Comments - All New Camaro Bumblebee Revealed for Transformers 4

Published: Jul 03, 2013
Description: It appears the custom 1967 Camaro won’t be the only Bumblebee Autobot in Transformers 4. While that will have a role at the start of the flick, this 2014 Concept Camaro Bumblebee will take over from ...
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Aaron Flanagan Jul 04, 2013
Bring back the old school Camaro!
Robert Murray Byl Jul 04, 2013
Is gonna say cause it looks like shit
Zeus Mocha Jul 03, 2013
Ibrahim where else do excrete shit from? Hahaha
Jonathan Ippolito Jul 03, 2013
This is not a production model it is a movie car that was built by a custom shop and us based on a Camaro .
Ibrahim Bedwan Jul 03, 2013
The shit that comes out my ass looks better
Kims Foto Jul 03, 2013
Yeh i know... its extremely ugly;;; lol
William Downs Jul 03, 2013
And the fact that this isn't gm's work, this is the people working on the film
Neal Bechstein Jul 03, 2013
Thank goodness those headlights won't be staying for production. They're terrible.
Juan T Garcia Sep 29, 2013
Matthew Lippy Jul 22, 2013
Joshua Herrera Jul 11, 2013
Ugly ugly UGLY!
Brandt Hudson Jul 10, 2013
Johnny Vu Jul 07, 2013
It looks stoned lol
Logan Bartnick Jul 07, 2013
Looks like one of those old video game graphics made the front a 2D picture.
Reggie A. Ramirez Jul 06, 2013
Hideous design. Destroyed a perfectly beautiful Camaro. If you ask me it's more of a downgrade than an update.
Josiah De Jul 06, 2013
WHY?? Huh tell me come on GM the camaro looked hot now I just want to jerk the wheel into a god damn bridge inbankment! GOD what the hell 😑😑😑😑😑😑
Danny Munoz Jul 05, 2013
Ugly ass front end.
Mustafa Alshekhly Jul 05, 2013
This is disgusting
Luke Purdy Jul 05, 2013
There is no way that GM HASNT placed any inputs to the design of this car
Luke Purdy Jul 05, 2013
Okay, if I was I'm charge of a car manufacturer and the producer of a mega blockbuster movie that will be viewed by millions asked permission to design a model within my car range without any of my design teams input I would tell them to get lost
sam.hanti Jul 04, 2013
it not bad looking hopefully its good in control and handling not like the others are the old ones
Austin Harris Jul 04, 2013
What is this crap, you ruined a perfectly good camaro
Edward Galligan Jul 04, 2013
@DJ change the whole damn thing!!! Not just the front!!! Please do not tell me this is the new camaro if it is I am literally going to sue Chevrolet for such a hideous creation
Brandon Chase Jul 04, 2013
Well that's hideous
DJ Skitlzzz Jul 04, 2013
change the front end
DJ Skitlzzz Jul 04, 2013
Brant Sacker Jul 04, 2013
Nick Sti Jul 04, 2013
"Personality" as in looking autistic?
Preston Ming Jul 04, 2013
but my guess is it was given the front fascia to give it personality, because after all it does transform into a robot! and not all concepts came to fruition from Transformers..stingray concept ring a bell?! it doesn't even resemble the new vette
Preston Ming Jul 04, 2013
I don't think it looks all that needs some work but I've seen worse..maybe take the z28 and use these headlights..that might at least put them back on the right trail
Keith Anderson Jul 04, 2013
I agree at this is probably more movie car than production, but some of you gotta take it easy on the GM/Chevy koolaid. Lol
JohnnyWm1 Jul 04, 2013
Don't like it at all. No matter who designed it!
William Downs Jul 04, 2013
The next few years of the camaro's run will look like the z28, if u open your eyes u can clearl see its a current gen camaro with a new front end designed for the movie, u all have brains use them instead of bitching at Chevy for no reason
William Downs Jul 04, 2013
People need to learn how to read and understand what it means, no where in the article did they even remotely mention gm or Chevy had anything to do with this.... This is 10000000% the movie crews job, NOT GM!
