Description: Not many automotive modification trends have drawn as much ire from fellow enthusiasts as the “donk”, or the practice of raising a car and fitting it with giant oversized wheels. The idea of ruining ...
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trey.reilly Jul 06, 2013
agreed Will
William Downs Jul 06, 2013
They should just have a weekly article, every Monday. Car buzz does new to bring back its little series things it was doing, gives us something to look Forward to
Paul McGuire Jul 06, 2013
You know your car is shit if CarBuzz dedicate a whole article to it!
Description: Alternatively, if you hate Mustangs, then you can hate this aspect of the video. Or maybe you just hate people who behave like idiots on public roads. The choice is yours.
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Alberto Massarotto Jul 10, 2013
I was hoping he would hit a pole.
Ryan Patrick Clauson Jul 09, 2013
And that kids is what drug money gets you
Jackson Bond Jul 08, 2013
Personally I don't see why this gets less hate than a lowered car. I guess I just wish I was cool enough to think my stock mustang was the fastest thing ok the street and argue about which exotic ill never own is better
Jackson Bond Jul 08, 2013
If you want ridiculous rims, go for it. Ill stick with my ridiculous lowered car. Most everything you see in the car world is hated by someone, but at least don't be the douche who gets the meet spot kicked for acting like a highschool kid
Alex Brown Jul 07, 2013
Damn. Its not like everyone has a mustang. They just make up like 10% of the cars you see on the road. All this guy did was make his look a lot more doucheier
Artur Gharibkhanyan Jul 07, 2013
didnt think he would pull that off but great job using the car for what its made for and some pol like big rims on their cars its a personal choice!!
cj.capps Jul 07, 2013
I see this car all the time and glad I'm not the only one who thinks its ri-donk-ulous
Christian Young Jul 07, 2013
Gary I like camber and raised trucks. Trucks cause they're badass and camber (when it's not extreme) can make some cars look better IMO. Not a big fan of hellflush, but I do like bogging.
Brandon Broussard Jul 07, 2013
Coming out of the theaters the other day I saw an old, dusty SUV with hydraulics and a loud, low quality subwoofer. It was horrible, and made worse by the lone guy inside trying to impress the small crowd with his "cool guy" stare and smirk.
Jed Hamilton Jul 07, 2013
Jed Hamilton Jul 07, 2013
Troy Norton Jul 07, 2013
Yeah bud, keep doing that. When your transmission goes out because of those stupid fucking rims, you'll learn. Big rims=big problems
Davey Edwards Jul 07, 2013
I know of a couple near me who have matching mustangs on 24's (the mans has truck nuts)
Earick Smith Jul 07, 2013
There's an old green 80's Buick Donk by my rental units in the ghetto lol!
Joshua Massingale Jul 06, 2013
What a waste of a car and a v8
Greg Lewis Jul 06, 2013
Not gonna judge. At least he's using that car for what it was built for. Eating rubber. Better than some losers sticking stupid rims and driving like a granny
Trent Griffin Jul 06, 2013
I'm not offended by the word Negro lol
Maury L. Meredith Jul 06, 2013
The exhaust note was cool.
wade.hall.39 Jul 06, 2013
I love that its posted by "platinum player". the price of platinum has since tumbled as a result of this video
Jacob Viiper McCord Jul 06, 2013
So many '03 '04 GTs here ruined by this type of shit.
Chris Huff Jul 06, 2013
I havent seen spinners since 2003
Carlos Dorantes Jul 06, 2013
Idiots is a compliment to these guys. P
Braxton Omgbased Booker Jul 06, 2013
But i also love lifted turbo diesel trucks so i guess im the exception
Braxton Omgbased Booker Jul 06, 2013
@joshua those wheels you speak of arnt "spinners" there called "floaters" they float along while you drive and im a black young male and im not in to donks i love 90 japanese cars done in a traditional tuning manor but i apprechiate stanced cars also
joshua.robbins.5249 Jul 06, 2013
@Winston I think so. Just a couple of days ago I saw a 05 or 06 Crysler 300 with spinners on it. He was driving but the wheels weren't moving. Looked terrible.
Winston Heard Jul 06, 2013
Going to assume this is kinda old. Are spinning rims still a thing???
Gary Alaina Jul 06, 2013
But to be honest as much as I'm not into these extreme trends it is very interesting to look at. So with that said I don't really care that these styles exist, its good to see people get creative.
