Comments - VW T5 Gets Hot Chocolate Interior by Carlex

Published: Jul 06, 2013
Description: Dubbed the Criollo, after a rare type of cocoa, the latest luxury interior by Polish leather specialist Carlex Design was created for a VW T5 multivan. Finishing the seat base, dashboard, door sills,...
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Oleg Odessit Jul 06, 2013
Maintenance wise, i think its stupid
Dan Kelly Jul 06, 2013
I know the shifter being there is more comfortable and everything but it doesnt look too good
Jed Hamilton Jul 07, 2013
Seats don't match and why do this to a VW it would go good with the 6x6 Mercedes truck thingy
Cristian Ramirez Jul 06, 2013
thats ugly
David Lee Jul 06, 2013
It's a van. Not a lot of vans have them.
Gustavo Kelso Jul 06, 2013
Where is the center console?
mohd.almarzooqi Jul 06, 2013
I like it bit leather in seats look a bit cheap
Gary Alaina Jul 06, 2013
The chocolate brown with the cream seats just looks strange. To much chocolate on the dash I think.
Tyler Wallace Jul 06, 2013
what about wen u make a turn
Scuttle Buttocks Jul 06, 2013
Scuttle Buttocks Jul 06, 2013
What am I liking at Ihavenoclue...
trey.reilly Jul 06, 2013
nice. fish cleaning station in the back.