Comments - Range Rover LWB is Enormous

Published: Jul 03, 2013
Description: For those that insist bigger is better, the new extended-wheelbase Range Rover recently spotted by our intrepid spy photographer could be their dream car. Wearing less camo than when we last spied th...
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Carlos Dorantes Jul 03, 2013
15cm more?? I would not call that enormous.
David Lee Jul 03, 2013
Fakir, why would it want to be an unrefined pile?
Jacob Burford Jul 03, 2013
@Fakir Why would it want to be a lower class car?
Fakir Smith Jul 03, 2013
Suburban wannabe.
Jacob Lerklint Jul 03, 2013
I love the new rr, its great, but the new rr sport is a little bit weird
glenn.gillies.5 Jul 03, 2013
these used too have an Aggressive look, now its a big silly looking Evoque..And I love Land Rover/Range Rover, just not the recent Evoque or new Range Rover
Description: And customers in markets like Russia and China, where extended versions of luxury models serve as status symbols over standard-wheelbase models, will be falling over themselves to get the LWB Range Ro...
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Keith Anderson Jul 04, 2013
Why even bother with camo?
Callum Russell Jul 04, 2013
In comparison, i'd have to say i prefer the last gen range rover styling wise. This isnt bad but there was something about the last one that did it for me..
Kyle Jones Jul 04, 2013
First the the flex?! Come on.....
KyHoBro951 Jul 04, 2013
basically a bigger ford flex but I think the flex is better even though I don't like ford lol
Ryan Delano Thomas Jul 03, 2013
Suburban size. Should have third row though
Tin Nguyen Jul 03, 2013
Too low. It would look good with a lift kit. Imagine that.
Jacob Burford Jul 03, 2013
Agree Carlton
Timothy Alexander Jul 03, 2013
Any longer and it'll look like a hearse ;)
Fabián Ruiz Madriz Jul 03, 2013
Suv lemo
Carlton Salmon Jul 03, 2013
It's so big it almost looks photoshopped!
Kyle McCullough Jul 03, 2013
@Fakir they may have lost their soul, in your opinion. I think they're just a company who evolved with the times to stay profitable. You can't run a losing business just to preserve the perceived "soul" of a company
Jacob Burford Jul 03, 2013
@Fakir I'm yet to find a car that you have something positive to say about!
Fakir Smith Jul 03, 2013
Won't ever go offroad anyway so why not. Land rovers are worse than jeeps now. They so lost their soul and passion. Their roots. RIP British land rover. You poonjob now!
Thomas Messina Jul 03, 2013
It's definitely wumbo
Justin Harris Jul 03, 2013
Does the w stand for wumbo?
Josh Myers Jul 03, 2013
I agree with Timothy
timothyhubert1 Jul 03, 2013
it would make sense to have a lwb model for a third row seat in the us instead of second row leg room
mohd.almarzooqi Jul 03, 2013
I guess it will be perfect choice for family in America or middle east, but price is something else
Rohil Chauhan Jul 03, 2013
There is no way you can actually use this whale on uk roads. It's practically an SUV limousine!
Gary Dunphy Jul 03, 2013
I'd be surprised if there are many car parks in the UK where you could fit this in!
Zeus Mocha Jul 03, 2013
It looks good
mohd.almarzooqi Jul 03, 2013
This is too much lol
Droops Asistio Jul 03, 2013
3rd row seating?