Comments - The First Pagani Cinque Shows its Greatness

Published: Jul 03, 2013
Description: Pagani regularly claims that it’s done building Zondas and will focus its time entirely on the new Huayra. Thing is, there still seems to be plenty of wealthy buyers who want a Zonda added to their c...
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Zeus Mocha Jul 03, 2013
I hope he still runs then till I can afford one.
Description: Just 10 Cinques were built, five with and five without fixed roofs. Power comes from a V12 that produces 669 horsepower and is paired with a six-speed gearbox. The video below shows car number one of ...
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joshua.robbins.5249 Jul 04, 2013
I love the sound of that AMG hand built V12. If I could have any super car it would be a Zonda hands down.
Jessop Tiedeken Jul 04, 2013
@ Brandon: I couldn't agree enough
Aaron Abely Jul 03, 2013
Exhaust pipe length has a lot to do with it as well. These are short. Pretty much every cam profile out there allows for SOME overlap. But the flames are dissipated long before they reach the end of the tail pipe.
Aaron Abely Jul 03, 2013
Is from this overlap.
Aaron Abely Jul 03, 2013
To get by while the exhaust valve is open. Without emissions equipment on the exhaust it is common. And also common on higher performance cars even with those emission intact (though maybe not flames) the cracking and pop you hear on V8s and turbos
Aaron Abely Jul 03, 2013
@ Gary and the Tacoma post: these flames are a result of in burnt fuel hitting hot exhaust pipes. It's not detrimental though. It's a byproduct of cams with enough overlap in the valves to allow a little overrun and a lot of fuel
Jeffrey D. Bissonnette Jul 03, 2013
Josh, just turn the ringer on with the side button.
Jacob Burford Jul 03, 2013
The word Zonda sounds good just to say! Of course the car will make a great exhaust noise!
Josh Thomas Moothart Jul 03, 2013
iPhone 5 isn't compatible with any video audio on this app and it's pissing me off
Michael J Solimene Jul 03, 2013
Fabrice Hendrick Jul 03, 2013
Best sound after the Lexus LFA!
Brandon Broussard Jul 03, 2013
Honestly, the "vroom, Vroom, VRoom, VROOOM" got annoying after awhile. Nice long revs sound healthier and just better.
Lou Guerrero Jul 03, 2013
I bet that's all this car ever will do. Pop a few flames them back on display.
Braxton Omgbased Booker Jul 03, 2013
@mitch your tacoma also has very restrictive cats and isnt a race engine so id hope it doesnt spit flames
Oleg Odessit Jul 03, 2013
Hello Fire Department? You are not gona believe this
Zeus Mocha Jul 03, 2013
The definition of amazing.
Jeric Lacuna Jul 03, 2013
Best sound for me!
Jul 03, 2013
I think it has better sound than Huayra
Tim Hooker Jul 03, 2013
Maybe the volume on my phone is messed up cause I wasn't feelin that sound
Mitch Campbell Jul 03, 2013
If flames starting coming out of my Tacoma, I'd head straight to the dealer to find out why it is dumping unburnt fuel out the pipe.
Gary Alaina Jul 03, 2013
Is that not bad for the engine? I know its practically a race engine but.... Don't think I'd do that to my car.
Aaron Abely Jul 04, 2013
Because its a v architecture motor. That side of it had unburnt fuel get into it.
Quinn Rogers Jul 03, 2013
This is awesome but definately wouldn't spend over a million dollars on it.
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jul 03, 2013
Why are only 2 are spitting flames?
John Hyland Jul 03, 2013
Definitely in my top 5
Jessop Tiedeken Jul 04, 2013
@ Tin: Agreed
Jacob Burges Jul 03, 2013
Ehh.. I would take all the Veyrons, then sell em. Then buy one of these :D
Dillon Dixon Jul 03, 2013
Pretty much my super out of this world dream car. I would be extremely happy just to see a Cinque in person! I think I'd pass out from excitement!
Jacob Burford Jul 03, 2013
Godly car!
Jorge Gonzalez Jul 03, 2013
Real funny.
Brittany Sawyer Jul 03, 2013
Someone told me it mightve been aluminum but yeah, i think you might be right. Lead makes so much more sense
Justin Mancuso Jul 03, 2013
Honestly I'd take a Zonda F, something about this car is a little to much and j think its the paint job forsome reason. Bug pagani is my fav car company and ill take and Zonda over 10 bugattis all day.
David Lee Jul 03, 2013
The only problem with this and other Pagani cars for me are the rims. They're hideous, but the car is beautiful.
Carlos Galicia Jul 03, 2013
I thought it was lead?
Casimir Le Grand Jul 03, 2013
I believe it is iron actually
Will Will Jul 03, 2013
Nah its white chocolate, you should give it a try.
Brittany Sawyer Jul 03, 2013
The white is also carbon fiber but painted, right?
Zeus Mocha Jul 03, 2013
760 RS is the best so far. But i'd take any as well
Tin Nguyen Jul 03, 2013
I don't care which zonda. Just give me one and I'd happy.
Zachary Bearb Jul 03, 2013
Favorite as well
Luke Purdy Jul 03, 2013
My favourite Zonda, so perfect
suzuki.gixer.9 Jul 03, 2013
Sooo special. Everything a hypercar should be.
Dylan Bruder Jul 03, 2013
Great shot