William Downs Jul 04, 2013
ANY ONE THAT THINKS GM DESIGNED THIS IS A COMPLETE AND UTTER RETARD, this is not from Chevy, Chevy has nothing to do with this, that why it called a bumblebee concept, not a Chevy camaro concept
ferrarienthusiast7 Jul 04, 2013
Looks sleek
Geoff Novak Jul 04, 2013
Lol i love how everyone hates colby. Hes like the beiber of the carbuzz Discussions
Robert Murray Byl Jul 04, 2013
Mitch lol
Luke Purdy Jul 04, 2013
Yes Chevy has done this, they have designed this concept, don't try to back them about this hideous design
Ismail Nabhaan Shamoon Jul 04, 2013
F U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mitchell Cook Jul 04, 2013
Same thing happened with the C7 corvette.
Mitchell Cook Jul 04, 2013
EVERYBODY! Colby just said that this car is 'repulsive'. Now, watch when the camaro is revealed, and looks extremely close to this, he will say its the most amazing thing on earth.
Mike Railton Jul 04, 2013
Josh C. Williams Jul 04, 2013
Ilya Kravchik Jul 04, 2013
This Camaro looks bored... Burn me please
Adam Thomson Jul 04, 2013
KyHoBro951 Jul 04, 2013
looks retarded
Frankie Ferreira Jul 04, 2013
Lets take the aggressive current camaro front fascia and turn it into an armpit slopped with shit
Colby Church Jul 04, 2013
That's repulsive.
tasakidog Jul 03, 2013
absolutely hideous. by far the ugliest camaro I have seen
Garrick Rainey Jul 03, 2013
Uhh yeah... This is disgusting...
charles.pope.92 Jul 03, 2013
my god that is ugly
renick.baxter Jul 03, 2013
We...Are not amused!! =P
Kasey Cook Jul 03, 2013
David Jones-Richerson Jul 03, 2013
This isn't Chevy. This has no relation to Chevy. The first camaro was used in the first movie because it was a good way to gain a foot hold over the mustang before launch. This is not next gen. Chevy wouldn't allow this.
Ryan Gasparro Jul 03, 2013
Looks ok and terrible at the same time
Trent Griffin Jul 03, 2013
Mistake Chevrolet
Rocco DePerno Jul 03, 2013
Looks like a chink with downs
Jinsuh Choi Jul 03, 2013
Mitchell Cook Jul 03, 2013
The next gen camaro will be very very similar to this. Think of the first transformers
Colin Carlo Jul 03, 2013
This better not be the next Gen camaro!, not impressed
Mitchell Cook Jul 03, 2013
Nick, stop
Jacob Burford Jul 03, 2013
It has lost all its muscularity and attitude! Since there parting ways from the muscle car appeal, they might as well make it Twin turbo V6 and give it AWD!
Kent Huynh Jul 03, 2013
I see a bit of BMW i8 in that.
Kyle Kloewer Jul 03, 2013
They've ruined it even more
Zachary Sindelar Jul 03, 2013
That's just plain ugly.
Mitchell Cook Jul 03, 2013
If this style gets released, you'll see all the Chevy fanboys below saying it looks amazing. Just like what's happened with the C7.
Paul Gladman Jul 03, 2013
looks like the next chevy malibu or something
Ben Watson Jul 03, 2013
Headlights are cool but fail else wise.
Darian Vorlick Jul 03, 2013
Wow. I guess I'm in the minority in thinking I love the styling. Especially the headlights. But I've always preferred unconventional anyway.
Aaron Abely Jul 03, 2013
This is horrid.
Chris Lopez Jul 03, 2013
Ugly ass fuck like the old one better
Jonathan Ippolito Jul 03, 2013
Those headlights look terrible and completely ruin this car .
Facundo P Martinelli Jul 03, 2013
looks dizzy, Bumblebee, youre drunk, go home!!!
Facundo P Martinelli Jul 03, 2013
Not a Camaro fan but the current one looks sooo much better. agressive, musculed, this one is a great attempt to ruin it.....
