Comments - Nissan GTR by Dynamic Turbo

Published: Jul 06, 2013
Description: Miami-based tuner Dynamic Turbo has hired the services of local wheel-maker K3 Projekt Wheels in creating this modified Nissan GT-R. Tuning high-performance motors since 1994, Dynamic Turbo knows its...
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Aaron Abely Jul 06, 2013
A tuning article that's actual tuning?! Is the CB? What have you done with the old CB? Wait, never mind. Keep them where they are and keep putting tuning in tuning articles.
Zeus Mocha Jul 06, 2013
Stupid front end
Jacob Burford Jul 06, 2013
Do people put thought in to putting rims on cars these days?
Alex Bean Jul 06, 2013
thats ruff
Scott Westphall Jul 06, 2013
Ugly car. Never liked these (though much respect). The styling looked dated since its inception. These gold wheels and blacked out windows do not help that cause.
Zeus Mocha Jul 06, 2013
It looks fine.
Taylor Garry Jul 06, 2013
This gold is just a little too vibrant for me
Mark Juiris Jul 06, 2013
Gold face spokes on all black is my call.. otherwise a clean car
Jason W. Evers Jul 06, 2013
Love these rims
David Lee Jul 06, 2013
Actually, the rims aren't vad.
David Lee Jul 06, 2013
Car's nice, rims have to go.
Clayton Corley Jul 06, 2013
This car looks sexy.
William Downs Jul 06, 2013
I don't mind it but would prefer maybe a darker shade or gray
Ben Knorr Jul 06, 2013
usually I'm ok with gold on black but not in this case. maybe because the gold is too shiny...
wade.hall.39 Jul 06, 2013
the gold makes me lol at the car and the company. it loiks terrible
Alec Brown Jul 06, 2013
Agreed, I feel that the gold rims are taking away some of the GTR's aggressiveness.
Eli Bonner Jul 06, 2013
Make the rims gray instead of gold and it's perfect
Ben Knorr Jul 06, 2013
I'd probably paint them black or dark metallic grey. design looks great tho for sure.
Gary Alaina Jul 06, 2013
Looks cartoonish. Liking those wheels though.
jamal.ayub Jul 06, 2013
very nice
Thai-Chau Ha Jul 07, 2013
When you discover a great design, you sort of hold on to it and cash in. Like Porche. Nothing is wrong with this car. This is stock, hate sum thing change it. Don't bash it dickhead.
Thai-Chau Ha Jul 07, 2013
Your mum is dated and no one complaining.
Zeus Mocha Jul 06, 2013
Love the back.
Fakir Smith Jul 06, 2013
Ready for a new one. Styling is dated.
Marlo Viray Jueco Jul 06, 2013
Dat ass.
jamal.ayub Jul 06, 2013
Back is nice
Jahaziel Ortiz Jul 06, 2013
I like it, nice and clean