Gary Alaina Jul 06, 2013
V, lol. Sorry for saying negro, I thought that was the appropriate word (I'm not from America). But generally speaking i would say lifted trucks that go bogging and extreme camber (hellflush) is more white boy style, where is this is more an American black man style. Of course their are blacks and white that both get into these styles, but in general this is more black style.
Lou Guerrero Jul 06, 2013
Aaron, I'm super laxed at the beach with a beer and belly laughed when I saw this. People around me looked like I was crazy haha. I'm also watching a storm roll in off the Atlantic as I write this...
Aaron Crisp Jul 06, 2013
What's a shame is he could have done some good engine and suspension work with that money he put into those redonkulous wheels!
Aaron Crisp Jul 06, 2013
I don't think it goes down to race, I'm sure there's more (insert race) that do (insert ridiculous trend) than others but we can all agree there number of stupid shit like this is too damn high!
Braxton Omgbased Booker Jul 06, 2013
@gary id rather you us black than a negro just sounds so dated
Gary Alaina Jul 06, 2013
All the races have there stupid cars though. Whites have hellflush, Japs have that weird exhaust on the roof, futuristic style bs, negros have this. Its all pretty extreme. I don't like it at all but I can still appreciate the amount of time and effort that goes into customising. Each to their own i guess.
Michael Lopez Jul 06, 2013
That car is dumber than donkey shit
Brandon Davidson Jul 06, 2013
Yea the donuts weren't that bad but where he did it and the car he was is...thats a whole different story.
Jerry Townsend Jul 06, 2013
Actually, he didn't do that bad....
Jason W. Evers Jul 06, 2013
Buahaha...badass video
Drew Colton Wilder Jul 06, 2013
Idiots. And a waste of money
Chad Collins Jul 06, 2013
Mustangs, camaros, same hick tard asshole driver trying to prove something with an imbalanced car, try doing something other that straight lines and left hand turns
Jimmy Janik Jul 06, 2013
The sound makes it okay that the wheels are just retarded
Oleg Odessit Jul 06, 2013
6 donuts = 800$ . Stupidity = priceless
David Guerrero Jul 06, 2013
I'de rather drive a riced out civic than this POS
Gary Alaina Jul 06, 2013
Pretty descent dohies for how big those wheels are.
Zachary Sindelar Jul 06, 2013
Haha I laughed when the passenger waved his arms and started acting like Donkey Kong!
Justin Routh Jul 06, 2013
There was nothing surprising in this video. So typical
Paul Smith Jul 06, 2013
Is that cool?? I don't think so..
Mitchell Cook Jul 06, 2013
So much hate :(
Jonny Carter Jul 08, 2013
I want to know the size of these rims lol
Nathan Brooks Jul 08, 2013
I hate it, it's stupid. You wanna ride high go buy a truck. The money they spend on rims and tires and the car they could've got a truck.
Craig Lafey Jul 08, 2013
Ruined. Leave ur giant dumbass rims to ur imports and leave American cars alone. Tired of seeing people ruin American muscle by doing this. It isn't kool it just makes u a more hated person
Zach Range Jul 07, 2013
I've never heard of donk'd but we call it getting jigaboo'd....southern term I guess....take a perfectly good car add afroengineering it and boom you have one of these...
logan.neet Jul 07, 2013
thank you Dino, I was gonna say that. haha
jeff.reissner Jul 07, 2013
sorry Tyrone sounds like your in the minority here. this is definitely an ethnic style just like big trucks are loved by us crackers and by the way I fit that stereo type.
Davey Edwards Jul 07, 2013
I don't care whether I like it or not, it ain't my car. I just hate seeing classics which there are an ever decreasing number of being modded to this extent
Earick Smith Jul 07, 2013
Nice ass car but need normal rims on it!
phillthegman Jul 07, 2013
people drive nice cars because they want to however they want to and you can however you want to I'm not promoting this crap I'm just saying trying to dictate what is cool and what isn't is just as idiotic as compleatly compromising a well handling cars handling, I know I sure as hell do t care what you think looks good so why do think you have the right to call this guy dumb?
Jacob Burford Jul 06, 2013
Such a beautiful car ruined by some idiot!
renick.baxter Jul 06, 2013
You need to have a taste for that type of thing to appreciate it...but to most people of the world, including me, it looks rather...Idiotic. Its also a great way to complerely ruin a car's handling.People drive nice cars to drive fast, not to show off.
