Description: The 1913 Alpine Trial, or “Alpenfahrt,” was the most demanding test of a car’s engineering in the early days of motoring. So when four Silver Ghosts dominated the event, Rolls-Royce was declared the ...
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Thomas William Tuer-sipos Jul 07, 2013
Haha that's what I was thinking
aaron.samuels.184 Jul 05, 2013
Trying to be mature.... screw it: Alpen Fart hahaha.
Josh C. Williams Jul 06, 2013
I love these kinds of cars. Although if I owned one, I'd be too scared to hurt it.
Description: Having crisscrossed through five countries, the intrepid owners, including British Royalty, Lords, Ladies and Ambassadors, completed the adventure in Vienna, Austria, where the original competitors fi...
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Will Will Jul 06, 2013
@demid I take it as cursing is your hobby? I said IMO, didnt I?
Demid Petrov Jul 06, 2013
Will is a complete idiot, no one asked for your opinion... If u like phantom more, it doesnt mean everyone like phantom better...
David Lee Jul 05, 2013
Also, I'm sorry for being an arrogant douchenozzle.
David Lee Jul 05, 2013
I prefer the M5, Veyron and the Ghost. So, that's 2/3.
Will Will Jul 05, 2013
Also, it appears that you Americans always prefer short small cars to the bigger ones. You prefer the ghost over the phantom, the venom over the veyron, and you give the BMW 1M more attention and praise than a m3 or m5.
Will Will Jul 05, 2013
And IMO I prefer the looks of the phantom. Its looks is the perfect blend of heritage and modern styling. The ghost has too little heritage in its design. Park both together, and the ghost looks awfully cheap.
Will Will Jul 05, 2013
Abt to call the wraith a car worthy of the ghost nameplate.
Will Will Jul 05, 2013
Priced car. In short, the ghost doesn't live up to its name. The wraith might be more suitable for the ghost nameplate, but until I see sponsor logos and racing livery plastered on it and being sent to serious racing events (eg 24hr Le Mans), I'm not
Will Will Jul 05, 2013
Is only good for outrunning paparazzi. The ghost has some impressive performance stats, but while the silver ghosts were serious contenders to look out for in a race, you wouldn't need to look out for a ghost if you were racing it in a similarly
Will Will Jul 05, 2013
Ok, I didn't see that the ghost shared the same nameplate as the silver ghosts. My bad, sry. But seriously, the silver ghosts share nothing in common with the present ghost, except the name. The silver ghosts were mean race cars, while the ghost
Jacob Burford Jul 05, 2013
Love the ghost! I'd much rather have it or the new wraith than a phantom!
David Lee Jul 05, 2013
Hey Will, what does the event have? Silver GHOSTS. IT'S A FUCKING GHOST.
Chris Marshall Ernst Jul 05, 2013
They are driving a special commemorative Ghost made by RR to celebrate the 100th anniversary of this run. The 1913 cars were Ghosts. It's all in the article folks.
Spencer Warkentin Jul 05, 2013
I would choose the Ghost regardless of how much money I had, I just saw a Ghost and a Phantom back to back in Toronto yesterday and the Ghosts just look a lot better in my opinion.
Daniel Zizka Jul 05, 2013
You're not wrong @Demid, not wrong at all
Demid Petrov Jul 05, 2013
Will u r a stupid fuck, whats wrong with you? Some people prefer ghost because of more modern looks.... If you own ghost u defintely can afford phantom
Will Will Jul 05, 2013
@andrew then why didnt he take the phantom instead?
Andrew McNeal Jul 05, 2013
@will this is supposed to commemorate the original 1913 race. I very seriously doubt the guy is anywhere close to being poor.
Gary Alaina Jul 05, 2013
Don't like the colour at all.
Will Will Jul 05, 2013
Guys in the ghost too poor to get a phantom?
Danny Cohen Jul 06, 2013
Its so ugly,,,not relevant car It look like a joke
Josh C. Williams Jul 06, 2013
Rolls-Royce should be proud, of how well they have kept the heritage alive... They have styled their cars flawlessly, and carefully, keeping the old visual features alive, and well.
Andrew McNeal Jul 05, 2013
Cars from the same time period have always looked similar
Nick Sti Jul 05, 2013
Chrysler 300? :P Cars look so similar these days. Especially on the rear ends: same tail light shape and flat trunk & bumper lines with very round roof
phillthegman Jul 05, 2013
chity chity bang bang....
aaron.samuels.184 Jul 05, 2013
looks like an ultra luxurious canoe lol
Michael Page Jul 05, 2013
This one is awesome
James Salaba Jul 06, 2013
The roof is like a hat!
Jommel Marcella Jul 05, 2013
Marco Tomaselli Jul 05, 2013
This is just awesome. Amazing weather, amazing cars and an amazing road to drive them on. This is the life..
Jacob Burford Jul 05, 2013
Agree with both
Connor Scanlon Jul 05, 2013
Agreed this is gorgeous
suzuki.gixer.9 Jul 05, 2013
My favourite. Grand touring in style.
Danny Cohen Jul 06, 2013
I wish i could afford such life