Comments - After The Apocalypse, Drifting Will Get Serious

Published: Jul 06, 2013
Description: We car people are willing to accept basically any ridiculous movie plot if that plot is also a means of showing us some awesome footage of cars going fast. In fact, so long as a movie delivers on the...
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Jarrett Sheppard Jul 06, 2013
Shit was sick!
Description: The video was shot in Albuquerque, New Mexico and features all of the car, motorcycle and dune buggy drift action you could possibly ask for.
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Dylan Arms Jul 11, 2013
Anybody else see that cummins rollin coal after the buggy almost hit the 240?
Andre Bigueur Jul 10, 2013
Mike Johannason Jul 08, 2013
I need that buggy
Yamaha Rone Jul 08, 2013
Respect the bikes.
Bradley Lloyd Jul 07, 2013
The best!
Jake Putinta Jul 06, 2013
This is such an awesome video best one so far
Ben Knorr Jul 06, 2013
epic video! Watched it 3 times already.
Earick Smith Jul 06, 2013
That buggy is the baddest thing I've seen in a long time!!!!
Brandon Davidson Jul 06, 2013
"He's all yours officer buck" "The flies have now entered the meatloaf" hahaha
Jimmy Janik Jul 06, 2013
Everything about this is dope
Patrick Schalk Jul 06, 2013
Freakin badass video. I do like the Cobra in the 2nd one better but that dune buggy is freakin sweet!
Drew Colton Wilder Jul 06, 2013
Gymkhana is better....
Angelo Baclay Jul 06, 2013
american really cannot wait for their apocalypse
Daniel Zizka Jul 06, 2013
Crash at 4:10 ?! Was it planned or not ? If yes, what a waste ! These cars had nice parts on them ! If no, well, it's just an accident.
joshua.robbins.5249 Jul 06, 2013
Looks like fun. ESP the bikes getting sideways. That's awesomely terrifying.
4theloveofacceleration Jul 06, 2013
about time they came out with another video! check out the stang in the 2nd, and be sure to watch through to the bloopers at the end...
Gary Alaina Jul 06, 2013
Crazy muthaphukerz
PatronofPetrol Jul 10, 2013
Are they confused?
Brandon Broussard Jul 07, 2013
Those helmets are so cool!
William Downs Jul 06, 2013
Go do something with your self jenni, are u really that pathetic that u have nothing better to do then creep on car buzz and jump on grammatical errors? That's actually really pathetic, its a car app not grammar school
William Downs Jul 06, 2013
Witch witch witch witch witch, get off your high horse
William Downs Jul 06, 2013
Idk witch one I like more
Nick Rowe Jul 06, 2013
Triumph 675s have never looked this awesome..
William Downs Jul 06, 2013
I want one!!!!!
高智泉 Jul 11, 2013
This car could arrest all of the fast furious 6 all character
Brandon Broussard Jul 07, 2013
It would be incredible to race in this!
Jacob Burford Jul 07, 2013
Damn that's scary!
Jed Hamilton Jul 07, 2013
I'll take 20
Earick Smith Jul 06, 2013
Me wantey!!!!!!
Patrick Schalk Jul 06, 2013
I want it. I want it bad
Jommel Marcella Jul 06, 2013
That's awesome.
Jul 06, 2013
I'd probably kill myself in this.
Sam McCracken Jul 21, 2013
It's a S13
Stephen Krane Jul 09, 2013
@william you say an r34 on the road here in America? I'm pretty sure they still aren't legal to import or register
William Downs Jul 07, 2013
Yea were deprived, I've seen one r34 in my life, I turned around and fallowed the guy for like 30min just to talk to him
Austin Rouse Jul 07, 2013
I'm affraid not! I'm just not very familiar with it. All though I would like to be.
