Comments - Farah Reveals Canepa Design's Amazing Car Collection

Published: Jul 06, 2013
Description: Canepa Design is one of the best-known names in the restoration business and for The Smoking Tire’s first episode of “Collectors Edition,” the venerable Matt Farah takes a look at the company’s outst...
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Description: And they are all for sale. While you ponder how you’ll never be able to afford one, check out the walk-around vid with Farah doing the voiceover.
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Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Jul 07, 2013
Saw a miura...
Peter Winter Jul 07, 2013
I litterally live about a mile from this shop.
Jacob Burford Jul 06, 2013
Looks like a great place
Jack Thornberry Jul 06, 2013
Wow what a great work shop
Max Delena Jul 06, 2013
0:28-0:33 is the bestbpart
Carlton Green Jul 06, 2013
959..... That is all.
Jonny Shaw Jul 06, 2013
Some great cars
Jacob Burford Jul 06, 2013
Love the look of this
Derek Michael Meyer Jul 06, 2013
I have been to this place many times and it's a fantastic collection, very cool cars definitely recommend going there
Jed Hamilton Jul 07, 2013
I'll take this one and paint it black
Jacob Burford Jul 06, 2013
Paul McGuire Jul 06, 2013
Such an awesome looking car
maarten.nijhuis.7 Jul 06, 2013
what a beauty
ferrarienthusiast7 Jul 07, 2013
That Nissan prototype!
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Jul 07, 2013
That R92CP... Yummy