bonner Aug 23, 2013
Looks mean
Will Will Aug 23, 2013
This, to me, is one of the worst looking gen of mustangs ever created. The original one and the current one looks so much better. When I heard the previous news abt the new stang being smaller and lighter, I was afraid it'd become something like this.
Tim Preisinger Aug 23, 2013
Love the cobras!
Derrick McCarthy Aug 23, 2013
It does look like its about to eat Somthing cute and fluffy..
Julian Pilinci Aug 23, 2013
Way much better than the new ones.
Lizmary Mendoza Aug 23, 2013
I just love this generation of mustangs. For some odd reason I just can't stand how the new ones look
Peter Mark Gacek Aug 23, 2013
Termination is imminent
Oren Blumenstein Aug 23, 2013
What a beast
Robert Young Aug 24, 2013
I've got the same rims on my c6. Aftermarket of course.
Dylan Bruder Aug 23, 2013
They look much better in person c6s aren't very photogenic from most angles
Jacob Burford Aug 23, 2013
Performance is awesome, but looks like crap IMO
Craig Lafey Aug 23, 2013
Dream car right here. Jet stream blue is perfect on this car
Frederick Perez Aug 23, 2013
This is very nice-wheels, color & stance!
Dylan Bruder Aug 23, 2013
Love this angle
Laura Anne Aug 23, 2013
Beauty of a car,horrible paint. IMO
Craig Lafey Aug 23, 2013
F*** I love this car