Stephen Ishard Jul 03, 2013
Lol this movie is going to be a failure all around
Alex Medvedev Jul 03, 2013
Eeeeew wtf !!! Like it wasn't ugly enough before
Dan Vincent Jul 03, 2013
I think a all black one would look good.
Jordan Smith Jul 03, 2013
What the fook is this?!
Shelby Cassandra Jul 03, 2013
Terrible. Just terrible (in the voice of Sir Charles)
David Lee Jul 03, 2013
It looks literally stupid. I like the Camaro, but they ruined this one.
Elliott Bartels Jul 03, 2013
You botched it mate! The current model is so much better looking.
harley.rodriguez.900 Jul 03, 2013
super uglyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy....
Elias Harb Jul 03, 2013
Zl1 ***
Elias Harb Jul 03, 2013
Looks as toyish as the current camaro. I love the Zr1 styling though!
Craig Lafey Jul 03, 2013
It's different. It kinda looks tired.
Chris McCormick Jul 03, 2013
Don't like it
Ben Hislop Jul 03, 2013
It looks more cartoonish, but it's interesting.
Fakir Smith Jul 03, 2013
Is it 4x4? Thing is jacked up. And the front is ok. I honestly don't know what GM is going to do. They went so retro they screwed themselves so this is ok. Not that this is GMs. And anyone that buys a movie car anyway is an ass. Thank you.
Austin Lark Jul 03, 2013
Yeah you can see where the original grill was and they just made the lights more narrow and added a piecein the middle. Horrible decision on their part.
William Downs Jul 03, 2013
Front end styled on* sorry about all the post
William Downs Jul 03, 2013
U can clearly see this is the current gen. Camaro with a goofy front on styles on.... This is for the movie only the camaro won't ever look like this come production.... Hopefully
Dylan Bruder Jul 03, 2013
Wow transformers ruined this
William Downs Jul 03, 2013
Phil what the article ment is there is gonna be a movie edition when Chevy switches to the redesign, the car will have this ones ground affects an all just with the new z28 looks
William Downs Jul 03, 2013
For the transformers movie
William Downs Jul 03, 2013
Its not really a concept car gm made, its a concept car In the movies, the camaro is switching to the z28 design Chevy released untill they finish te development on the new gm camaro, an gm already revealed te camaro concept before it was announced
Josh Andrews Jul 03, 2013
Wow didnt think the camaro could get uglier
Mike Puno Jul 03, 2013
Deeeeerp lol That's the first impression that came out when I saw this lol
Patrick Schalk Jul 03, 2013
Yuck. Not diggin this at all. Who decided this would be a good idea?
Fabrice Hendrick Jul 03, 2013
Looks like Iron Man on 4 wheels!
Eli Bonner Jul 03, 2013
Camaro Off-Road Bumblebee Edition
Justin Tang Jul 03, 2013
Ewww just use a zl1
Austin Whitener Jul 03, 2013
I threw up a little :/
Jacob Viiper McCord Jul 03, 2013
what the hell is this?
Ryan Spencer Jul 03, 2013
Wow, that looks like shit
phillthegman Jul 03, 2013
I'm not arguing with you you obviously can't read, I know theres already a camaro update out this is a concept for a when they do a whole new model is this making sense? they said the movie edition that comes out with the premier like last time won't be this it will be the current model with a few add-ons from this toyomaro crap, ok I guess I am arguing with you whatever
jrydout Jul 03, 2013
barf! now clean it up chevy
Justin Mancuso Jul 03, 2013
I kinda like how the front is simple and innocent but the back is so aggressive
matt.piccolo.773 Jul 03, 2013
That looks terrible. absolutely dreadful.
Nick ReDavid Jul 03, 2013
I drive a 2010 camaro and love everything about it but if they ever make it look like this I might have to drive a mustang next. The 2014 facelift already looks like a scion tc
Victor Ijustwannagofast Pitts Jul 03, 2013
If it had some kind of ground effects instead of being as high as the grave digger, I probably would think its mediocre at best but this is just fucked up. I can't believe they ditched the retro beast.
Jesse Williams Jul 03, 2013
It's for a movie. GM has nothing to do with it. They said the front end wouldn't look like this anyways in the article.
