Comments - S Class Hybrid to Debut in Frankfurt

Published: Jul 05, 2013
Description: Four years after revealing the Vision S500 Plug-in Hybrid concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Mercedes-Benz will return this September with the production S Class plug-in hybrid. That’s according to...
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thomas.principi Jul 07, 2013
mercedes is a taxicab
Bala Uncc Jul 05, 2013
Looks very nice
Nan Manasas Jul 15, 2013
I like it in white
Petro Maalouf Jul 05, 2013
Scuttle Buttocks Jul 05, 2013
Stephen Cobbs Jul 05, 2013
That is stupid good looking.
Justin Johnson Jul 05, 2013
Cuan Humberstone Jul 06, 2013
Mclaren say they always avoid straight lines as the believe curves lines are less likely to look dated
Cuan Humberstone Jul 06, 2013
I'd say the Gallardo looks dated where as the f430 looks kind of similar to the 12C. It has more purposeful lines. I guess it just depends on what u prefer :).
Andrei Alexandru Jul 06, 2013
Gallardo looks extremely outdated haha. The old one atleast.
Zaire Wilkins Jul 05, 2013
Very handsome looking S
Will Will Jul 05, 2013
@cuan what abt f430 vs gallardo? They both came out at around the same period, yet the f430 looks outdated, while the gallardo doesn't.
Jacob Burford Jul 05, 2013
Looks good, and the interior is amazing( except the steering wheel). I'd personally rather have an XJ if I were buying a large sized luxury sedan, but this would be great to be driven around in!
Jul 05, 2013
I like new S... and looks sweet on Black
adam.sur Jul 05, 2013
It isn't ugly, just isn't special looking.
Petro Maalouf Jul 05, 2013
Learn luxury car makers !!!!!! The best or nothing
Cuan Humberstone Jul 05, 2013
@ Will curved lines make a design more timeless. Just look at the McLaren f1 with other Lamborghini's. strength lines make a car look dated more quickly.
Edison Rante Jul 05, 2013
S class
Scuttle Buttocks Jul 05, 2013
This looks better IMHO
Will Will Jul 05, 2013
The pre-facelift was waaaay classier. And it had way more sharp edges than this, and looks newer than this.
Thai-Chau Ha Jul 05, 2013
It is classy will. Classic just like Porche.
Will Will Jul 05, 2013
Words cannot describe how ugly this thing is. Too much round edges just makes the car look outdated, even at present. Lambo was damn right, sharp edges do make a car look more modern, and prevents the car from becoming outdated that quickly.
Bala Uncc Jul 05, 2013
Looks even better in black. Beauty.