Comments - Is the New Range Rover Sport Perfect?

Published: Jul 05, 2013
Description: It’s lighter and therefore more fuel efficient than its predecessor as well as being more powerful. The new Range Rover Sport also looks better than the old model, something that’s not easy to accomp...
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Jean-Paul Grenade Jul 06, 2013
@cian - this is much nicer than an X5 (especially the new one which is hideous). In the UK BMW don't fit M&S tyres as standard so you can suffer the ignominy of being stuck in a few inches of snow in a big 4x4. The RRS just works everywhere!
Cian Mac Gearailt Jul 06, 2013
The problem is it is not a real Range Rover. If you want an SUV for the road buy an X5 if you want one for the dirt go all the way and buy a vouge don't cheap out and go half way
Sukhwinder Singh Jul 06, 2013
I was kinda sad that a Ranger rover got 500 horses from a V6 and my 335i only got 300. Now I know that it is a V8 it makes more sense. Still sad that this car can beat my 335i.
Troy Norton Jul 06, 2013
I've always liked Range Rover...but I could never own one. Over priced and way too unreliable. A 5.0 V6 is different...
Drake Nailon Jul 06, 2013
They need a new editor, there are erroneous facts all over the place. Always have been
John Chase Jul 05, 2013
The guy who designed the new explorer also designed the new range rover.
Eli Bonner Jul 05, 2013
And I thought the GTR's V6 was big...
Michael Hough Jul 05, 2013
Is this based on the explorer platform?
Mitchell Cook Jul 05, 2013
No way. The 2004 ford falcon XR6 is perfect. Look it up
trey.reilly Jul 05, 2013
its a free app that pushes out original articles every day. cut em just a little slack.
Sam Shikora Jul 05, 2013
If I had a dollar for every typo on this app, I'd be able to afford said range rover.
Bobbie Dalia Jul 05, 2013
The older version is better looking externally
John Chase Jul 05, 2013
It's a joke
Mohamad Karim Mamlouk Jul 05, 2013
The 5.0 L is the V8 not V6...
Petro Maalouf Jul 05, 2013
I think the vogue is near perfection but i didn't like the sport
Abdulla Ahmed Haji Jul 05, 2013
Yes, very perfect
Shathan Alkhalili Jul 05, 2013
I saw this range rover sport and the new F-type jaguar both heavily camouflaged in Austria ( near the Alps ) as well as a some sort of evoque special edition and took many pictures of them , carbuzz do you want the pictures to post them ?
joshua.robbins.5249 Jul 05, 2013
Typo. They always do that. proof read the articles first car buzz .
Bin Leo Zhou Jul 05, 2013
The 5 litre one is V8. Come on Carbuzz
Rueben J Yslas Jul 05, 2013
That's a big ass v6 or is that a typo?
Lee Gardner Jul 05, 2013
That's a huge v6!!
Description: The Range Rover Sport is also ridiculously luxurious and off-road capable. In other words, it won’t be any problem to pull up to a five-star hotel with it completely caked in mud; you’ll still look go...
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Jean-Paul Grenade Jul 06, 2013
You might not care about filling it up but a short range on a tank is a PITA for anybody. It's a supercharged V8 not a V6. Personally, I'd take the diesel 6 over this.
Jake Tekippe Jul 06, 2013
While this is still a great vehicle, I have to say the Non-Sport would be the one for me. It is just bigger, more roomy, and just shows what more of what Range Rovers are about. Chances are you don't care about MPG if you own a Range Rover.
themezza Jul 06, 2013
just wait for the Rs!!! evil machine, 600bhp
Tanton Stoneman Jul 05, 2013
5.0L supercharged V6 eh? I thought the straight six in the eagle speedster was big at 4.7... Lol
Mitchell Cook Jul 05, 2013
The 2004 ford falcon XR6 is little better.
Jacob Burford Jul 05, 2013
Awesome SUV! I'd much rather have it than a cayenne!