Gary Alaina Jul 07, 2013
Nice i do like the fz8 they look tuff. Man if I had someone to ride with I think I would def get a road bike for the weekends. You guys miss out on some awesome jdm cars man, can't believe you don't get a s15 lol. And you don't get like r32? Old evo 1-4? Etc...
Austin Rouse Jul 07, 2013
I'm pretty knowledgable about cars, but I'm not gonna lie when it comes to whatever you guys are talking about I haven't the slightest clue. Just sounds like a bunch of numbers. Haha
William Downs Jul 07, 2013
Rite now I have a fz8, things got some serious grunt, I leave my buddy on his zx6r in the dust till were past 100 then its all him, I do wanna get an old 636 or a 2008 to current R1
William Downs Jul 06, 2013
Yea I would die if I could get my hands on an r34
Bobaloo Anderson Jul 06, 2013
I hate 2 strokes they suck for maintenance
Gary Alaina Jul 06, 2013
Yea nice I love bikes, fastest I have ridden has a cbr 600. But I'm more a dirt bike man myself i own a yz 250 2 stroke. On road bikes are to dangerous here so I stick to cars. Man I can't imagine a s14 front cut with a rb26 being cheap, over here you could just buy a R34 for all the money you would put into doing that.
William Downs Jul 06, 2013
Prices idk I haven't even looked around in a while the idea kinda faded when I got my bike, don't need to stupid fast vehicles now
William Downs Jul 06, 2013
Yea I don't really like the s14 rear end, and we never got an s15 variant here.... And the rb26 well that's just a personal want, favorite car is an r34 and the chance ill be getting one of them anytime soon is slim so I came up with this idea
Gary Alaina Jul 06, 2013
How much they go for in the states. In Aus you can get a series 2 s14 (kouki style) for bout $10000, good condition. Also why s13 with the s14 front end? You prefer the s13 rear? Its pretty popular to put Rb25det in the Nissan 4 cylinders here, its very cheap. Rb26 is quite expensive.
William Downs Jul 06, 2013
Always wanted to buy a 240sx coupe and swap a kouki front clip on and drop a rb26 in it, been a dream of mine for a while.... I should maybe start workin on that now that I reminded my self
William Downs Jul 06, 2013
Our 240 in the states is a 180sx with a ka24 dropped in, coupe or fastback body style, me personally I prefer the coupe but I got a soft spot for an s14 kouki, LOVE that front end
Gary Alaina Jul 06, 2013
I see my reason for the confusion. In Aus we only get a 180sx fast back or (hatch). There is no coupe. The only way you can get a 240sx coupe is by putting a 180sx front cut on a s13. Our s13 has the 240sx coupe body, put with solid (non pop up) headlights.
Gary Alaina Jul 06, 2013
Ok true. Well in Australia this would definitely be a s13 with a 180sx front cut. As the back is square and is our s13 while the front has the pop up lights and is our 180sx. Both come with either ca18det or sr20det (there non turbos to). I thought in America the 240sx was the 180sx just with bigger motor, thats why I said it.
Nick Sti Jul 06, 2013
This is a 240sx coupe. That is all
Colby Church Jul 06, 2013
Williams's right. Two totally different cars.
William Downs Jul 06, 2013
There are some other slight differences between te Silvia and the 240 also but its just small things
William Downs Jul 06, 2013
Assuming its a 240sx coupe since driver is on the left side, s13 have solid headlights up front ad are only right Hand drive plus they come with a ca18 or an sr20, not the 240sx ka24 motor
William Downs Jul 06, 2013
The s13 is not a 240sx, completely different front ends and motors
joshua.robbins.5249 Jul 06, 2013
I hate to break it too you but a 240 sx is an s13 in the states. In Japan the s13 was a Sylvia. So I'm a Lil confused as to why you said an s13 with a 240 front cut. They are the same car.
Gary Alaina Jul 06, 2013
S13 with a 240 front cut.
William Downs Jul 06, 2013
Icon variant is such great looking helmet and its comfortable as hell too, love mine