Description: Aimed at supercar owners in need of a special track day toy, the Aspiron is an open-top two-seater created by Czech-based Corvette-tuner Innotech that will make its debut at the Goodwood Festival of ...
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Cameron Vandygriff Jul 04, 2013
That's in like its in 3 of the 4 fastest cars in the world
Lee Gardner Jul 03, 2013
Hey there's those reliable powerful chevorlet engines again!
Jacob Burford Jul 03, 2013
Not a huge C6 fan, but it does look nice in orange.
Craig Lafey Jul 03, 2013
I want that vette!!!!!
Fakir Smith Jul 03, 2013
I don't know which is uglier.
Brittany Sawyer Jul 03, 2013
Whats the point of having two seats if there gonna be that close
Justin Mancuso Jul 03, 2013
Mini Caparo
Dillon Dixon Jul 03, 2013
I would do many, many things to get that Corvette. I would personally remove those aero wings though. Even though, they probably are functional. But seriously, that is one sexy Z06!
Lou Guerrero Jul 03, 2013
Definitely some GTO influence.
Braxton Omgbased Booker Jul 03, 2013
Lol @gary just found out how to use emojis huh?
Tara Fitria Jul 03, 2013
Looks like the vette was inspired by the 599 gto as far as those active aero bits or buttresses or whatever they are called.
Rocco DePerno Jul 03, 2013
What's up with that buttress on the back of the vette?
Colby Church Jul 03, 2013
Yeah, that's a pretty Vette. I wouldn't mind having them both.
Dylan Bruder Jul 03, 2013
That z06 is sick
Gary Alaina Jul 03, 2013
Sorry zo6 😓
Gary Alaina Jul 03, 2013
Jeez that zr1 looks good, especially in that orange, dam!!! 😛
Michael Luck Jul 03, 2013
Tell me more about that corvette.
Description: From the 500-hp 6.2-liter LS3 taken from a base Vette to the ZR1’s LS9 upgraded to 1,000-hp, buyers can even request custom built engines based on LS racing blocks. Depending on spec, the Aspiron weig...
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Dillon Dixon Jul 03, 2013
All he said was a better power to weight ratio than the Veyron. He never said it was better. This car is faster, that's a fact. Especially on a track. Wether you think it's better or not, that's up to you.
Michael Page Jul 03, 2013
This isn't the 90's anymore. Ze Germans aren't making anything better than anyone else. They just charge more.
Justin Tucker Jul 03, 2013
Who says a high quality car has to be German and complex? There is a heck of a lot more to go wrong on the veyron than this thing. It's so simple
Michael J Solimene Jul 03, 2013
6 speed manual. Good stuff.
Oleg Odessit Jul 03, 2013
Do you people realize this isnt street legal? How can you compare this to Bugatti?
Jason W. Evers Jul 03, 2013
Czech-based = higher quality than Germany?? Idiots.
Tim Hooker Jul 03, 2013
Well veyron 2 mil. This not 2 mil. This wins.
David Parenti Jul 03, 2013
And Brian, there's also a serious price difference here. I'm willing to bet that this is built to a higher quality than a Veyron. You can slam that LS9 with many more miles than you can put on a Veyron.
David Parenti Jul 03, 2013
VVV give me this over they Veyron any day of the week.
Dylan Bruder Jul 03, 2013
Yeah doesn't seem like a bad deal at all
Demid Petrov Jul 03, 2013
That's a good price IMO, it has bigger power to weight ratio than a veyron!
Mike Johannason Jul 04, 2013
@daniel its not street legal and is relatively new yet you saw it in a wierd color on the road
Jacob Burford Jul 03, 2013
Looks sweet
Craig Lafey Jul 03, 2013
This is a kool little car.
Daniel Young Jul 03, 2013
I saw a lime green one of these on the road yesterday in Orlando, I was amazed!
Jul 03, 2013
It says track day toy Usually people drive cars that are focused on tracks but road legally drivable cars like Caterham or X-Bow Though it is track day car, it doesn't mean that it should not be a road legal vehicle
Craig Smith Jul 03, 2013
Was just thinking that Shawn!
Shawn Sullivan Jul 03, 2013
I'm not certain but I think I "read" that this is a track car. Thus the lack of lights and indicators. I think it actually says track car right in the title? What is with not reading a little
Thai-Chau Ha Jul 03, 2013
It is not hard to add lights and Proper esthetics. Look so much fun to be in. Go kart days on steroid.
Spencer Warkentin Jul 03, 2013
I would most definitely die within twenty minutes of owning one, but it would be an awesome twenty minutes.
Ryan Gasparro Jul 03, 2013
Ryan Gasparro Jul 03, 2013
Looks pretty aick
Jul 03, 2013
No lights or indicators.. so it seems to be road illegal but looks like a fun car to drive!
Dylan Bruder Jul 03, 2013
Could be a good day of fun
Thai-Chau Ha Jul 03, 2013
This should be the main car in Fast and Furious 7. The car that most cars look up to.
Ryan Gasparro Jul 03, 2013
Back looks cool
Saajan Patel Jul 03, 2013
I kno its a trackday car but so is the ariel atom and caparo t1 and they hav those features jus incase
Connor Scanlon Jul 03, 2013
The front hood is a little boring IMO
Craig Smith Jul 03, 2013
@Saajan.... It's a track day car!!!!!
Sergio Montelongo Jul 03, 2013
Caparo more refined??? It caught fire more than once
Ryan Gasparro Jul 03, 2013
Pretty cool trackday car definately an eye catcher
Saajan Patel Jul 03, 2013
No headlights or tailights
Dylan Bruder Jul 03, 2013
Alot more expensive though
Sam Oglesby Jul 03, 2013
The Caparo was more refined looked better was lighter I think to
suzuki.gixer.9 Jul 03, 2013
Looks like a carbon-copy of the Caparo T1.
Thai-Chau Ha Jul 03, 2013
In husky deep batman voice "this is Bruce. I need a few of these. One in all carbon and titanium, a larger wing, single seater, black out paint, GPS with find my batmobile app, and iPod compatible please. You take cash?"