Comments - Fiat Abarth Gets the Novitec Treatment

Published: Jul 05, 2013
Description: If you want a Cinquecento with a bit more attitude, the Fiat Abarth is the model of choice. However for those that demand a little bit more firms like Novitec can oblige. Put together by the boys at ...
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Bob Billy Jul 06, 2013
Comon really......maybe not in the city but in a place where everyone is on about escorts and imprezas they are girly but I do like them
juan.t.garcia.92 Jul 06, 2013
@Charlie doesn't it already have a LSD?
trey.reilly Jul 05, 2013
A blacked out DS3 is baller for either gender. BUT I've never seen one in person since I'm stateside...
frank.schneller Jul 05, 2013
In my experacnce the MM piggy back bumps power to around 196hp and 215ft/lbs at the wheels.
Nick Schnee Jul 05, 2013
The DS3 is not girly. At all.
Cory Deines Jul 05, 2013
Charlie, that's easily solved by installing an LSD.
giancarlo.dilorenzo.18 Jul 05, 2013
giancarlo.dilorenzo.18 Jul 05, 2013
the miata is girly too but they're awesome on the track. you guys should do a segment on girly cars guys rrally want to drive.
Bob Billy Jul 05, 2013
Who cares? The 500 drives.....terrible but that's what makes it good apparently and I'd love to own won but it is a bit too the ds3 cool but way too feminine
Charlie Padgett Jul 05, 2013
The problem with tuning 500s is u can only put so much power through the front wheels before it under steers way much and torque steers like crazy
Cory Deines Jul 05, 2013
You're not going to tell us how much power?
Dan Anton Jul 05, 2013
What were the results of the upgrades?
Stephen Cobbs Jul 05, 2013
Your Drunk!
Matt Burgess Jul 05, 2013
Fiesta ST!
Edward Galligan Jul 06, 2013
Love it
James Salaba Jul 06, 2013
I still adore this baby!
juan.t.garcia.92 Jul 06, 2013
a black or red Abarth is a hairy chested mans car
trey.reilly Jul 05, 2013
Mitchell. twat is a slang for the female genitalia. its english...broaden your vocab bro.
Mitchell Cook Jul 05, 2013
Jenni. Please. English.
Jacob Burford Jul 05, 2013
The regular 500 is a chick car, but the Abarth in black is a different story!
Nick Schnee Jul 05, 2013
Daniel, Google is your friend.
Zuhair H Hafiz Jul 05, 2013
good car
Daniel Zizka Jul 05, 2013
I had a question that has nothing to do with this pic but please bare with me : how many 500 Tributo Ferrari were made, and were any of them convertible ?
Gary Alaina Jul 05, 2013
Such a cool chicks car! I'd love to buy the misses one but they pretty expensive.
Edward Galligan Jul 06, 2013
This is such a hot hatchback
juan.t.garcia.92 Jul 06, 2013
@Fakir that's what Italians are supposed to do, their cars arnt supposed to be senseable, their made with a soul and with passion, the Germans have the cars that work
Fakir Smith Jul 06, 2013
This car is such a joke. Overpriced. Too small. Horrible mpg for its size.
trey.reilly Jul 05, 2013
I like em. little too small for me though.
Nick Sti Jul 05, 2013
Saw one of these yesterday night. They sound so good <3
Kieran Ward Jul 05, 2013
Looks good
Edward Galligan Jul 06, 2013
They are awesome