Comments - DMC Reveals SV Aventador #2

Published: Jul 03, 2013
Description: German tuner DMC followed up its LP900 styling and performance kit for the Aventador with a second set of updates dubbed the LP900 SV Limited Edition. Only ten sets will be made, limited to owners of...
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Brant Sacker Jul 03, 2013
Aadil Hafiz Jul 03, 2013
Yup, Henning is correct - it stood for Viscious Traction because it incorporated AWD (active - because it only used the front wheels when needed) The DMC looks amazing, just wow.
Henning Rosendal Andersen Jul 03, 2013
Viscous traction!
Casimir Le Grand Jul 03, 2013
For V-Tech
Eli Bonner Jul 03, 2013
Kind of off-topic, but what did the "VT" in the Diablo VT stand for?
Cory Deines Jul 03, 2013
J-inspired body kit? This thing has a roof! What a tease.
Allen Kim Jul 05, 2013
Jessop Tiedeken Jul 04, 2013
Wow....just wow
Austin Lark Jul 03, 2013
Damn good job.
Jacob Burford Jul 03, 2013
Crazy bull!
Michael J Solimene Jul 03, 2013
Justin Mancuso Jul 03, 2013
Nice copy of wheelsandmore
Carlos Dorantes Jul 03, 2013
That license plate kills the whole look! May I suggest the show n go license plate holder.
Demid Petrov Jul 03, 2013
I would take it over any 2012-2013 super/hyper car
Jed Hamilton Jul 04, 2013
I'll take 20
Jonathan Romero Jul 03, 2013
Yea this looks amazing
Zeus Mocha Jul 03, 2013
Overall I like it, although for some reason it doesn't portray what an SV should be. Not that I can explain, it's just not this. The Murcielago SV was just so right.
Tyrone Smith Jul 03, 2013
Nah, this looks better than a stock Aventador.
Gary Alaina Jul 03, 2013
V, this is true
Edward Galligan Jul 03, 2013
I would leave my Aventador the way it is if I had one...
Carlos Galicia Jul 03, 2013
I would rather have DMC tune my aventador instead of novitec, if I had one
Darian Vorlick Jul 03, 2013
I can't decide if I like the massive underbite or not.
Tyler Wallace Jul 03, 2013
i love the ass on these
Jacob Burford Jul 03, 2013
Rear is the best part
Blaise Harned Jul 03, 2013
I hate when they change the badge!
Carlos Galicia Jul 03, 2013
Ehh I like the older subtle lip instead from their previous aventador
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jul 03, 2013
That spoiler is very close the Murcielago SV spoiler. I like it
cole.maniglia Jul 03, 2013
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jul 03, 2013
I second that
Tin Nguyen Jul 03, 2013
This is so wrong. Put the Lamborghini badge back on.
Claudio Komba Jul 03, 2013