Camilo Velez Sanin Jul 03, 2013
Ugly car ....muy feo
Adam Bush Jul 03, 2013
Anyone else think the front end looks like the new Toyota Avalon?
Austin Wong Jul 03, 2013
Looks like the new mg's
Jul 03, 2013
Front looks horrible!!
Davey Edwards Jul 03, 2013
It does resemble the 2014 Z28 thats already been released
Herijeni Karnagi Jul 03, 2013
Bruce Tumblin Jul 03, 2013
No did you read the article? It said the Camaro will share some things with this one like the ground effects or something but it won't have the same cartoonish front end! (So if I was a Camaro man I wouldn't be worried)
Wmg Chinchilla Jul 03, 2013
....I read the article, but think about it. Last time Chevy revealed a Camero concept in a transformers movie, what did the production version look like?... In that's any indication you Camero lovers are in trouble...this is terrible.
Angelo Baclay Jul 03, 2013
Lol wtf
Zeus Mocha Jul 03, 2013
Product displacement lol
phillthegman Jul 03, 2013
did you read the article? it says concept 2014 camaro as in Chevy going for some ad placement with the new movie this our chances to make sure this never happenes by letting them know it sucks and to come up with something else
Tyrone Smith Jul 03, 2013
I like the second half of the photo. The first half just screams "Duuhhhhhh"
Jul 03, 2013
It looks like a dumb face...
Adrian Lokker Jul 03, 2013
Did anybody read the article? It seems like some of you think this is the new Camaro. This is for a movie, thats it. If you want to point fingers, Michael Bay is your guy. So stop blaming Chevy.
Jacob Moke Jul 03, 2013
That looks like shit what did they do to it
najahaddin.hamdi Jul 03, 2013
This looks more like that concept small coupe Chevy revealed maybe a year ago..... I don't believe that this is a Camaro
Dan Marino Jul 03, 2013
It looks like a chubby 7th grader
cornelius.taft Jul 03, 2013
Tim Hooker Jul 03, 2013
Wow that's really.....TALL
Josh Melhorn Jul 03, 2013
Jeez that's just terrible
glenn.gillies.5 Jul 03, 2013
Well that's the Camaro knocked off favourite American car list..Dick move Chevy
Tim Preisinger Jul 03, 2013
Yeah... That's pretty bad
Kevin Carlin Jul 03, 2013
Why would you round off the front end??
aaron.samuels.184 Jul 03, 2013
damn that's ugly!
Carlos Galicia Jul 03, 2013
Anthony Perugini Jul 03, 2013
It looks like a D: face
Oleg Odessit Jul 03, 2013
Is he Chinese?
Vinny Coppola Jul 03, 2013
That's ugly
Tara Fitria Jul 03, 2013
Gary Alaina Jul 03, 2013
Wtf is this POS. its like a shemale, feminine as front with this man bottom half. This is discusting!
John Santana Jul 03, 2013
If you are going to take away all the angular design out if the front, then why leave the rest if the car the same? Gosh this thing is hideous, I hope the 2015 Mustang doesn't go down the same dark path!
Adam Gray Jul 03, 2013
I dont like this. headlights are way to squinty.
Gene Beche Jul 03, 2013
It's great how they use an entirely different front end...
William Downs Jul 03, 2013
People blamin Chevy are u really that dumb, how is it Chevys fault what Hollywood does with there cars, its not there fault the killed a camaro and rices out a vette, people making the movie did this not gm
Josh Myers Jul 03, 2013
back half is okay, but front half is horrible
phillthegman Jul 03, 2013
there's nothing classic about this, way to completely f one of my favorites Chevy, no edges no line work what so ever is say it looks like some geto custom crap camaro with a Toyota front end grafted on but that would be an insult to Toyota even
William Maddalena Jul 03, 2013
They should have made bee the new z/28
Jimmy Case Jul 03, 2013
I like it. Looks really modern yet classic.
Aaron Contic Jul 03, 2013
Lmao that's funny
Alvaro Perez Jul 03, 2013
Should of stayed with the 67
Carlos Dorantes Jul 03, 2013
Wow! That is terrible, but I'm certain the movie will be worse!!
