Comments - This Baby 'Owns' a Bugatti Veyron

Published: Jul 05, 2013
Description: Some people are given an extra boost in life by being born rich. It’s not fair but that’s just the way the world works. So what kind of toys does a rich baby own? It turns out they could be the same ...
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thomas.principi Jul 07, 2013
Volkswagen with make up
Bradley Walter Jul 06, 2013
This stupid story is STILL the top article on here?!?!
Brennon Aucoin Jul 05, 2013
If you earn enough money to be rich, you should be able to give your kids a "boost" if you want to without being criticized
Ben Knorr Jul 05, 2013
ignorance is bliss eh Miranda.
Miranda Pavelle Jul 05, 2013
@Willwill and @aaron I still hate it. I'd rather have a 911 or 12C spider or even a Miata over this whale.
Aaron Crisp Jul 05, 2013
Yeah, be a dick back.. Cause that always turns out good.
Steve Liollio Jul 05, 2013
@mike and a car that's been slapped together using all different parts of different cars with a pos interior
Stephen Reed Warren II Jul 05, 2013
It's not unfair to be born into a wealthy family. Some people are born better athletes, some people are born good looking, some people are born with greater IQ potential, etc. Get over it and make something of yourself. Everyone can't be the same.
phillthegman Jul 05, 2013
this car is a marvel of how much money can be spent on one item and that's it
Mike Johannason Jul 05, 2013
Its overpriced and outdated. For 2 mph and 1 million dollars less you get a better handling (and better sounding) hennesssey venom gt
Justin Mancuso Jul 05, 2013
Yeah I am certainly not a fan of this car at all, it can't CORNER for its life and only goes fast in a straight line. Even with 1,180hp(I think) it still wasn't as good as top gear thought it would be and repeatedly gets crushed by RWD cars.
Zeus Mocha Jul 05, 2013
Yea, saying you don't like this can't really make you much of a car guy, unless your just hating. Yea it's getting old but but fastest car in the world isn't an easy thing to achieve. I'm all for the Venom but this is still insane.
zed06 Jul 05, 2013
it's artdeco inspired. it was outdated when it was concieved. thats the whole point.
Will Will Jul 05, 2013
They could have done better, it could look nicer, the interior could have been better designed, it could have been designed to not look that outdated as quickly, but this is a still a car worthy of much respect, not the shit you lash out at it.
Will Will Jul 05, 2013
The top speed even though you may be an amateur driver. Its not like those supercars where the interior is crap, its hard to drive and control such that you can't use it as a daily driver, and where getting to the top speed requires skill. Of course
Will Will Jul 05, 2013
Good-looking, although its getting a little outdated as time goes by, it makes the interior sufficiently luxurious such that you can use it as a gt car, it handles sufficiently well although its not the best, and they made it easy to drive and hit
Will Will Jul 05, 2013
Wow stop giving this car so much shit. It may look a little outdated, but you can't deny its an engineering feat. Also, the engineers took into account every aspect of the car when making it, not just focusing on speed. They made it reasonably
Joey McClary Jul 05, 2013
Aaron, no they aren't. They are just Obama supporters.
Aaron Sparks Jul 05, 2013
Why is it unfair for someone to be born into money? Communist much?
phillthegman Jul 05, 2013
I f'in hate that car.. it's dated right now it was dated when it hit dealers, maybe this kid grows up with an actual taste in cars and wants nothing to do with this rolling income statement
Colby Church Jul 05, 2013
@Stephem Speak for yourself, I don't like it. But if you grow up with one in your possession, you're undoubtedly going to like it.
Stephen Ishard Jul 05, 2013
As much as I understand what you mean, you CAN'T Just not like the veyron
Daniel Zizka Jul 05, 2013
Drive there will be better cars ! It's going to be dated in 15years ! Plus as I said before, he maybe doesn't even like the Veyron
Daniel Zizka Jul 05, 2013
That's stupid !! Maybe the kid hates Bugattis ! Maybe he would prefer a red Ferrari or a yellow Lambo, like most little kids ! Plus, maybe he's going to not care about cars when he's going to grow... It's really too early, when he'll be allowed to
Will Will Jul 05, 2013
Well the veyron is the father's, the baby's his son, so technically the baby does co-own the car as part of family property.
Description: Still, anything’s possible. What’s hard to take, however, is the fact that this kid is privileged enough to get the chance to sit in a Veyron, yet doesn’t have a clue what the car is capable of. Cute ...
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Christopher Alex Mohamed Jul 06, 2013
Doesn't matter how you look at it. He's rich . This boy could be batman when he grows up. Lol
ferrarienthusiast7 Jul 06, 2013
lol @Taylor
Carlos Dorantes Jul 05, 2013
So gramps is a multi-millionaire, big deal!!
Jacob Burford Jul 05, 2013
Thought the same thing Taylor! LOL
Bruno Rocha Jul 05, 2013
Thats cute
Taylor Garry Jul 05, 2013
Is this kid drunk? He is just turning the wheel and is acting like he doesnt know what he is doing. Not a very responsible driver
Ilya Kravchik Jul 05, 2013
Nah, The kid will grow up to be a nature lover and will drive a Prius and despise his parents for wasting so much gas in a Veyron
Ed Ashby Jul 05, 2013
Next weeks scoop: A sperm with a 250gto
Ryan Sansossio Jul 05, 2013
@harrison, or the mclaren f1 which held the record longer than any other car but everyone seems to forget
Gabriel Hernandez Jul 05, 2013
Its a veyron ss u can tell by the top intakes (the ss doesnt have them)
Harrison Trapnell Jul 05, 2013
The Veyron will always be cool. Well, maybe not cool, but it will be one of those 'legend' cars because of what it achieved/what it is. Like the F40, or the 595, or the Jaguar E-Type, etc.
