Comments - New Subaru WRX STI Trim is a Solid Sendoff

Published: Jul 03, 2013
Description: What you’re looking at will more than likely be the last version of the current generation WRX before its replacement arrives later this year or early next. The 2013 WRX STI tS TYPE RA features a num...
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Nick Sti Jul 04, 2013
William Downs Jul 04, 2013
White also, was the color of mine before it was totaled
Frankie Ferreira Jul 04, 2013
Hmmm black
Daniel Zizka Jul 03, 2013
THE WRX STi IS BLUE WITH GOLD WHEELS !!! Not orange ! Honestly I can't think of another color that fits better the sedan Impreza than blue !
matt.piccolo.773 Jul 03, 2013
lol @ the name
Jul 03, 2013
Too long and complicated name
Luke Purdy Jul 03, 2013
That is a lot of capital letters
Nick Rowe Jul 03, 2013
And I thought saying Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SV was a handful..
Tyrone Smith Jul 05, 2013
I meant imprezas, mostly. I agree that the tribeca is not very pretty.
Stephen Krane Jul 04, 2013
@tyrone I love subies and I own a wrx but the tribeca is very ugly
timothy.chen.5439 Jul 04, 2013
Tyrone Smith Jul 04, 2013
UGLY?!? What?! No subaru has ever been ugly. These are certainly a one of a kind car from a well respected company.
Jay York Jul 04, 2013
Kinda sick of the ugly comments, I know it's just an opinion! I have a 2013 STi black with black after market rims and get a lot of head turns & compliments. Very sinister looking.
William Downs Jul 04, 2013
There bland and generic.... What other car looks like an Sti, or a wax or even a regular IMPREZA.... H Ohh yeah that rite none of then
Tracy Keiser Dron Jul 04, 2013
love em, they sound amazing even with stock exhaust....
Stephen Krane Jul 03, 2013
You're ugly
Fakir Smith Jul 03, 2013
It is ugly. It's bland and generic. Only reason to own one is the performance which is useless 90% of the time. Subaru had something going with the bug eyed one and the aviator grill, but they caved to pressure from people who didn't like it.
Jacob Burford Jul 03, 2013
Yes please
Kyle Kloewer Jul 03, 2013
Antonio Falsetti Jul 03, 2013
I think these look great
Peter Mark Gacek Jul 03, 2013
@stephen you're correct I was talking about the interior. I had to have the rear windshield and some other odd things replaced on mine under warranty, small quibbles but nothing too serious to complain about. The mechanics of the car are superb!
john.atkinson.5688476 Jul 03, 2013
I feel like people say its ugly because its popular to say, especially people who let top gear think for them. I have a blue 2011 wrx and always get compliments on the cars looks.
Willie McGonagill Jul 03, 2013
I was test driving the John Cooper Works Mini the other day and this car was brought up in conversation. He said to me "you have to admit it is one of the ugliest cars available". Then silence. Most awkward test drive ever.
matt.piccolo.773 Jul 03, 2013
I love the sti!
Nick Sti Jul 03, 2013
Ah, I love these to death
Garrett Murrell Jul 03, 2013
I might get one of these.
Louai Sy Jul 03, 2013
I like this car its very well engineered and pretty good looking, im impressed by the new one tho, looks fantastic
Stephen Krane Jul 03, 2013
@peter what corners are cut. I know the interior isn't great but the quality is there all around
James Salaba Jul 03, 2013
Nice car, love the front!
Peter Mark Gacek Jul 03, 2013
Fantastic car, although Subaru cuts some corners on their quality, but that's what I expect for $30k, a fantastic driver's car with all the practicality and the bare necessities. I regret giving mine to my brother...
Gary Alaina Jul 03, 2013
My bro has this car in blue! Very nice to driver 😀
Zeus Mocha Jul 03, 2013
Yup, I'm equal with the Evo as well. The two are really great looking cars. Very reliable cars as well.
