Description: Mercedes Benz is no stranger to Popes. They have been working with the last eight of them dating back to the Thirties. So if the recently appointed Pope wants to rock a new Popemobile for his upcom...
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Jorge Gonzalez Jul 09, 2013
God just pulled the strings that put everything into existence, what ever happened afterwards has nothing to do with god.
matthew.jarosinski Jul 08, 2013
The catholic church is the biggest charitable organization in the world. They spend billions of dollars helping the poor while the operating budget of the Vatican is smaller than most US universities.
Cory Billig Jul 07, 2013
Who's god?
Jacob Burford Jul 06, 2013
Well I guess it has purpose!
Abhinav Jul 06, 2013
@Evan: well said...And that's how Germans would start making pickups...
Daniel Kenneth Babler Jul 06, 2013
I was pretty sure that an article awhile back said that Mercedes donates the vehicles to the Vatican?
Mike Johannason Jul 06, 2013
If you wonder why the pope needs bulletproof cars watch the godfather trilogy.
Evan Liebgott Jul 06, 2013
What If they took off the glass and made an m class pickup, that would be awesome
Colby Church Jul 06, 2013
And if you guys think $500,000 is a lot for the Vatican, you need to do some research. The Vatican is loaded beyond measure.
Colby Church Jul 06, 2013
Bad things do happen to good people, and God does not and will not interfere with human interactions. We can do what we choose. Hence "free will". Even if God likes you, it won't save you from someone else.
Will Will Jul 06, 2013
There's no way the food shortage problem would ever be solved. To stop the food problem, we need incorruptible leaders to spread the wealth, and you don't do that by leaving your leaders vulnerable to attacks, such that they can't do anything.
Will Will Jul 06, 2013
Or the leaders of countries or such other important people didnt have bulletproof cars, we'd have a new president every month, parliament would be practically refreshed within a few months and there'd be chaos everywhere. And when that happens,
Will Will Jul 06, 2013
@mitchell I understand what you're saying, and it says something abt his faith in god if he's a pope and he's driven around in a bulletproof car. But if he was any other head of state, he would definitely need a bulletproof car. If heads of state
Mitchell Cook Jul 06, 2013
Thanks Taylor :)
Will Will Jul 06, 2013
@greg god may have instilled free will into all of us but he is still god, if he doesn't want the pope killed, no gunman with a will strong enough will get the pope killed, and if god wants the pope dead no bulletproof glass will stop him.
Taylor Garry Jul 06, 2013
First time Mitchell has made sense
Austin Bryant Jul 06, 2013
Because this is what a Pope needs... Ugh...religion.
Mitchell Cook Jul 06, 2013
Mitchell Cook Jul 06, 2013
Needs to practice what he preaches
Mitchell Cook Jul 06, 2013
There are millions of people out there starving to death and he's getting driven around in a bulletproof Mercedes.
Mitchell Cook Jul 06, 2013
How was that being stupid Patrick?
Michael Page Jul 06, 2013
Um, a pope was shot. I believe it was JP2. After that the church used bullet proof cars.
Will Will Jul 06, 2013
@Dmacchiarola don't be so quick to label me, just cracking a joke dude.
Greg Kenerly Jul 06, 2013
You forget that God has instilled free will into us all and having faith won't prevent a gunman from having the will to do something terrible. Just my 2 pennies...
Tim Collgate Jul 06, 2013
Haha pat agreed
Patrick Schalk Jul 06, 2013
Mitchell, just when I thought you couldn't get any more stupid....
camundahl Jul 06, 2013
Hmmmm.... looks like someone got a hold of the "communion" plate....
matthew.jarosinski Jul 06, 2013
Wow, look at all the arm chair theologists in here.
Jackson Michael Jul 06, 2013
If I were the pope I'd want a G Wagen
dmacchiarola Jul 06, 2013
anti-catholics below me.
Will Will Jul 06, 2013
@mitchell you thought wrong! He wasn't protecting himself from people, he was protecting himself from the wrath of god in case god gets angry with him!
Mitchell Cook Jul 06, 2013
OMG! He doesn't need a stupid looking car. If he has so much faith in god, then he should trust him to not get shot! Haha. Stupidity
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Jul 06, 2013
That thing is huge
Description: Of course, what would a trip to the Pope be without sharing with his holiness all the good your company is doing. A photo opp with the leader of over a billion potential Benz customers has got to be w...
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Fakir Smith Jul 06, 2013
Electric bike. Ok. How is most electricity generated? Hint: it's not helping the planet. And ps: pedaling would help more.
Will Will Jul 06, 2013
@randall they don't (I think) but that's why as a pope I would ask for that. In fact, as pope I would ask them to revive the slr mclaren. Its a real shame that they stopped producing it.
Gene Beche Jul 06, 2013
Too bad Maybach is not being produced any more.
Will Will Jul 06, 2013
I would've asked for a sls black, a mclaren slr and a armoured maybach 62s. And a G class and a GL.
Jed Hamilton Jul 07, 2013
If its that much money on a chair there is a chance it can convert into a toilet
Aiden Bass Jul 06, 2013
VV Wha.......?
Ryan Delano Thomas Jul 06, 2013
Hahaha tho I what you're money goes to Catholics
Gary Alaina Jul 06, 2013
Its a laaazzzyyyy boy!
Dan Gavan Jul 06, 2013
@greg - that was nice hahah!
Aaron Crisp Jul 06, 2013
Wait it's not really the fictional Mr Monopoly that's been around since the 1930's?
David Lee Jul 06, 2013
@Mitchell No shit, Sherlock.
Greg Kenerly Jul 06, 2013
"Ok ok. You can be the car and ill be top hat"
Nick Rowe Jul 06, 2013
@Mitchell you think?!
Douglas Goncalves Jul 06, 2013
He's telling the pope instead of getting $200 Monopoly dollars for passing go, you get an ML pope mobile.
Mitchell Cook Jul 06, 2013
It's not the real monopoly man Nick, god.
Nick Rowe Jul 06, 2013
It is Mr Monopoly!
Tyler Ray DeFord Jul 06, 2013
The smart bike, because no one has any respect for you anyway.
Fakir Smith Jul 06, 2013
Something else stupid from "smart."
Brandon Davidson Jul 06, 2013
V V V hahahahaha
David Guerrero Jul 06, 2013
I wanna see the pope ride this
Oleg Odessit Jul 06, 2013
I wonder how fast are these
Douglas Goncalves Jul 06, 2013
I wouldn't mind riding this bike. At least it won't be embarrassing as riding the Smart ForTwo!