Maciej Moryl Jul 06, 2013
It's not that bad
Kirk Kulgavin Jul 06, 2013
This is like a lesson on how to ruin a perfectly nice classic. UGLY
Jorge Gonzalez Jul 06, 2013
I've seen mexicans driving these donks, and it makes me laugh. And I'm Mexican.
Steve Liollio Jul 06, 2013
@john hahahahaha damn
David Gomez Jul 06, 2013
A 2001-04 mustang is fine to ruin, but one of these beauties also? This is how you spend $15k the wrong way
Jacob Viiper McCord Jul 06, 2013
I hate people that do this. So thin tires and their handling goes down to shit. Why do they think this looks good? Absolutely terrible. Good taste is cars but a bad taste in appearance.
suzuki.gixer.9 Jul 06, 2013
I would love to punch the ghetto trash who did this to this poor car.
John Hyland Jul 06, 2013
Looks like the color is Statutory Grape lol
phillthegman Jul 06, 2013
the people insulting this idiots taste I. car moding need to realize he nor any other geto slab rollin punk gives half a shit about your opinion I don't like it I prefer a more modest classic but the insults need to be taken down a notch his car his money his style.. I'm sure your car is just as shitty looking with the stock wheel size as this is any way
abraham.mendoza.39 Jul 06, 2013
I think I'm gonna cry
Josh C. Williams Jul 06, 2013
Poor thing.
Lou Guerrero Jul 06, 2013
If its gonna lead its life as this then I say it needs a huge blower out the hood and do rolling burnouts at will. 700 hp minimum.
camundahl Jul 06, 2013
The fool is the one who decided to waste money and engineering doing this.
Aaron Crisp Jul 06, 2013
The only race we should be discussing is car races you fools.
Devin Gates Jul 06, 2013
I like the color
William Downs Jul 06, 2013
Omg there are so many cry babies on this app now, omg he made a racist comment stop the press, everyone on this app has been or said something racist at one point or another, get over it already
Fakir Smith Jul 06, 2013
Oh ps. They do this to piss off whites. Fact. So who is more racist. Whites don't think in terms of color any more. Only ones keeping that going are so called minorities and guilty liberal whites like the ones posting here.
Fakir Smith Jul 06, 2013
Not racist. Profiling. A profile is based on numbers. If 100 of these goes by and 99 are driven by an "African American" than guess what? Blacks drive these! Like whites drive FO by FOs!
camundahl Jul 06, 2013
It's not really racist. It's like saying most NBA players are black.... it's true for this general moment in time. White trash have their ghetto builds and the Hispanic people here like low riders and old "gangster" style cars. Obviously there are exceptions. I feel music and media plays a large role in this.....
Brandon Carr Jul 06, 2013
Oh no no no :...(
Michael Russell Jul 06, 2013
What a sweet ride! All it needs are gold rims with fake diamonds glued to them.
Kevin Carlin Jul 06, 2013
What a waste of money
Michael Zimmermann Jul 06, 2013
People who put these wheel/tire combos on their cars need to realize that every other human being is offended by how monumentally stupid & ugly the vehicle becomes.
Dino Wentay Jul 06, 2013
Not a Chevelle. Buick Skylark.
Woodrow Scriven Jul 06, 2013
The cowards that are writing this racist trash have obviously been raised by racist cowards that probably used hoods to hide their faces too!! Trash!! Carbuzz should dismiss these individuals immediately!
Michael Page Jul 06, 2013
If you put your two thumbs over the tires, it looks really good. And there is no point in bringing race into this, as we see here, ignorance knows no ethnicity.
Tyrone Smith Jul 06, 2013
Don't knitpick here... You know he was implying a black person named Tyrone or tyrell would drive this. Nvm... Idk why I waste my time letting this bother me.
Jason W. Evers Jul 06, 2013
Lol..He's being a namist?
Tyrone Smith Jul 06, 2013
True, but he doesn't need to say it on here. Keep those comments to yourself.
Joe Kanser Jul 06, 2013
Stereotypes don't create themselves.
Tyrone Smith Jul 06, 2013
In sorry the name calling was uncalled for, but seriously, get your ignorant comments off this app.
Tyrone Smith Jul 06, 2013
@Jeff excuse me...? I automatically like this because of my name? Get your ignorant comments off this app you fucking douchebag.
jeff.reissner Jul 06, 2013
Mike I'm guessing someone named Tyrone or tyrell or maybe a female laquesha or laqueefa. yea I know this is racist. but if the shoe fits........