Kaigan Viner Jul 03, 2013
That's hideous
Will Will Jul 03, 2013
That's the ugliest front I've seen on a car in centuries.
Senthil Namasivayam Jul 03, 2013
First the Corvette and now this. I think Chevy is purposely ruining their cars for Transformers 4.
Justin Harris Jul 03, 2013
It's most likely going to be changed when the new camaro comes out. Hopefully.
Jeremy Stewart Jul 03, 2013
That's pretty ugly
Brittany Sawyer Jul 03, 2013
Okay i normally give american cars s break, even the aztek but to completely ruin a camaro in the name of a movie is just stupid. Ive lost faith in chevy
Christian Mallatere Jul 03, 2013
I don't really like it.
Brandon Anthony Martinez Nov 02, 2013
Transformers + GM = Product placement.
Karl Fick Villarreal Jul 19, 2013
I cant believe chevrolet consider this desing good enough
Mason Sch Jul 16, 2013
This car is the perfect example of how Chevy actually had a good thing going and they go and screw it up Just my opinion no need to attack me for it
Errick Kitchin Jul 06, 2013
If you idiots at GM think this thing you call a Camaro will than there is something seriously wrong with you. Ugliest design I've ever seen for the Camaro.
Omar Majeed Jul 05, 2013
If this is where they are going with the Camaro then it doesn't matter what Ford does to the Mustang;it will still be the better, prettier car....again.
Adam Oliver Jul 04, 2013
Doesn't even look like a muscle car, if they actually used this then the camaro is ruined for me
logan.neet Jul 04, 2013
This front end sucks
Matthew Jul 04, 2013
ugly i have never really liked camaros
Tyler Richey Jul 04, 2013
@Jimmy Goodyear Eagle Sport :)
Mitchell Cook Jul 04, 2013
Who cares, Jimmy? Haha
Jimmy Case Jul 04, 2013
Does anyone know what tires those are? Like a specific model?
Devin Gates Jul 04, 2013
I want to see what the back looks like
Tyler Steiz Jul 04, 2013
The front is pretty bad but the rest of the car looks pretty good
justin.brown.39794 Jul 04, 2013
am I the only one that likes this? ._.
tasakidog Jul 03, 2013
Bradley Lloyd Jul 03, 2013
luis.sandoval.125 Jul 03, 2013
looks like a camaro and final year cavalier mated to have a cavaro
ben.sweetser Jul 03, 2013
jamal.ayub Jul 03, 2013
stick a honda badge
joseph.gerard.96 Jul 03, 2013
Ugly, the facelift is disgusting. For some reason, car manufacturers find it nessesary to make an old model new by giving it a facelift. Not true.
Jonathan Ippolito Jul 03, 2013
I'd be willing to bet that this car has a V6 under its hood and is not a V8 powered SS model ,
barry.stewart.16 Jul 03, 2013
I like this, the current camaro is getting old and boring and almost everybody has one. This even look better than next gen mustang (which looks like a 2-door Fusion)
Kevin Lavier Jul 03, 2013
For reasons unknown I actually like this... Sorry purists
Dylan Bruder Jul 03, 2013
Thank god it's only a Michael bay creation
James Donnelly Jul 03, 2013
@devin absolutely not
Taylor J. Blake Jul 03, 2013
Likin the Goodyear rubbers
Juan Heredia Jul 03, 2013
I love the camaro, but this is just horrible, it looks like a fat Toyota
Austin Lark Jul 03, 2013
I do like the wheels and tires though
Brock Bulbul Jul 03, 2013
Sorry to burst your bubble guys, but smaller, thinner head lights are going to pop up in designs everywhere. With new LED and laser light technologies, everyone will be making smaller and smaller headlights to showcase this tech.
Jul 03, 2013
Looks pretty good in this view
Zeus Mocha Jul 03, 2013
I thought they would use the ZL1 not this piece of crap.
Devin Stair Jul 03, 2013
The front looks like a Monte Carlo!
Arick Voigt Jul 03, 2013
Looks awesome.
