Comments - Magnus Walker is Selling His 1965 Porsche 911

Published: Jul 07, 2013
Description: You remember Magnus Walker, also known as the Urban Outlaw? He’s the bona fide Porsche 911 fanatic from Los Angeles who specializes in just one car. We’re sure you can guess which one. Anyway, the ma...
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David Lee Jul 07, 2013
Add? Go home CarBuzz, you're drunk.
Christian Mallatere Jul 07, 2013
Warning, strong sarcasm from me ahead.
Aaron Abely Jul 07, 2013
Agreed, if anyone does it better than Stuttgart themselves its this guy.
Patrick Joseph Jul 07, 2013
The guy is a living legend. He builds masterpieces.
Aaron Abely Jul 07, 2013
O_o, this is the guy who's life I WISH I had. He makes the most beautiful and amazing classic Porsches I have ever seen. Road and Track did a big article on him for the 911s 50th. And he's an inspiration to any classic 911 fan.
Description: It has just 23,000 miles on the clock. Walker states that he’s owned the car since 2010 and he only got the car running roughly two weeks ago.
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Jacob Burford Jul 07, 2013
Damn that is gorgeous
Petro Maalouf Jul 07, 2013
Hehehehehe did he ever see the logo of porsche ........ I don't think so ..... Only if he think that stuttgat is a place near london ...... I love this icon
Scuttle Buttocks Jul 07, 2013
Yea I love 911s but no one truly liked driving these older ones. The steering feel just wasn't as good as modern ones.
Aaron Abely Jul 07, 2013
Gah enough! This is one fantastic German car. The 911 is an icon! Ok, fanboyism over. But I still LOVE. A classic Porsche. And if this mastermind of classic porches has owned it its worth every single penny/ euro whatever.
David Lee Jul 07, 2013
@Mitchell So, the 911 is British now? Germany. That's where Porsche comes from.
Daniel Zizka Jul 07, 2013
Why are you asking me that @Christian ? Did I say anything wrong ? You know as well as me that this car is German. I really don't understand your message...
Christian Mallatere Jul 07, 2013
Wow, Daniel. The 911 is such a great American classic don't you think?
Daniel Zizka Jul 07, 2013
@Mitchell, what ?! Anyway, this is superb !!! If only modern cars could look like that.. It's one of my dreams... I still don't know why he's selling it... I know he has a lot of 911's, but this is really worth keeping IMO
Mitchell Cook Jul 07, 2013
Another fine example of British engineering
Description: He did a decent amount of work to it such as giving it fresh oil, new plug wires and a working distributor, battery and front calipers. However, it hasn’t been restored by him and he has very few of t...
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Daniel Young Jul 07, 2013
This is truly beauty to my eyes
Aaron Abely Jul 07, 2013
Body looks great. And it's a 65. That's just amazing.
Christian Mallatere Jul 07, 2013
All the trunks, (if you can call them that) that I've seen this guy do are always beautifully done.
Bobaloo Anderson Jul 07, 2013
Parked in the wrong neighborhood
Austin Whitener Jul 07, 2013
Dangg. VVVV