Description: The 2013 Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo season, a racing series for amateur and pro-amateur gentleman drivers, is in full swing. And during the second race of the season – a night race in Misano...
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Jacob Burford Jul 05, 2013
Value for money.....NOT!
Michael Luck Jul 05, 2013
That's just how long he took to complete his laps. He maximized his laps. Smart man!
Matt Sutton Jul 05, 2013
Where is that chris? I spent 400 and only got to take out a gallardo for 7 laps.
Gary Alaina Jul 05, 2013
Cant believe they are serious about this. You can get a 2 hour session in a stock on for like $3000-4000. Why would I pay an extra $31+ for a race car version. My gosh this is such a rip off. Only for the filthy rich.
Daniel Young Jul 05, 2013
We drove on the track for hours!
Daniel Young Jul 05, 2013
My dad one time took me to a track day, it was a blast!
xander.harper.3 Jul 05, 2013
Chris Marshall Ernst Jul 05, 2013
This is ridiculous. I spent $600 to drive a Gallardo, F430, Viper, 911, Elise, and ZR1 for an entire day. 1.5 hrs per car. And hit 152 in the Gallardo. $600!!!
Description: For that, you get a couple of practice sessions, some qualifying time and two 50-minute races in the 562-hp V10-powered race-prepped Raging Bull. Check them out and see if you can work out a way to ge...
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John Edward Santos Totah Jul 06, 2013
That automated manual shifts fucking fasttttt
Lazir Ilmar Jul 06, 2013
0:00-0:19, 1:09-1:27, 2:25-2:33 is not a lamborghini supertrofeo race car. It is a reiter lamborghini GT3 race car. Note the different rear diffuser and front lip
Ghettoslide Jul 06, 2013
lamborghini = DNF. all day.
zed06 Jul 05, 2013
lambos racing lambos, because lambos can only beat lambos.
Keith Anderson Jul 05, 2013
0:43 sounds like a pod racer.
Jimmy Janik Jul 05, 2013
Omg lamborghini in Le Mans hell yes
John Santana Jul 05, 2013
Lambo should compete in Le Mans
grant.vandoornik Jul 05, 2013
Sounds pretty much exactly like any other Gallardo. That's not a complaint.
Michael J Solimene Jul 05, 2013
What a sound
Kevin Blockley Jul 05, 2013
The change downs!! With auto rev matching , too sweet!!!
Austin Kocher Jul 05, 2013
Not a big Lambo guy, but these are cool.
Clay Griep Jul 05, 2013
Ben Knorr Jul 05, 2013
well, that was pretty epic. Those cars look insanely fast.
Daniel Young Jul 05, 2013
The start up sounds like me on the toilet.
Carlton Green Jul 05, 2013
You may think you are ready for this video. I can assure, you are not.
joshua.robbins.5249 Jul 05, 2013
Initial start up sounds great. Then after that pure, eargasm.
Edward Galligan Jul 06, 2013
It seems like its from a gran turismo game
mohd.almarzooqi Jul 05, 2013
damn nice picture just like game
John Hyland Jul 05, 2013
Love the wheels
Michael Van Heemst Jul 05, 2013
those brake discs are red hot!
Nick Schnee Jul 05, 2013
And Vipers!
Tara Fitria Jul 05, 2013
I would love to see lambo in endurance racing, going against ferraris, Porsches ,astons and vettes.