Ilya Kravchik Jul 05, 2013
By the time the kid will be old enough to appreciate the Veyron it will no longer be cool
Tyler Abrams Jul 05, 2013
Kid your stupid
Christian Young Jul 05, 2013
I think that's a Veyron SS no?
Justin Mancuso Jul 05, 2013
@Zeus I love that color combo to its so beautiful
Zeus Mocha Jul 05, 2013
Also the color combo looks amazing. Even the gray one at the end looked really clean.
Zeus Mocha Jul 05, 2013
Obviously its a joke. Although if you want to get technical nobody is saying it's his and the video says "baby starts up his Bugatti..." He most likely didn't start it.
Scott Tapper Jul 05, 2013
Its not real and if it was, great gift
Garrett Bentz Jul 05, 2013
If anything it is the dads car and he is showing it to his baby
Carlton Salmon Jul 05, 2013
Is this another bluff like the story of the 12 year old with 3 Ferraris?
Mitchell Cook Jul 05, 2013
Not real!
Nick Rowe Jul 05, 2013
Imagine the timeout he'd get for pissing in a Bugatti..
Gary Alaina Jul 05, 2013
Not a bad first car.
Dennis Choong Jul 05, 2013
Kid should pee while he's on the seat to mark his territory
Yaseen Essack Jul 05, 2013
Ada Onwukaike Jul 05, 2013
Edward Galligan Jul 06, 2013
Isn't it a grand sport sang bleu?
Cian Mac Gearailt Jul 06, 2013
Dat Panda
Bobaloo Anderson Jul 06, 2013
Never mind it's an SS
Phillip B Jong Jul 06, 2013
Haha you know you're rich when you use a Segway to hold a string that ropes off you r Bugatti!
Fakir Smith Jul 06, 2013
Ugly POS M&M.
Jacob Burford Jul 05, 2013
I like those rims. I seem o be one of a few who likes the look of the Veyron.
jt.collier.39 Jul 05, 2013
@Bobaloo, no its an SS. the Vitesse has the air intakes on the roof
David Lee Jul 05, 2013
Dat Bipper.
Bobaloo Anderson Jul 05, 2013
Actually it's a vitesse
Bobaloo Anderson Jul 05, 2013
Dat fiat 500
Michael Van Heemst Jul 05, 2013
That is the Super Sport not the normal Veyron.
Scuttle Buttocks Jul 05, 2013
God there's a lot of Veyron hate. It actually handles fairly well for a heavy car. Grow up.
Will Will Jul 05, 2013
But in straights you can't outrun the veyron with a Segway.
Braxton Omgbased Booker Jul 05, 2013
Lol @ jason
Jason Ware Jul 05, 2013
The Segway in the pic corners better.
Garrett Murrell Jul 08, 2013
Probably has a yacht too
Jorge Gonzalez Jul 06, 2013
Dam right, that kid has stacks.
Fakir Smith Jul 06, 2013
Nice gps. Billion dollar car (not literally) and the idiot has the same screen stuck to his windshield with a cord coming down as in my 2003! Ha ha! Rich people suck. How many people did he F over to make enough to get this? Ask that tootsie pop owl.
Brandon Carr Jul 05, 2013
Jorge- ya because that toddler was crawling around with millions in his diaper:/
Jack Howard Jul 05, 2013
Thank you Captain Obvious!
Jorge Gonzalez Jul 05, 2013
The kid doesn't have any money, the parents do.
Jul 05, 2013
Hey little kid... I'll give you 50 Hot Wheels... wanna trade with ur Veyron?? I get one car and u get 50... good deal right? give me the key~~~
Jacob Skelton Jul 05, 2013
"I woke up in a new Bugatti!" Quote from the baby.
phillthegman Jul 05, 2013
yeah most rich parents.....
Justin Mancuso Jul 05, 2013
Most rich people work their asses of for their money.
Will Will Jul 05, 2013
Another. Why does being born rich mean that you have to be a bitch? In fact I think being rich motivates me to do better, to succeed in life, because I know that if I don't, I won't be able to enjoy such riches in the future.
Will Will Jul 05, 2013
Do well, to succeed in life. I don't spend the whole day playing or spending money unnecessarily ( I think I'm more thrifty than 80% of the population). And I don't look down on others, because I know they are always better than me in some way or
Will Will Jul 05, 2013
@brandon why? Just because they are rich doesnt mean they will necessarily be lazy or spoilt or take things for granted. I was born rich, ok not as rich as this kid, but richer than most ppl in my country (abt top 20%). Yet I still make an effort to
Will Will Jul 05, 2013
Better hope the kid doesn't vomit or shit in there.
Andrew Semak Jul 05, 2013
I don't think this kid can afford the insurance.
Brandon Willis Jul 05, 2013
Spoiled little shits, I hate rich kids.
Matthew Jul 05, 2013
love the color but make the grill bigger
Jacob Burford Jul 05, 2013
I found this car very good looking live!
Justin Johnson Jul 05, 2013
Ugh, looks like a concept car from the 80s. Still take it.
Paul Dickey Jul 05, 2013
Overall not a fan of the looks but I love these headlights
KyHoBro951 Jul 06, 2013
look out it's a killer whale on steroids