Comments - Massive Ferrari Parade At Spa Francorchamps

Published: Jul 03, 2013
Description: For most people, even some Ferrari owners, getting to see just one Ferrari can be exciting. For these people, Ferrari Owners Days at the Spa Francorcamps circuit in Belgium is a near religious experi...
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porschyis.junk Aug 02, 2013
beautiful model of ferrari
porschyis.junk Aug 02, 2013
ferrari is the number one
porschyis.junk Aug 02, 2013
ferrari is the best
Killian Wright Jul 03, 2013
Is the silver paint with orange stripe that's on the 458 on the cover photo like a special color?
Dennis Choong Jul 03, 2013
@Gary- you've got a Ferrari before 50?
Will Will Jul 03, 2013
If being 50+ means I can afford a ferrari, then I want to be 50 right now!
Gary Alaina Jul 03, 2013
What's the average age of these guys? 50+ lol
Description: The video does come in at over 18 minutes, and admittedly, not much is happening for a lot of that time. But still, Ferraris are pretty.
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James Hernandez Aug 17, 2013
Mike Railton Jul 04, 2013
Jacob Burford Jul 03, 2013
What a sight!
Jermaine Whiteheaad Jul 03, 2013
It's heaven on earth
Will Will Jul 03, 2013
Enzo>laferrari>599gto>f12>599gtb >458>f430>...............>California. Although I feel kinda tempted to put 458>599gtb, I just can't make up my mind!
aaron.samuels.184 Jul 03, 2013
@Zeus I believe I concur. maybe not the F12 and 599, but definitely everything else.
Zeus Mocha Jul 03, 2013
599 GTO > F12 > F430 Scuderia > Italia
Fakir Smith Jul 03, 2013
Ugly Ferraris right thar.
Casimir Le Grand Jul 03, 2013
And there are no rear lights + a rear wkng
Ben Brosh Jul 03, 2013
No, a 599xx has a much bigger body kit. Also, as it basically has no exhaust system, I doubt they would even let it drive
Yusuf Abdelrahman Khalaf Jul 03, 2013
That's a 599xx
Justin Mancuso Jul 03, 2013
Ill take that yellow spider
Lou Guerrero Jul 03, 2013
So do I but a Rosso Corsa GTB with a manual will suite me perfectly.
aaron.samuels.184 Jul 03, 2013
loves the looks of the 599 GTO!
dillon.delricco Jul 03, 2013
there's at least 5
Ben Hislop Jul 03, 2013
(Heaven's Choir) Alleluia!
Tim Hooker Jul 03, 2013
The f12s are easy to spot cause their panties are showing
Justin Mancuso Jul 03, 2013
@Justin I never noticed that lol
Bobaloo Anderson Jul 03, 2013
The FF is so sexy
aaron.samuels.184 Jul 03, 2013
@justin lmao that would be too funny!
Justin Harris Jul 03, 2013
If you photoshopped this pic to pitch black and only showed the rear headlights I'd be freaked out lol
Willie McGonagill Jul 03, 2013
Dat FF
aaron.samuels.184 Jul 03, 2013
also, really liking that blue F12 Berlinetta!
aaron.samuels.184 Jul 03, 2013
nice concave rims on the 599 in front of the California.