Comments - Girl Treats Her Engine Bay Like It's a Salad

Published: Jul 06, 2013
Description: Over the past 30 plus years, Americans have been born and raised on Saturday Night Live. It’s become a staple of our culture and humor. Almost every single country in the world has their own SNL type...
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Description: No doubt there are women out there who can fix a car better than I can, but having a laugh at a blonde is still a decent way to kill a few seconds of your day.
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Craig Lafey Jul 08, 2013
Where's the croutons?
ahmed.hanif.547 Jul 08, 2013
she forgot to mix it..
Moe Salim Jul 07, 2013
Patrick Joseph Jul 07, 2013
You think she's stupid. Once I seen a new mechanic fresh out of college who topped up the engine with oil all the way to the cap. As a trained mechanic no matter how experienced you have no excuse for that. That's basic stuff.
Lukas Lebs Jul 07, 2013
Jonathan Romero Jul 07, 2013
HAHA xD I believe this lol
Maciej Moryl Jul 06, 2013
What a retard!!! Lmfao!!
Carlos Dorantes Jul 06, 2013
Too funny!
Adi Bulusu Jul 06, 2013
This was amusing!
npalowitch Jul 06, 2013
it says in the article its fake for a TV show Jacob, read before commenting!
Chad Collins Jul 06, 2013
In actuality doing this to a car would jus cause it to smoke heavily, the car wouldn't catch fire unless it had a fuel leak
Bob Billy Jul 06, 2013
Will Will Jul 06, 2013
What would doing this do to your engine? Would it actually catch fire, or will it just dry up or flow away somewhere? I'm think the latter, but I'm not sure.
Dakota Howard Jul 06, 2013
Haha seems legit
Noah Gavurin Jul 06, 2013
obviously this one is fake but it does happen, i have a friend who did this
Jake Judges Jul 06, 2013
Jacob we know its fake it was supposed to be funny
Eli Bonner Jul 06, 2013
Most women are like that lol so much respect goes out to the ones who arent
Devin Stair Jul 06, 2013
@Jacob, don't ruin it with comments, of course it's not real, but it's still funny as hell.
Guo-Sheng Huang Jul 06, 2013
I should try that. It might lubricate everything.
Jul 06, 2013
You know... that might happen They think doing so will make all mechanic parts to work smooth~
Jacob Lerklint Jul 06, 2013
@jacob, its just water
James Salaba Jul 06, 2013
Wow! I didn't expect that!
Jacob Skelton Jul 06, 2013
At least its only a Mini Cooper.
Brandon Willis Jul 06, 2013
Never expected that LOL.
Drew Colton Wilder Jul 06, 2013
Very funny.
Jacob Lerklint Jul 06, 2013
@byakka, yeah right
Jacob Lerklint Jul 06, 2013
This is just too much, so fake, no one is This stupid
William Downs Jul 06, 2013
Rolling fire ball in 3...2...1
Nick Schnee Jul 06, 2013
The scary part is, it's not even 100% stereotype. Just yesterday I had my side mirror almost ripped off by an Asian woman who tried to change lanes in a 90° corner.
Byakka Miyamoto Jul 06, 2013
Bwahahaha!!! The funniest part is Ive known women that have done this before
Patrick Joseph Jul 07, 2013
@fakir. I have no idea what you mean. What's complicated about the "hood"?
Nilesh Agrawal Jul 06, 2013
@Will didn't notice there was a car in that pic!
Fakir Smith Jul 06, 2013
Look at how complicated that hood is? Ridiculous.
Scotty Gee Jul 06, 2013
She needs a good spanking for doing such a thing...
Borphan Limthong Jul 06, 2013
Making sure the engines doesn't squeak
Nick Sti Jul 06, 2013
Both need moar meat!
Will Will Jul 06, 2013
@nilesh mean the car or the girl?
Nilesh Agrawal Jul 06, 2013
Nice body!!
Gary Alaina Jul 06, 2013
This is exactly what women do lol
Jacob Burford Jul 06, 2013
It's not bad, but the cooper is the only true current Mini, and even that's disputable of it's a true mini.
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Jul 06, 2013
Its better than a 500, but its still an oversize Mini. And thats a no for me
Fakir Smith Jul 06, 2013
Exactly. Too big. Fat and bloated more like it.
Noah Gavurin Jul 06, 2013
its too big to be a Mini
Greg Kenerly Jul 06, 2013
Yeah I think they're really cool. Much rather have this over a Smart or a 500.
Jake Judges Jul 06, 2013
Pretty good looking honestly