Braxton Omgbased Booker Jul 03, 2013
Look okay in this pic
phillthegman Jul 03, 2013
looks better at this angle I can see more comaro in the front but the modification still sucks
Shawn Lee Sep 08, 2013
This should be the only car they use for bumblebee, looks great
Logan Bartnick Jul 07, 2013
Just let bumblebee just stay this, we all love this.
Josiah De Jul 06, 2013
kennyandros07 Jul 04, 2013
so, which one is the bumblee for transformer 4? the 1967 or the 2014?
Devin Gates Jul 04, 2013
Very bad ass
Adam Thomson Jul 04, 2013
Waaaaaayyyy better
KyHoBro951 Jul 04, 2013
I like this a lot more now after seeing the previous picture
David Lee Jul 04, 2013
Not baf
Aaron Abely Jul 03, 2013
Ssssoooooooo much better.
Alex Bean Jul 03, 2013
this would be ten times cooler for the movie, i worked on the casting conference for the movie a few months back its going pretty good
Dave Larby Jul 03, 2013
I would say either 67 or 68, the 69 had squared off wheel arches. As it has arch extensions I'm not totally sure.
Colin Carlo Jul 03, 2013
Love the wide stance rear wheels
Colin Carlo Jul 03, 2013
That's one sic custom camaro
Jacob Burford Jul 03, 2013
Very badass! The paint adds to the effect!
Kyle Kloewer Jul 03, 2013
That's a camaro not the other garbage
Zachary Sindelar Jul 03, 2013
That's awesome!
Tevaun Morgan Jul 03, 2013
Looks way better
Chris McCormick Jul 03, 2013
Should use this
Roger Guilemany Mortimer Jul 03, 2013
This is the only true camaro!
Dylan Bruder Jul 03, 2013
There we go much better
Taylor J. Blake Jul 03, 2013
That's real stance. Y'all civic fanboys takin notes?
suzuki.gixer.9 Jul 03, 2013
Now that's a muscle car.
John Smith Jul 03, 2013
This looks 10x better than both of the other ones combined IMO..
Bruce Tumblin Jul 03, 2013
I wouldn't use this one or the other one, I'd just go with a yellow ZL1!
Preston Harris Jul 03, 2013
Now that is a proper Camaro!
Tim Preisinger Jul 03, 2013
Badass other then the fenders
ben.peters.14606 Jul 03, 2013
this over the other crap
Keith Anderson Jul 03, 2013
I love this!
Brent Howard Urquhart Jul 03, 2013
If they had just used this cars line as Chrysler did in the Challenger they would have a car that people would actually want to own.
Nicholas Di Prima Jul 03, 2013
Prefer this one
John Santana Jul 03, 2013
Not a fan of the flares and wheels, otherwise very badass car.
Edward Galligan Jul 04, 2013
That is so much better love it just use this one Michael bay
William Downs Jul 04, 2013
Because 1 this is the camaro concept for te current camaro, 2. Chevy had nothing to do with the car in this article
Tyler Steiz Jul 04, 2013
Lol those rims are repulsive
Chris Bernard Jul 04, 2013
Why doesn't Chevy just make this as the new model. The other one is just ugly.
Jacob Burford Jul 03, 2013
Much better
Rob Clark Jul 03, 2013
Hot Wheels car!
Zachary Sindelar Jul 03, 2013
This one is ugly also, but it looks way better compared to the other one.
Jonathan Ippolito Jul 03, 2013
Now this is pretty .
Chushen Jin Jul 03, 2013
Much better
Chris McCormick Jul 03, 2013
Like it
Ben Hislop Jul 03, 2013
Should just stick with this one
Aj White Jul 03, 2013
@Justin So u don't like the ZL1 then.
Justin Tang Jul 03, 2013
I don't like the bottom lights that's my only complaint
Trenton Zaccardo Jul 03, 2013
It looks horrible!!!
Jose Manuel Gonzalez Jul 03, 2013
This is it!!
Bruce Tumblin Jul 03, 2013
I'd use this one, forget the other two!
Bala Uncc Jul 03, 2013
This is it
Will Will Jul 03, 2013
This is still the best.