Comments - The Fastest Jeep in the World?

Published: Jul 06, 2013
Description: We’ve come across fast Jeeps in the past, but this Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8 could be the quickest of them all. Taking part in the recent Unlim 500+ event in Russia, the SUV has been turbocharged to ...
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I don't get it. Why????
Nathan Quilla Jul 10, 2013
What about the Nissan juke?
Guillermo Daniel Rodriguez Jul 06, 2013
@Joshua Yes in the video link it shows supercharged but the original Unlim 500+ video says its turbocharged they actually are the ones that made the mistake
Colby Church Jul 06, 2013
Lol, I did too after reading that.
Robi Dunay Jul 06, 2013
I read the title in Clarkson's voice: the world!
Joe Bundy Jul 06, 2013
It ran a 26 sec mile witch is fast but there are jeeps running way faster then a 10.5 quarter
drew.kleyweg Jul 06, 2013
Joe, they said in the one mile stretch not the quarter.
Barry Boo Wilson Jul 06, 2013
10.5 with 1300+hp.....need to drop a few pounds there.
joshua.robbins.5249 Jul 06, 2013
And once again typo. It's not turbocharged it clearly says 7.0 supercharged in the video. Come on car buzz.
Joe Bundy Jul 06, 2013
Yea 10.5 is not the fastest Jeep SRT
Description: DragTimesInfo claims that makes the Grand Cherokee SRT-8 the fastest SUV over a one mile stretch. Check it out and let us know if you’ve ever seen a faster 4x4.
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Trevor Bodi Jul 15, 2013
There is a 10 second diesel Dodge that has some videos on YouTube.
Craig Lafey Jul 08, 2013
Damn that's a fast jeep.
Havea CupofJoe Jul 07, 2013
This is not the fastest jeep. The westbury jeep hemi shop on long island NY (USA) runs a 9 second flat quarter mile. It is twin turbocharged and has 1145.0 hp to the wheels
juan.t.garcia.92 Jul 07, 2013
Did they keep the supercharger and turbocharge it? and is it a single turbo or is it a twin?
Ryan Gasparro Jul 06, 2013
Me want
Justin Brown Jul 06, 2013
Lets see it go around a corner now
Brent Isaacson Jul 06, 2013
Here is a grand cherokee that runs 10.1s
Gavi Di Gavi Jul 06, 2013
Have you guys not seen the tuned Nissan juke gtr almost beat a Bugatti veyron???
Adi Bulusu Jul 06, 2013
That jeep was FAST! The Audi at least gave a small fight. The Mercedes was CRUSHED!
Carlton Green Jul 06, 2013
Bring on the Cayenne Turbo!!
Mike Johannason Jul 06, 2013
Holy crap thats fast
Jimmy Janik Jul 06, 2013
The almighty supercharger whistle
Dakota Howard Jul 06, 2013
That's impressive
Ben Knorr Jul 06, 2013
Gary Alaina Jul 06, 2013
Very quick considering how heavy it is.
Isat N Drita Pali Jul 06, 2013
There is actually an srt8 jeep that runs 9s in the quarter. So I don't think this is the fastest. Check YouTube
Darren Nardo Jul 06, 2013
WOW!! That thing gets off the line!!!
Anthony Richardson Jul 06, 2013
Need that juke R to compete
Brandon Willis Jul 06, 2013
Sounds like someone installed NO2 on their Jeep.
Oleg Odessit Jul 06, 2013
Poor Mercedes never had a chance
John Hyland Jul 06, 2013
I NEED one of these
Daniel Zizka Jul 06, 2013
Techart Cayenne Turbo would maybe put a good time... But this is really fast, I have to admit. But Germans hold a lot of street legal car speed records, I'm sure a German tuner could beat this... But still amazing, looking at the Jeep's aerodynamics
Demid Petrov Jul 06, 2013
X6 g-power will beat it i think... Not sure
Trai Carlson Feb 26, 2014
My family has a stock one and, though it may be still a crappy furnished vehicle damn it's fast :p
Jed Hamilton Jul 07, 2013
This soccer mom car will never be late to practice again
Austin Rouse Jul 07, 2013
Hahaha! @fakir
Fakir Smith Jul 06, 2013
RACING PARTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!