Ethan Amo Jul 03, 2013
Yeah I agree with joe too..I can't stand overdone cars
Bruce Tumblin Jul 03, 2013
Yep! Yep!
Matt Burgess Jul 03, 2013
I agree 100% with joe
Joe Swetz Jul 03, 2013
I've always favored american muscle but to me these are just beautiful. Especially like this when they aren't overdone
Oscar Galvan Jul 03, 2013
Personally I think this car looks great
Dylan Bruder Jul 03, 2013
This wasn't a very good looking car from the get go was a let down for me when it came out
Description: In addition, buyers can add the NBR Challenge Package that tacks on a carbon-fiber rear wing, BBS forged aluminum wheels, and Alcantara bucket seats. That package is meant to commemorate Subaru’s 2013...
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Aaron Abely Jul 03, 2013
Most of all of subarus special WRX/STI variants have all been Japan only. With a couple getting allowed into Europe. It's just something Subaru does.
matt.piccolo.773 Jul 03, 2013
Well that was a let down
Sean Scanlon Jul 03, 2013
Anymore power???
Leigh Martin Jul 03, 2013
I don't understand some car companies. If the US is 50-60 percent of your market, why so they always make special additions only available outside the US? We will get free Nav. I bet.
Bruce Tumblin Jul 03, 2013
So none for U.S. huh!
Max Ignatyev Jul 04, 2013
I think it looks great overall.
William Downs Jul 04, 2013
That's just how they Are, the inside of the trunk is pretty big though
Justin Mancuso Jul 04, 2013
Yeah that trunk looks tiny
Jessop Tiedeken Jul 04, 2013
It looks a little to boxy?...big I don't know? Otherwise I love it!
Antonio Falsetti Jul 03, 2013
Antonio Falsetti Jul 03, 2013
Is the trunk lid sopposed to be that small?
Justin Mancuso Jul 03, 2013
Reminds me of the C63
Lou Guerrero Jul 03, 2013
I hate the back end.
matt.piccolo.773 Jul 03, 2013
stock wing looks better. And I think the wheels look off just because of the angle. You can barely see them
Cam Heaney Jul 03, 2013
Thought this was a clk AMG when I first saw it
Stephen Krane Jul 03, 2013
This angle does make the wheels look small. But I love that wing, looks great and functional
andrew.gombac Jul 03, 2013
So nice.
Taylor Garry Jul 03, 2013
Looks so chunky in the rear
Will Killoran Jul 03, 2013
It looks like they didn't pay too much attention to aesthetics, which is why it looks pretty cool.
suzuki.gixer.9 Jul 03, 2013
Way too fussy around the arches. Arch/wheel ratio is all wrong somehow.
Carlton Salmon Jul 03, 2013
Would've looked better in traditional blue with gold wheels.
M Faidhi Fareez Jul 05, 2013
I never admire the tail lights. Prefer the 8 and 9th version. But the front part is the best out of all STi's.
Aaron Abely Jul 03, 2013
Normally not a Japanese car guy. But I have loved WRX/STIs since the bugeye. Just great cars. Never cared much for the Evo. But that's cause I've had a Mitsubishi powered car... And it was NOT good. So Subaru it is for me.
Ray Thomas Jul 03, 2013
Spoiler look cheap
Jacob Burford Jul 03, 2013
Awesome rear
matt.piccolo.773 Jul 03, 2013
andrew.gombac Jul 03, 2013
Dat arse.
andrew.bolinger Jul 03, 2013
absolutely beautiful
suzuki.gixer.9 Jul 03, 2013
...though this angle looks pretty good!
