Comments - Go For a Ride in the Ultimate Pagani Zonda

Published: Jul 07, 2013
Description: We all know and love the Pagani Zonda. It’s just one of those cars that are impossible to hate. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that Pagani plans to build any more due to the arrival of the Huayra. ...
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Daniel Zizka Jul 07, 2013
S#it, i meant either hate, either love. ( in my last comment )
thomas.principi Jul 07, 2013
The Lamborghini engine is made by Giorgio Bizzarrini and is Italian not german. Is the Audi R8 that use an Italian engine not the opposite.
Daniel Zizka Jul 07, 2013
Look @will, let's just resume this like this : I either hate Italian Supercars, either I hate them, but that's only look wise. I respect every supercars performance. But I would NEVER consider buying an Italian car.
Will Will Jul 07, 2013
@daniel I'm starting to think you like more Italian cars than me!!! I'm not even a fan of the miura, and I absolutely hate the looks of the 8c. The mc12 looked great before, but its starting to look a little dated now. But I like the huayra.
Daniel Zizka Jul 07, 2013
Daniel Zizka Jul 07, 2013
I admit. I tend to send a few comments without really thinking before. I try to write more intelligent comments now. Plus, my opinion can slightly change, considering the mood I'm in or the cars I saw the day I'm writing a xomment
Daniel Zizka Jul 07, 2013
I forget about the Zonda, which I like. I forget about the Murci, which I like. I also forget about the 599, the Diablo, the F40, the MC12, the 8C and the Miura, and I love all of those.
Daniel Zizka Jul 07, 2013
I don't like ! I always forget about the cars I really like, when it comes to Italian supercars !
Daniel Zizka Jul 07, 2013
You are right @will. But it's difficult to say exactly what I mean in 250 letters !!! No I would think I like them, but I would never consider buying one. And, when I quickly think of Italian supercars, I think of the F50, 458, 612 and Huayra, which
Will Will Jul 07, 2013
Its like when I say I hate Jap cars, I don't say I hate them but I like the gtr, supra and s2000, because those are icons of Jap cars. When I hate Japanese cars, I mean ALL of them. Same applies with the murci, zonda and Diablo, they're Italian icons
Will Will Jul 07, 2013
If you're basing your hate on a few Italian cars that you hate, then you don't really hate Italian cars as a whole, you merely hate some of them. I hate some American cars myself, but that doesn't mean I can say I hate American cars as a whole.
Will Will Jul 07, 2013
@daniel I really don't get you. A while ago you were blasting Italian cars like as if they were the worst car makers in the world, and now you like 3 of the most famous and iconic cars ever to come out from Italy.
Will Will Jul 07, 2013
@philthegman the last time I asked him if he supported lambo because it was German engineered, he sad he'd just go with the r8.
thomas.principi Jul 07, 2013
Nothing compares to the sound of a Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati!!
Daniel Zizka Jul 07, 2013
@Will, I LOVE the Zonda, but not the Huayra. Plus, I am a German car fanboy, I can't deny that. But I also love some cars from other countries ! ( GTR, LFA, Vette, Stang, Camaro, Caterham, Zonda, Murcielago, Diablo and a lot of others ! )
phillthegman Jul 07, 2013
it's got a German power plant why would he hate it?
Will Will Jul 07, 2013
Pagani impossible to hate? Haha you're wrong carbuzz. Just ask German-car-crazy Daniel.
Description: However, this is no ordinary Zonda (as if "ordinary" can even be used to describe the car), as it’s the second Zonda ever built. It’s been heavily upgraded over the past 14 years and now has over 680,...
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Ben Brosh Jul 07, 2013
If ears could give hugs, mine would've, as a way of saying "thank you"
Carlton Salmon Jul 07, 2013
Davide Teste has one of the best jobs in the world! I be happy to get paid to drive a Pagani every day - hell I'd do it for free!
Peter Mark Gacek Jul 07, 2013
Michael J Solimene Jul 07, 2013
Crazy driver
Michael J Solimene Jul 07, 2013
Wow what a sound!!
Matthew Ma Jul 07, 2013
That's the sound of a happy super car being driven daily instead of being locked up in a garage.