Carlton Green Jul 05, 2013
Give me a Cayenne Turbo
Michael J Solimene Jul 05, 2013
Demid Petrov Jul 05, 2013
I would still take range rober vogue kver this...
Roger Guilemany Mortimer Jul 05, 2013
Probably yes, it's perfect!
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Jul 07, 2013
Didn't like the new styling, but now I think it looks great!
Bobbie Dalia Jul 07, 2013
Looks girlie
Gary Alaina Jul 06, 2013
To bulky looking. But its ok
Jacob Burford Jul 06, 2013
@Fakir The fact that they are designed and built by Brits isn't enough for you!
Fakir Smith Jul 06, 2013
Nice, but hardly a range rover in the truest British tradition. RIP RR.
Jacob Burford Jul 05, 2013
Might not be as muscular as the last model, but it is still damn good looking!
Bruno Rocha Jul 05, 2013
The design is so much better than the vogue one! Thats my oppinion
Louai Sy Jul 05, 2013
Love every thing except the front grill
matt.piccolo.773 Jul 05, 2013
Looks awesome! id rather put my money on an evoque though. I know they're no where near the same class, but if im buying from the brand, itll be an evoque
Carlton Green Jul 05, 2013
Thats a good thing
Joshua Rutkowski Jul 05, 2013
So did LR just give up and splice an Evoque and a Range Rover together? Cause that's what it seems like.
Tyler Wallace Jul 05, 2013
the bacc is ok i love it tho
Bruno Rocha Jul 05, 2013
I find this car very attractive
Romeo Tran Jul 27, 2013
The lights look so small and stupid. The older ones more striking to look at. The new one just ruined the Range Rover series...
Lee Oleinick Jul 06, 2013
Ugh - Exhaust looks horrible and would restrict flow, therefore performance and sound.
Josiah Thomas Clements Jul 05, 2013
What the heck, the exhaust tips are tiny! Like they belong on a compact sedan.
Tyler Wallace Jul 05, 2013
i like the older one
Louai Sy Jul 05, 2013
Maybe but it looks more like a korean car the old one is more mature and classic
Bruno Rocha Jul 05, 2013
No, Jesus @Louai. This one looks so much better.
Louai Sy Jul 05, 2013
I will prefer the old one
mohd.almarzooqi Jul 05, 2013
I really hate these exhausts they really make the car look like the base model while even if you get autobiography you get the same look which really for this price suxs, I bet they are saving sportier exhaust for R model
Petro Maalouf Jul 05, 2013
Give me the gl 63 amg anytime
Michael J Solimene Jul 05, 2013
It would b cooler if the exhaust tips were a bit bigger like the previous one with square pipes
Michael Davidson Jul 05, 2013
It's like a bigger and better Evoque.
Josiah Thomas Clements Jul 05, 2013
Yea, I feel like it needs a thicker steering wheel.
Ray Thomas Jul 05, 2013
Don't like the leather on the steering wheel
Jacob Burford Jul 05, 2013
I like everything about this interior except that shifter! Why don't they use the one on the Evoque?
Carlton Green Jul 05, 2013
Maybe thats why they no longer own them
timothyhubert1 Jul 05, 2013
the Explorer has styling cues similar to Range Rover but in person the Range Rover looks like a RR. Ford took the brands it solds cues to improve their own lineup like the aston style grills on fords cars and the fusion's jagusr esque styling. Im still amazed though how ford owned 3 prestigious luxury brands and still cant make Lincoln s competitive
Samuel Wilson Close Jul 05, 2013
Standard RR, sorry.
Matt White Jul 05, 2013
Do you mean this one (the sport) or the standard range rover?
joshua.robbins.5249 Jul 05, 2013
It does have a close profile to the new Ford explorer. But it does looks a Lil more sporty. IMO anyway.
Samuel Wilson Close Jul 05, 2013
The new 2014 Range Rover IMO does not look better than the outgoing Range Rover. To be quite honest, the new Range Rover looks like the new Ford Explorer.