Luke Purdy Jul 03, 2013
Looks awesome!
aaron.samuels.184 Jul 03, 2013
love the quad exhaust on this beast
Aaron Abely Jul 04, 2013
Easy killer, I didn't know the 2.5 was used in other markets. Americans have a stigma on small displacement motors thats thankfully starting to change. That stigma prompted Subaru to hop up their 2.5 and sell it here. Was unaware y'all had it
conan45 Jul 04, 2013
I did not realize that England was part of America. the 2.5 flat 4 has been in the WRX over here since they attempted to take on the Focus and stuffed it up with that crappy hatchback
Aaron Abely Jul 03, 2013
It's the 2.0L. The 2.5 is in America only I believe.
john.atkinson.5688476 Jul 03, 2013
Yeah, but since this edition is japan only, I would assume it will use the current 2.0L JDM engine.
conan45 Jul 03, 2013
if it's based on the WRX then it will prob use the WRX engine that has been in yes for the last few years which is the 2.5 turbocharged boxer 4 cylinder
john.atkinson.5688476 Jul 03, 2013
The JDM STi uses a 2.0 L, I believe
conan45 Jul 03, 2013
it will be with the 2.5 flat 4
Antonio Falsetti Jul 03, 2013
8000 rpm redline? Is this the 2.0 liter engine?
Austin Whitener Jul 03, 2013
VVV made my day
Justin Mancuso Jul 03, 2013
Why can't we all drive mclaren F1s and all be happy?
Bobaloo Anderson Jul 03, 2013
Proper side
Lizmary Mendoza Jul 03, 2013
I didn't know there was a correct side. I thought it would be in the middle.
Barry Liu Jul 03, 2013
Correct side
Stephen Krane Jul 03, 2013
VV wrong side
conan45 Jul 03, 2013
thats good to see. the steering wheel is on the correct side.
Aaron Abely Jul 05, 2013
I say FMIC and switch that scoop around to a functional vent for heat to escape. Yahtzee.
Jorge Gonzalez Jul 05, 2013
Yea, the cooler the incoming intake charge the better because like Aaron said cold air contains more oxygen molecules. Plus a front mount looks way better.
Aaron Abely Jul 04, 2013
Also considering its a flat 4 and sits entirely in front of the front axle the weight being centered over top or out front isn't too big of a difference. It's a 63% front weight bias as is. Intercooler in font may raise that 1%.
Aaron Abely Jul 04, 2013
But what's the trade off? In a turbo, air density is the big key to performance. Wouldn't the small amount of we hit added from a FMIC be better with its superior cooling ability? Lag with a twin scroll is pretty minimal as is. Just wondering btw.
Nick Sti Jul 04, 2013
And it reduces lag/ increases throttle response
William Downs Jul 04, 2013
Keeps the weight centered on te engine, its a balance thing... A stupid one but that's why, that's and it also has to do with manufacturing process
Aaron Abely Jul 03, 2013
Exacary! I will never quite understand why they insist on doing top mounts. It's an engine... Engines are hot. Heat rises.
Jorge Gonzalez Jul 03, 2013
That works, or you can just get a front mount.
Aaron Abely Jul 03, 2013
Yes it is.
Antonio Falsetti Jul 03, 2013
Is that water spraying on the intercooler?
Lou Guerrero Jul 03, 2013
Beat the heat
Braxton Omgbased Booker Jul 03, 2013
Quality looks top notch
Tara Fitria Jul 03, 2013
Looks better than the standard wing. I like these cars
Bruce Tumblin Jul 03, 2013
I always did hate the large wing on cars!
Aaron Abely Jul 03, 2013
One of my favorite things about this car is all the little scoops and vents are functional. That doesn't happen on cars costing twice as much most of the time.
Antonio Falsetti Jul 03, 2013
Aaron Abely Jul 03, 2013
Ehh captain slow can shut it. This isn't one of his GT shouldn't be a track car types. It IS a track car. It's also happy to do everyday driving.
Cody Keser Jul 03, 2013
James May would not approve haha
Justin Mancuso Jul 03, 2013
Can someone tell me why all car companies use the 24hr version instead of the one they use for lap times???
Edward Galligan Jul 03, 2013
My neighbour has that on his vw Bora.....