David Lee Jul 06, 2013
Where do we start?
Mike Johannason Jul 06, 2013
That is garbage who would drive it?
Ethan Amo Jul 06, 2013
Colby Church Jul 06, 2013
Someday hopefully a new owner will restore it to its rightful glory.
Tim Collgate Jul 06, 2013
Poor chevelle :(
phillthegman Jul 06, 2013
this way more upseting then a mustang do what ever you want to a ford leave the chevelles alone!
Robi Dunay Jul 06, 2013
I like the-no wait I dont. Ive seen puke that looked better than this
Edward Galligan Jul 06, 2013
I hate everything about it
Zach Range Jul 07, 2013
Brotha hit the pipe too many times and took a bet he couldn't win......
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Jul 07, 2013
The first thing that popped into my mind when seeing this, was saints row...
Jul 07, 2013
Hate those
Jeyhoon Jahanroshan Jul 07, 2013
fugly ugly
Christian Young Jul 07, 2013
Maybe this isn't true don't they use a metal like aluminum or carbon fiber (which is highly unlikely) and the dip it in chrome or otherwise 'coat it?'
renick.baxter Jul 06, 2013
@Aaron, Yep. that is true. Too bad he can't enjoy all that BHP due to the fact he ruined the handling by installing those oversized rims... Ever own a car with rims like that? If you drive fast enough, you'll completely ruin them. Chrome is actually a very weak metal. =P
Aaron Crisp Jul 06, 2013
Engine and trans is the soul of the car though.
Devon Smithers Jul 06, 2013
@Jacob The only real difference between a V6 and and GT of this body is the engine and trans. Oh and GT badges.. Same brakes, suspension (different front spring rate), diff, etc. You could make a V6 a GT in a weekend. Not exactly rare in any case..
David Gomez Jul 06, 2013
Jacob Viiper McCord Jul 06, 2013
suzuki.gixer.9 Jul 06, 2013
I'm not too offended by this as the car was pretty shit and worthless before this ghetto trash fool got his hands on it.
Arick Voigt Jul 06, 2013
Logan Delony Jul 06, 2013
I live in Memphis I see junk like this everyday..
Gary Alaina Jul 06, 2013
Lol guys i think its discusting! That was my sarcastic face down below! Rofl... Maybe the lil pic didn't come up.
Giovanni D'orso Jul 06, 2013
I dont only hate MUSTANGS... I hate "people" who makes stupid shit with a stupid ugly car!
David Hicks Jul 06, 2013
Wow Americans are really good at car modification.
Cristian Ramirez Jul 06, 2013
the color the gold uuuuugly
Michael Russell Jul 06, 2013
Apparently I spoke too soon about the gold rims!
Jed Hamilton Jul 06, 2013
Why just why
Tanton Stoneman Jul 06, 2013
@Dan yeah, it really does
Tyrone Smith Jul 06, 2013
This is gross..
David Lee Jul 06, 2013
@Tim Apparently, Gary does.
Mike Johannason Jul 06, 2013
The wheels would suck if they were small
Tim Collgate Jul 06, 2013
Oh god who the fuck think this looks good?!
Gary Alaina Jul 06, 2013
Sexy as!!😁
Dan Ruth Jul 06, 2013
Looks like something the saints would roll in lol.
Edward Galligan Jul 06, 2013
I hate everything about it
Chris Woller Jul 06, 2013
Weren't these convertibles like 1000 pounds heavier than the coupe? I'm surprised it had the power to roast the tires with those big, heavy rims. I'm curious how often the brakes have to be replaced...
Anthony Perugini Jul 06, 2013
No these have 240 at the crank. Maybe 200 at the wheels. But I can't guess we don't know If there are any engine mods
camundahl Jul 06, 2013
Yeah about.... 240whp right there. At least it is limited slip.
David Parenti Jul 06, 2013
Least it can still turn them huge wheels
Tyrone Smith Jul 06, 2013
I mostly hate the rims. They need to put some meaty tires on the rear and then give it a K stance.
Maciej Moryl Jul 06, 2013
The Mustang would look really good if only those rims were a lot smaller
James Campbell Jul 06, 2013
The wheels ugh
Colby Church Jul 06, 2013
Yeah, it looks stupid.
Edward Galligan Jul 06, 2013
I hate everything about it