Artur Gharibkhanyan Jul 07, 2013
what a great driver
Zeus Mocha Jul 07, 2013
Omg kill me, this car is amazing.
Ben Knorr Jul 07, 2013
I think Pagani is making the best cars in the world right now. followed by McLaren Porsche and Ferrari not necessarily in that order. The combination of beauty, quality and performance puts it above the rest. IMHO
Zeus Mocha Jul 07, 2013
Very slightly though.
Zeus Mocha Jul 07, 2013
Yes Will, I believe the upgrades that were used for the cinque were used in this car for testing purposes. It's not for sale. This car is their main test car and had all the new engines in it. I also feel like the cinque and this body look different.
Chris Washburn Jul 07, 2013
@ Trent. Oh ya, I'm definitely not talking motor wise, I'm just saying body miles with their carbon fiber Mono work. I'm sure they've blown through 20-30+ motors over 14 years of trial work.
Trent Bourgeois Jul 07, 2013
@ Chris your comment won't be taken seriously. They probably rebuild that car all the time. Anything can have 700k body miles.
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Jul 07, 2013
@Will Will i think that this car have never been sold, this is the car where Pagani test the upgrades. Because they are a small company they don't use a car every time they want to change something, so they "tune" the same car all the time
Chris Washburn Jul 07, 2013
A lot of miles for a test car, but it shows you how well their work and craftsmanship holds up! Try getting that out of your local Chevy.
francis.e.matos Jul 07, 2013
probably the only time we will see someone drive a zonda this fast and hard on the streets. that was pretty awesome!!!
Jimmy Janik Jul 07, 2013
Sounds like F1. And i would drive it every chance i got if it was mine
Will Will Jul 07, 2013
Of the "exclusivity" of the cinque only to receive an exclusive paintjob and the cinque name,while the owners of this car needs not pay for any exclusivity and they get the same car minus the exclusivity.Not a very good deal for the cinque owners eh?
Will Will Jul 07, 2013
Did I read correctly? This has the bodywork of the cinque, its engine should be the same (700hp AMG engine I think) as the cinque, so basically tis car should be very similar, if not exactly similar to, the cinque. Yet cinque owners pay more because
Gary Alaina Jul 07, 2013
That dudes a sick driver! Even more respect for pagani that was amazing haha
Justin Walak Jul 07, 2013
If I had a zonda that's around how many miles I'd imagine I'd have put on it in 14 years. How could you not want to drive that thing daily?
Shathan Alkhalili Jul 07, 2013
That is why it has a huge mileage
Shathan Alkhalili Jul 07, 2013
This is car Pagani uses for tests
Ryan Gasparro Jul 07, 2013
That car is amazing
Luke Purdy Jul 07, 2013
Wow, what a way to make good use of a Zonda!
Mark Hammer Jul 07, 2013
I hate to be THAT guy... But that was pretty damn fast for such tiny public roads. Awesome car.
Saeed Sid Jul 07, 2013
Is this the test model they use to test new zondas against? Idk where I heard that /:
Tin Nguyen Jul 07, 2013
680000 miles???
Jacob Burford Jul 07, 2013
Only Eco weenies can possibly not like this car!
Carlton Salmon Jul 07, 2013
LOL @ Brian.
Jed Hamilton Jul 07, 2013
Paint job sucks
Zeus Mocha Jul 07, 2013
It would look good in any color. But design's like splatter and dots are a different story although it may be able to pull it off.
Mike Railton Jul 07, 2013
Yes. Any paint job this car is amazing
Will Will Jul 07, 2013
@jared what abt purple with pink polka dots and green and orange and red stripes and brown splatter paint and rims with green rust?
Tim Collgate Jul 07, 2013
Although I prefer the huayra I am still mad in love with the zonda
Jared Oteri Jul 07, 2013
It's a pagani it can be what ever color it wants and still be cool
Aaron Contic Jul 07, 2013
I would still be just as happy with that paint sceheme if I was driving it....
Corey Alan Kelley Jul 07, 2013
I can't help but think that front end was wrecked, replaced, but never painted
Zeus Mocha Jul 07, 2013
Ready for take off
Edward Galligan Jul 08, 2013
Ah the cinque my favourite Pagani ever