Comments - Stirling Moss's 1965 Shelby GT350 Up For Sale

Published: Jul 07, 2013
Description: Any original Shelby Mustang is something to be cherished. But when that car just happens to have been owned by one of the greatest racing drivers to have ever graced this fine planet, then it’s even ...
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Jacob Burford Jul 07, 2013
Saw a classic mustang today that looked very similar to this one! It was awesome!
Lou Guerrero Jul 07, 2013
Awesome vintage racer. Log book would be filled if I owned this.
blcklblskt Jul 07, 2013
Look at that shine! This looks fantastic!
Dillon Dixon Jul 07, 2013
I won't give up easily! Haha
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Jul 07, 2013
Tyrone Smith Jul 07, 2013
Wow this is fantastic.
zed06 Jul 07, 2013
fight for it. is that like bidding at mecum?
abraham.mendoza.39 Jul 07, 2013
Ill fight you for it.
Dillon Dixon Jul 07, 2013
Sorry Abraham! 65 GT350 is my #1 dream car, and this one is absolutely beautiful!! This must be mine!
Gary Alaina Jul 07, 2013
Looks tuff I like it.
Bob Billy Jul 07, 2013
Even though moss had it I'd prefer an old boss 302
Adam Thomson Jul 07, 2013
Would sit fine in my dream garage.
abraham.mendoza.39 Jul 07, 2013
Description: There will no doubt be quite the bidding war. The car is in solid condition and was even raced just last year at the Rolex Monterey Historics event. Moss himself raced the car from 1991 until 1997 at ...
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Patrick Schalk Jul 08, 2013
This thing is going to sell for a retarded amount of money.
zed06 Jul 07, 2013
it'sthe definition of bad ass.
Dillon Dixon Jul 07, 2013
It's a vent to let air out of the cabin.
Jared Ranck Jul 07, 2013
What's up with the rear windscreen?
Dillon Dixon Jul 07, 2013
One of the best looking cars ever made
abraham.mendoza.39 Jul 07, 2013
I have never wanted a mustang more in my life.
Adam Thomson Jul 07, 2013
Dat leather
Tyrone Smith Jul 07, 2013
Hahaha jack said it!
Jack Howard Jul 07, 2013
Because it looks badass.
joshua.robbins.5249 Jul 07, 2013
Why have a hoosier tire in the back but have good years at all corners.