Description: When it was first shown in concept form at the Paris Motor Show last year, the Bentley Continental GT3 caused quite a stir. But this should prove to be nothing compared to its first on-track appearan...
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trey.reilly Jul 08, 2013
Ha...Goodwood. uh huhuhuh. That's what she said.
Allen Kim Jul 07, 2013
It'd be difficult to mess the body and look on this car.
Jacob Burford Jul 06, 2013
Looks very cool if you ask me
Braxton Omgbased Booker Jul 06, 2013
@matty i ment of the gt3......
Nathan Jacobson Jul 06, 2013
That actually looks pretty nice.
Matty Michaels Jul 06, 2013
It's the blue one in back.
Braxton Omgbased Booker Jul 06, 2013
Braxton Omgbased Booker Jul 06, 2013
Needs a road goin version
Sergio Cornejo Jul 06, 2013
damn that GT3 looks good, nd i thought the normal continental looked good
Description: The unveiling comes ten years and a month after Bentley’s 1-2 finish at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2003, the sixth overall win for the storied marque. Though the GT3 won’t quite be in the same class a...
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Justin Johnson Jul 08, 2013
Aaron Abely Jul 07, 2013
Don't even like Bentley. But the race car looks damn good
Devin Gates Jul 06, 2013
😳 It's beautiful
Aiden Bass Jul 08, 2013
How fast is that camera's capture??! I can see the individual marks on the tires, instead of a blur
logan.neet Jul 07, 2013
This car kinda confuses me, but it does look good.
Richard Grieco Jul 07, 2013
conan45 Jul 08, 2013
yeah but I would choose a car that doesn't like to finish the race upside down. I would say the Toyota GT-One
Adam Thomson Jul 08, 2013
Conan yeah and the mercedes CLK gtr lmp
ferrarienthusiast7 Jul 07, 2013
Great car in Gran Turismo.
conan45 Jul 07, 2013
@Adam the 787B was good but I'm gonna add the Audi R8 LMP900 to the list.
Adam Thomson Jul 07, 2013
This and the Mazda 787B is my best LMPs of all time.
Bobaloo Anderson Jul 06, 2013
Speed 8 ftw
Bobaloo Anderson Jul 06, 2013
I love this car
Sam Oglesby Jul 06, 2013
A road version would be truly awesome